Damian Lewis is BACK on TV: Billions of Morsels in One Bite

Damian Lewis, Billions
source: Showtime

Damian Lewis is BACK on TV – Hallelujah!

Now that Showtime has kindly offered us a “sneak peek” to Billions pilot, we are very tempted to kick off the Year of the King with our first impressions of the show in a collective blog and add a little spice with favorite character (except for Axe who will always come on top — guaranteed!), character to watch and best line of the first episode! Just so you know we will start our weekly detailed reviews when Billions premieres on Showtime January 17! And guess what? We just can’t wait! Continue reading “Damian Lewis is BACK on TV: Billions of Morsels in One Bite”

20$6, the Year of the King

Happy New Year everyone. Have a good one and welcome to the first blog of 2016.

As you are probably aware, we have been counting down to Billions for a while now.  So, before we look forward to 2016, let us have a look at 2015, the Year in Waiting.

Year in waiting saw us begin with Billions on the horizon and becoming excited as Billions begins shooting  in New York. This naturally led to the beginning of discussion on Billions as we asked what do we want to know. Whilst we had been eager to start discussing the show, it wasn’t confirmed until March that Billions had been picked up and this means it is Showtime for DamianLewis in New York. Now we can give free reign to all manner of discussions and speculations. Let us start properly by discussing the crime that is money and continue on with contributing to creating some buzz for Billions. Absolutely  bringing some buzz to Billions is its very own Kingpin with his unique swagger.

When investigating a crime and seeking evidence it is wise to follow the money and the man making it. So, we ask you to pick your team and say go #TeamAxelrod. Having firmly planted ourselves in the corner of Axe Capital we produce our first detailed sketch of Bobby .

It becomes obvious that the relationships between the two couples and all four leads  are going to be vital. We give you the quadrangle and  take a look at the highlights from the TCA which provide a lot of information and whets the appetite.

The more information we learn about the characters the more interesting they become and we take a look at the two worlds Bobby inhabits, in part 1 and part 2.

While we are all rocking back and forth impatiently staring at our screens wishing for Billions to miraculously start immediately, Bobby Axelrod is rocking to Metallica.


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Lara Axelrod: Bobby Axelrod’s Better Half in Billions

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

One of the many reasons why I can’t wait for Billions — the MAJOR one being the prospect of having my weekly Damian Lewis fix on TV — is that the show is giving us not one but two smart and strong female characters in Wendy Rhoades and Lara Axelrod. I just LOVE smart and strong women that give hard time to men — sorry, Bobby!

Well… I have written about Wendy and the uniquely powerful position she may have over Bobby and Chuck here and here. And today I turn my attention to Lara Axelrod and try to figure her out with the information at hand. Continue reading “Lara Axelrod: Bobby Axelrod’s Better Half in Billions”

DRUMROLL! It’s a WRAP party for Billions!

Well… It’s a WRAP party for Billions — congratulations to the entire cast and crew! And, hey, some certain ginger seems to be having FUN at the party, huh? 🙂

source: http://www.thebos.co/p/GN1IRX
source: http://www.thebos.co/p/GN1IRX

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Team Axe Says Hi from Billions Set!

source: Showtime
Bobby “Axe” Axelrod & Mike “Wags” Wagner, Billions Cast Promotion Photos, source: Showtime

We LOVE receiving messages from fans about topics they want us to write about. And we promise we will meet all these requests in a timely manner. And, if you want us to write about a particular Damian Lewis related topic please let us know! I have to admit though the last request we have got is something else… just because it has come from the man about whom we are blogging here! 🙂 If Damian Lewis tells me, “you need to tell the world how you caught us on set” then I need to tell the world how I caught Team Axelrod on Billions set! Continue reading “Team Axe Says Hi from Billions Set!”