Three Years with Damian Lewis

Hello everyone!

Fan Fun with Damian Lewis is three years old today!

Here we are, a bunch of inspired fans, 1096 days, 753 blog posts and over 788K views from 204 countries later… absolutely thrilled and totally beaming about how far we have come thanks to YOU!

Turning the inspiration Damian provides into words is our favorite pastime and Damian appreciating the work we do means the world to us. That said, it is YOU, our wonderful readers, who make our dream come true every single day and keep us going and going! Massive thanks go to each and every one of you for following us, reading us and supporting us over the last three years. Thank you for making Fan Fun a part of your life and we hope you stay and keep sharing the FUN with us!

Fan Fun Team


I remember it felt just right when I made the first ever post here three years ago. I somehow knew I would have fun doing this and meet like-minded fans along the way to team up with. What I did not know was we would have the BEST TEAM one could ever hope for! I liberally steal a quote Damian used to describe the characters in Billions to describe my partners: “Everyone is smart, witty, and a little bit better than the last person.” Thank you, sisters, YOU ROCK!

Lewisto, my number one guy and our Fan Fun tech guy, gets special thanks not only for supporting this crazy endeavor since its inception but also for hiding Axe in the basement storage for weeks to have him surprise me on New Year’s Day with a knock on the door! 😀 I am beyond ready for Billions Season 3 now!

We are indebted to Linda from Friends of Major Dick Winters Facebook pageDamians Gal Tumblr page, and Emina and Jaimie from Billions Facebook Group for their generosity in sharing our posts with their followers. Thank you for your support!

We cannot thank enough to our readers who participated in our “Fan Stories” project. We published 55 stories from 21 nationalities attesting to the fact that Damian Lewis fandom has no borders! We may be from different geographies, cultures and languages, but we all speak the same language when it comes to Damian!

We are thrilled some of our readers kindly took the time to write posts and fan fiction this year. Huge thanks go to Lina, Lynda, Mel and Vicky for their brilliant contributions! We hope they will keep writing while inspiring other fans to contribute to the blog.

I sometimes jokingly liken the blog to a baby in terms of the attention it needs. You need to feed her (We constantly produce content!), take care of her (Who knew I would study how to remove render-blocking javascript and CSS in WordPress? Exactly!), have to be there for her (I find myself planning life around the blog: no social life on Billions Sundays) and she leaves you sleep-deprived at times (my all-nighter Billions Sundays are approaching). And, exactly like a baby’s first smile or first step, it delivers some priceless moments to brag about! 😀

source: Damianista

JaniaJania and I had one such moment in April when we saw Damian on stage in The Goat and met him backstage to give him our surprise gift! In case you missed it, JaniaJania wrote the story here but I have a few words to add. Damian was clearly exhausted when we saw him after a 110-minute physical acting without intermission. And it was LOVELY to see how his looks went from tired to excited when he was opening his gift. It is incredible how your memory can freeze a moment in time: I am my usual 6 year old self  jumping up and down saying “open it, open it!” while JaniaJania is being her usual lady-like self, composed, where as Damian, tearing the wraps, is repeatedly saying “look at that, look at that, look at that.” I think his grin says it all but his words stay with me:

“Thank you, girls! That’s incredibly nice of you!”

We cannot thank Damian enough for his time, making us feel special and for the loveliest words that came in a tweet later when we made a post celebrating 12 weeks of The Goat after the play closed. It is not that we are expecting anything but Damian’s sweet gestures are everything.

On the very day JaniaJania and I saw The Goat in London, Billions creators and show runners Brian Koppelman and David Levien held a Billions Q & A on Facebook.  They collected questions earlier in the day so I submitted my question and left for theater. When we were back at the hotel room, we first saw exciting tweets by our blog sisters and immediately tuned in to hear Mr. Koppelman’s words about us:

“They write incredibly entertaining and fun recaps of the show. They really understand the show.”

We are absolutely flattered by and extremely grateful for this shout out. We also highly recommend you to hear the Q&A in its entirety to better understand the creative process behind Billions.

Another big moment came in the fall when we started to manage the fan site The ladies who founded the site were there for Damian before anyone else. They started an online chat group during the HBO broadcast of Band of Brothers in 2001 and launched the fan site in 2006. We cannot express our gratitude enough to all who poured their hearts and souls into the site over the years. We know it is a serious commitment and will do our best to preserve their legacy and keep up the good work.

source: Mr Porter

You can now find all current news about Damian Lewis, the actor, along with an extensive gallery and a comprehensive media archive on Fan Fun remains devoted to long-form pieces on Damian’s work, characters and stories he brings to life, fan stories as well as fan fiction. We believe the two sites complement each other and provide continuity for the fandom to follow Damian’s brilliant career. Given that both sites have links to the sister site on top menu, feel free to go back and forth 😀

We are extremely lucky to have Gingersnap, one of the most dedicated fans I have ever seen, join us as the principal news and events person at! I feel indebted to her and Lewisto for the time and energy they gave to restore the archives and maintain the site. Just to give you an idea: the memo we sent to Damian’s PA Michael about the work completed on the site was four pages single spaced.

I was able to catch up very briefly with Damian on Billions set in October as they shot a scene literally around the corner from my apartment. He said it was fantastic we were running the site and that the new site looked great. These were the only words we needed to hear to go full steam ahead!

source: Damianista

THANK YOU, Damian, for your kindness and generosity. Thank you for your trust in us, and above all, thank you for the inspiration! We will keep doing it! 😀

One of my favorite Damian quotes is “best journeys are shared.” It is a privilege to share this journey with you. Hope you enjoy both sites, come visit us often and spread the word!


Happy 3rd Birthday to the Fan Fun with Damian Lewis blog and the wonderful team we have. This is not just an anniversary post for me, but also a thank you note. It was early 2016 when we ‘met’ and I wish it had been sooner! As a newbie blogger, I am delighted to be embraced as part of the family with such open arms. What other blog takes the time to include and acknowledge its readers as much as Fan Fun does? The hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed.  It has been a joy to get to know my new friends, all of you, readers and fellow bloggers alike. I am grateful for this community and its continued patronage because we wouldn’t be here without loyal readers like you. Here’s to a FUN upcoming year at Fan Fun with Damian Lewis and I look forward to Billions season three! Wishing everyone an “Axeceptional” 2018 and what better way to ring in the new year than catching Axe raiding my closet? WORTH IT!

source: Gingersnap

Lady Trader

Happy 3rd Birthday FanFun!

Has it really been 3 years? Time flies when you are having FUN, and that certainly is what we here at the blog are having, and is what this blog is all about: the FUN of our “sisterhood”, the FUN of all of us writing and interacting with each other and our readers, but most of all the FUN of writing and exploring the amazing acting and philanthropy of Damian Lewis!

2017 had all the ingredients to make our blog diverse, thought-provoking, and entertaining.

“Billions”, “The Goat”, Damian’s continued involvement in his charitable work, all made it quite easy to have many topics to discuss, debate, and enjoy.

The addition of our Fan Story Tuesday was a smash hit! Who would have thought a simple conversation on a New York City subway would lead to all the wonderful stories of how we all got here! It was great reading on whether it was Charlie Crews, Brody, Axe, Soames or some other character that Damian has portrayed that first brought this actor to our attention. If you haven’t participated in our Fan Stories, well, what are you waiting for?

We also welcomed another member to our writing sisterhood, Gingersnap. Gingersnap is a magnificent addition, and we look forward to her point of view, and her snappiness!

It never goes without saying say how much I appreciate all the hard work that everyone puts into this labor of love. We all have lives: jobs, families, and other commitments that everyone must attend to; but the attention, level of commitment, and enthusiasm of everyone who is involved with this project is amazing. Damianista is our brilliant “boss”, and she continually astounds me with her writing, her organization, her encouragement and her tireless support that makes this blog what it is today. Thank you Fearless Leader!

2018 will (eventually!!!) give us Season 3 of “Billions” and I just can’t wait!! “From the Trader’s Desk” will continue to give you my perspective of the show and the characters. I’ll also be here to explain any “Fin-speak” that can sometimes be a tad confusing for the non-Wall Street viewer!

Axe came by to get my best trades for 2018. I don’t give out my ideas cheap, Axe!

On a personal note, I had a very serious health issue this summer/autumn. I’m doing much better now, but it made it very difficult to contribute to the blog during that time.  I would be remiss if I didn’t mention how my fellow bloggers here at Fan Fun were some of my biggest supporters and I know that I was able to overcome a lot of tough days knowing I had their love and  encouragement. So, thank you ladies. My gratitude has no words.

So Happy 3rd Anniversary! Let’s see where the ride takes us this year!!


It has been an honor and a pleasure to contribute to this blog.  I started as a fan, stumbling across the blog when making random google searches.  I can still remember the first article I really read, it was Damianista’s article about Brody and Jessica, and their “what could have been” type love.  It was just this beautiful deep dive on the show, and it really made me stop and realize that this blog  was something very special.

I love being a part of this group of fans, and love sharing the work we all do, and turning new fans to the blog each day.  It’s always fun to see a friend start talking about something related, and to be able to drop in and lay that sweet sweet fan page link down.  “Come join us-we are a great group of fans and even Damian himself reads our blog!”  It’s a REALLY amazing thing to say I am part of, and I sometimes have to pinch myself, and remind myself it’s all real.

Speaking of real, this guy is still in the naughty hat, as he has not stopped startling me every time I walk into the living room!!

never speak to me or my cardboard boyfriend ever again


Wow, what can I say that hasn’t already been said? Does indeed feel like yesterday when I snapped up Damianista’s invitation to write for her fan blog. I can’t really write “promo” stuff, I said. I can’t really write impersonally either, especially about something I’m passionate about, I said. But, she quickly put me at ease (her particular expertise!) and let me have a go anyway. And, after giving up blogging for the immediacy of twitter, I took the dive back to (sometimes wordy, often esoteric) longform writing again. I am so grateful to all the fans who visit us and read us and comment and interact. Our biggest Muse is, of course, Damian, but all the fans here absolutely play a major role in adding fuel to the fire.

*Clink* to many more years together sharing our love with you all!

Here’s my own flat Bobby with a message to you, dear readers.


Author: Damianista

Academic, Traveler, Blogger, Runner, Theatre Lover, Wine Snob, Part-time New Yorker, and Walking Damian Lewis Encyclopedia :D Procrastinated about a fan's diary on Damian Lewis for a while and the rest is history!

26 thoughts on “Three Years with Damian Lewis”

    1. Cheers to NEW beginnings, sista! Thank you for joining us, it’s a pleasure to know you and work with you! Damian is very lucky to have you at the helm of! <3

  1. Happy 3rd anniversary ladies! All your effort and creativity certainly reflects in every blog. You do it with quality, ingenuity but above all with love
    By the way today is my actual birthday, so “cheers” to a full celebration day!

    …. and many happy returns!!

    1. Thank you! AND Whaaaaa??????? Hahaha INCREDIBLE!!!!! Wishing you a wonderful birthday, Eli! Thanks for reading us and supporting us! Cheers to sharing Damian love and fun for many years together.

  2. Happy Birthday Ladies! I can’t wait for us to dive into 2018 and get our “blog” on! Here’s to a bigger, better, and amazing 2018 here at Fan Fun!!

    1. Can’t wait, either! I believe Billions creators and cast will be at TCA Winter Press Tour tomorrow and my hunch is we may get the air date as well as (Koppelman dropped a hint on Twitter) the first new season trailer! Fingers crossed! Cheers to a happy, healthy and productive year. Hugs and Kisses!

  3. Congratulations on three years of interesting, thought provoking and incredibly FUN posts. I’ve been with you from the beginning and am on the ride for as long as – well, forever! Thanks to all of you for your dedication and professionalism and sense of humor. And now on to season 3 of Billions – hopefully soon!

    1. Thank you! Yes, you have been there from the beginning and I found out about it only when the site was “hacked” a few months ago 🙂 We were meant to meet, Nancy, and I am so happy to know you! Thanks so much for reading us and supporting us for the last three years. We are grateful. Cheers to sharing Damian love and fun many years together!

      Re Billions: I believe the show creators and the cast will be at TCA Winter Press Tour tomorrow and my hunch is we may get the air date as well as (Brian Koppelman dropped a hint on Twitter) the first new season trailer! Fingers crossed!

  4. merçi pour toute la joie que vous nous apportez,nous sommes avides de tout savoir sur Damian,ou il est ,ce qu’il fait,et grace a vous nous obtenons tout cela!!
    merçi Monique


    Thanks for all the joy you bring us, we are eager to know everything about Damian, where he is, what he does, and thanks to you we get all this !!
    Thank you Monique

    1. It is our pleasure to share what Damian is up to with everyone 🙂 Thank you, Monique, for your kind words, for reading us and supporting us for the last three years. We are grateful. Sending lots of love to France!

  5. Happy Birthday, Fanfun! And Eli as well! We are doubly blessed. You know DAMIANISTA that every morning I get my coffee, open my iPad and if there is Fanfun mail in my inbox my day is off to a good start! I read all of it even things that aren’t of special interest to me. The news of the day can wait. I’ve been exploring the print media on the website backward, I’m into Life articles now. You know I’m building up to Brody! ( I type the letters b & r and Brody comes up as the first suggestion :-). ) Your sweet spirit permeates this entire effort, no wonder Flat Bobby welcomed in your New Year. Gotta love Lewisto! I so enjoyed your most current hug. I look at that smile and think of the VF article – Damian’s one thing he would change – his smile! Foolish boy.
    I’m with you GINGERSNAP! I was unfamiliar with the blogosphere. Now that I’ve been somewhat indoctrinated – what an attractive and friendly space you ladies maintain! Keep it Snappy!

    1. What a lovely note, Notlinda! I am thrilled to hear how your morning starts! 😀 Well, I admit, especially these days, the news of the day can wait longer and longer… THANK YOU not only for your kind words and your support but also for your wonderful contributions to the blog! I cannot wait to publish your latest Brody Fan Fiction later this month!

      Haha true. Gotta love Lewisto! But now that flat Bobby has startled us quite many times at home (it looks real especially because he stands at a dark corner in the apartment) he may be regretting his purchase 😀 But it is too late!!!

      I agree with you about our foolish boy. His smile is beautiful.

  6. LADY TRADER – I pray your health improves, you are still lovely to behold! Besides if I’m to keep my resolution to give Billions another try – I neeeed you %-)
    HOLLIEDAZZLE – what’s the source of your caption “never speak”? As usual your special commentary lights up our beloved blog!
    JANIAJANIA – I’d rather debate with you than hear compliments from anyone else!!

    1. Thank you so much Notlinda! I’m getting better and stronger by the day! I’ll be all ready to give you any explanations to the Billions speak! I can’t wait to get back to work, especially for readers like you!!

    2. You know, it’s a joke quote I’ve seen folks use in jest on other posts and memes. The phrase is usually “don’t speak to me or my son ever again”, and like much meme history, started as an off-hand joke that snowballed into an official internet inside joke. Meme humor in general is rooted in absurdity, which is probably why it appeals to me so much!

  7. Hallo liebe Damianista,
    hallo alle weiteren begeisterten Fans von Damian,
    sorry, sorry und nochmals sorry für mein kurzzeitiges ausklinken. Ich bin ein Sommermensch und im dunklen Monat Dezember inkl. der stressigen Weihnachtszeit, der Feiertage und allem weiteren Wahnsinn, der bei uns Deutschen so dazugehört, habe ich mich etwas verloren und mit meinen letzten vorhandenen Jahresreserven so durchgeboxt. Erst jetzt habe ich mich auf Deiner Seite wieder eingearbeitet und ich muss sagen, es ist phänomenal, was Du und all die anderen hier leisten. Ich bin wieder so was von begeistert und die Krönung des ganzen ist noch der neue Trailer von Billions Staffel 3. —- DER HAMMER !!! —–
    Ich denke, das Damian schauspielerisch genau da wieder anknüpft, wo er bei der 2. Staffel aufgehört hat. Es wird ein Vergnügen werden, diese Staffel anzusehen. Wird aber auch so was von Zeit, da er jetzt wirklich lange genug fast von der Bildfläche verschwunden war…, zu lange, wenn man mich fragt. Solche Durststrecken lassen sich nur mit dieser wunderschönen Fanseite überstehen.
    Jetzt möchte ich natürlich auch noch ganz, ganz herzlich zum 3jährigen gratulieren. Ich sage es immer wieder, für mich sind die Menschen Vorbilder, die es schaffen, ihre ganz eigene Obsession zu leben und dazu zu stehen. Und das schaffst Du zu 1000 % mit Bravour. Ich schicke Dir hiermit eine ganz warme und herzliche Umarmung. Vielen Dank für alles.
    Zu guter Letzt möchte ich außerdem noch erzählen, dass für mich, seit meiner Reise im April 2017 nach London wegen Damians Theaterstück, diese Stadt für mich immer etwas ganz besonderes bleiben wird und wenn ich meinen Mann irgendwann dazu überreden kann, werde ich dort auch zusammen mit ihm wieder hinfliegen. Vielleicht spielt dann Damian auch gerade wieder Theater….. !!! Wäre doch schön !
    Liebe liebe Grüße aus Deutschland. Eure Lucky Fellow !!


    Dear Damianista,
    hello all the other enthusiastic fans of Damian,
    sorry, sorry and again sorry for my short-term release. I am a summer person and in the dark month of December including the stressful Christmas season, the holidays and all the other insanity that goes along with us Germans, I lost a bit and pushed through with my last available annual reserves. Only now I have worked on your side again and I have to say it’s phenomenal what you and all the others are doing here. I’m so excited again and the big hit is the new trailer of Billions Season 3. —- THE HAMMER !!! —–
    I think that Damian actor right back where he left off in the second season. It will be a pleasure to watch this season. But it’s going to be a bit of a time, since he has now almost disappeared from the scene long enough … too long, if one asks me. Such thirsty stretches can only survive with this beautiful fansite.
    Now, of course, I would like to congratulate you on the 3 year old. I keep saying it, for me people are role models who manage to live their own obsession and stand by it. And you can do it 1000% with flying colors. I hereby send you a very warm and warm hug. Many thanks for everything.
    Last but not least, I would like to say that for me, since my trip to London in April 2017 because of Damian’s play, this city will always be something special for me and if I can persuade my husband at some point, I will be there together Fly back with him. Maybe then Damian is playing theater again ….. !!! Would be nice!
    Greetings from Germany. Your lucky fellow !!

    1. Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU! Thank you for your kind words, for reading us and for all your support! We can’t believe it’s been three years and just hope we will be altogether here for many many years to come! We so appreciate our readers saying the kindest words about the work we do as well as our enthusiasm! And yes we are so excited about the new season of Billions, and I think it will be a dynamite!

      London is truly special. I really hope you and your husband make the next trip together and see Damian on stage, too! Sending love to Germany <3

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