Billions Season 7: Expectations, Things We’d Like To See (or not!) and a Fantasy or Two!!

We hope you all are having a fabulous summer and are ready to get fall  rolling with Chuck, Prince, Wendy, Taylor, Wags and, yes, AXE!

We did not write any episode recaps for Season 6 since this blog is not about Billions but about Damian Lewis’ work. And now that he is back, we are thrilled to resume our weekly Billions recaps and analysis! Some of us are also watching Season 6 one more time (I admit I watched it  closely but not with the obsession I typically did when Damian Lewis was on the show!) to remember where we left our characters. I highly recommend everyone to catch up with Season 6 since, without question, some new characters introduced in Season 6 as well as several storylines will re-appear in the final season. Moreover, while Bobby Axelrod was not physically there in Season 6 he has a constant presence in the season. And now that he is back, WE ARE BACK, TOO!

As we all eagerly anticipate the final season of our favorite show, we here at Fan Fun want to share some of our expectations, wishes and fantasies on the upcoming season with you and get us all in the mood! Continue reading “Billions Season 7: Expectations, Things We’d Like To See (or not!) and a Fantasy or Two!!”

Damian + Alison: Forces of Nature Collide (rated PG-13)

Photo Cred: Alison Mosshart

When I first heard Damian’s song Down on the Bowery (released April 13, 2023), it didn’t take long to figure out the song was about Alison and the history of their recurrent stays at The Bowery Hotel located at 333 The Bowery in New York City’s lower East Side. But what intrigued me more were certain lyrics that made my ears instantly perk up. Specifically, “blood on the walls in a siren city, your face all cut up but you looked so pretty.” What in the world could that be about, I wondered. I even tweeted to Damian about it back in April, 2023:

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