Happy World Poetry Day! Let’s celebrate
with the Love Book!

The Shortest and Sweetest of Songs
-George MacDonald
source: gloucestershireecho.co.uk
Helen & Damian at Cheltenham Literature Festival, source: gloucestershireecho.co.uk

Tomorrow is World Poetry Day! The Guardian reports that a campaign “Pay with a Poem”  an Austrian coffee roasting company, Julius Meinl, started last year has now spread to 34 countries that many coffee shops around the world will accept poetry as currency tomorrow. Oh, yes! You will get your coffee and pay your barista with a handwritten poem. Can it get cooler than that? Yes, it can! The Guardian reports: “Poet and conceptual artist Robert Montgomery will mark the occasion by collecting up all the public contributions and turning them into an art installation in a secret London location.”

So… check if you have a coffee shop near you that is participating in the campaign here and be there with your poem tomorrow morning! In the meantime, if you are a believer, like us, that poetry can make the world a better place, come celebrate World Poetry Day, a day early, with us!

We love poetry on Fan Fun with Damian Lewis. And, especially because Damian loves and actively supports poetry, we do our best to promote poetry! And, we cannot think of a better reason than World Poetry Day (March 21) to celebrate the wonderful world of poems!

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Fiction Fridays with the Bookworm and the Misfit

Hello everyone!

Time flies! We are celebrating the first anniversary of this fan blog meeting fan fiction created by two extremely talented fan fiction writers Bookworm and Misfit. Here is their first ever post with some brilliant Homeland fan fiction — hey, Brody may be dead on screen but lives on in Fan Fiction. ENJOY and please go read other brilliant fan fiction varying from Brody and Carrie having a life together to a wonderful crossover fan fiction with Brody and Bobby to a “missing” scene or two from Billions digging into Wendy’s or young Bobby’s mind. Cheers to many many more with Bookworm and Misfit!



March 20, 2015

I am extremely happy today to introduce yet another section on the blog with two new brilliant bloggers: Welcome to Fiction Fridays with Bookworm and Misfit!

Bookworm and Misfit are two brilliant Fan Fiction (FanFic) writers that have been writing and publishing on www.fanfiction.net; and starting today, they will share their work — inspired by and based on Damian Lewis characters we love — here once a month.

Fan Fiction is a completely new world to me and it makes me think about a play called “Constellations” that I have recently seen on Broadway. In the play, one character explains to the other “every decision you’ve ever and never made exists in an unimaginably vast ensemble of parallel universes.” Take this and apply to fiction: A character makes a decision that takes him through some certain path, but there is, in fact, a number of alternative paths that he could have taken. I believe FanFic just does open our eyes to that “unimaginably vast ensemble of parallel universes” where, for example, my beloved Brody may be alive. I am not giving up, am I? 🙂

Welcome, Bookworm and Misfit, and cheers to sharing the FUN together for a long, long time!

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Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis & Helen McCrory at the White House


Being a famous star comes with incredible perks from eating at the most exquisite restaurants to vacationing at most exotic places to getting  invited to most exclusive parties. But how many stars can say the President of the United States is a fan of their work and had them over at the White House for a state dinner? Well, our favorite actor and his better-half certainly can! I am pretty sure most of you read bits and pieces of “Damian Lewis & Helen McCrory at the White House” story four years ago, but why not bring all bits and pieces together today and make our own Fan Fun version of that wonderful evening?

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Billions ep. 8 : Boasts and Rails

His eyes see the dark truth within us all, a truth that wasn’t even dark until he looked at it – Bobby Axelrod described by an employee he’s surveilled

PicMonkey Collage

While Axe feigns a hunt for a mole by going all Captain Queeg  on his subordinates, the DA’s subordinate Kate Sacker has found the real juice. The elusive Chapter 10, which Lara had forced into redaction a couple episodes ago, is now seeing the light of day.


Axe’s big secret? Minutes after the first plane hit on 9/11, he was on a phone shorting aviation, hotels and shipping. Pretty darn awful, if you ask me.

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Billions on Showtime, Episode 8: Boasts and Rails

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

If Bookworm had not given me the heads up, I would have been totally clueless: The title of this episode refers to two fundamental shots in Squash, a fast-paced racket sport that is also known as turbo-charged chess: the more skilled a player is, the more strategic the game becomes.

boast shot is any shot that hits a sidewall or back wall before hitting the front wall. There are two types: The best time to use the attacking boast is when you are in front of your opponent. A good attacking boast forces your opponent to run the full diagonal to be able to return it. The best time to use the defensive boast is when you are behind your opponent. A good defensive boast gives you time to recover and sometimes can win you the point, too.

rail shot is when you hit the ball, parallel to the side wall, to the front wall and back into the corner. It is useful when your opponent plays you into a corner.

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