Billions ep 5 – The Good Life: Tete a Tete Sur L’Herbe

imageedit_4_8000993631Five episodes into Billions, and I’m thinking that instead of repeating a recap of the episode, already so expertly done by Damianista mere hours after the episode airs, I’ll keep these Wednesday posts to the facets I enjoy the most in any drama: the psychology and emotional reality behind the story.

We’re getting to know all characters more deeply, none more so than Robert Axelrod. Gotta say he was a bit of an ass in this episode, keeping all his most loyal confidantes out of the loop on the facts behind his supposed closing of the shop. Remember how he showed Lara his phone screen when Birch got bit at the fundraiser? And how Wags was always in on every single move Axe ever pulled?  Well, there’s no sharing of the screen here and Wags gets the brush off too, even as he’s imploring Axe with a deeply felt “Come on, you can tell me” in their one on one in the media room in Axe’s Xanadu.

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Billions ep 3 – YumTime

imageedit_6_9750129636As the credits roll, 9/11 widow June, wife of Axe’s deceased business partner, Rake, seems to have penned a manuscript and is thanking her publisher for giving her a book deal. Bryan is getting in good with the FBI. Meanwhile Axe sips his morning coffee as a truck pulls into his driveway. Again, the Billions writers seem to have effectively taken the beep-beep-beep of a truck backing up and the cranking chain sound of its opening door out of the strict purview of the mafioso drama.

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Choose what to believe and believe in your choice!

Welcome to the last FanFiction blog of 2015!

This month we bring you some festive snapshots of some of the characters played by Damian.

Brody household, December 2002

“You lied!”  Brody hears the angry accusation mixed with childish indignation and distress in his seven year old’s voice. His two year old son is startled from his conversation with various cuddly toys in his play pen. He looks to his father, wide-eyed.

Leaning over Brody smiles, ruffles Chris’ hair. “It’s ok, buddy. Just some school run drama.” Chris smiles, showing off a toothless grin that always makes Brody’s heart swell, and goes back to playing. Continue reading “Choose what to believe and believe in your choice!”

Lara Axelrod: Bobby Axelrod’s Better Half in Billions

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

One of the many reasons why I can’t wait for Billions — the MAJOR one being the prospect of having my weekly Damian Lewis fix on TV — is that the show is giving us not one but two smart and strong female characters in Wendy Rhoades and Lara Axelrod. I just LOVE smart and strong women that give hard time to men — sorry, Bobby!

Well… I have written about Wendy and the uniquely powerful position she may have over Bobby and Chuck here and here. And today I turn my attention to Lara Axelrod and try to figure her out with the information at hand. Continue reading “Lara Axelrod: Bobby Axelrod’s Better Half in Billions”

Pick Your Billions Team: We Say GO Team Axelrod!

First things first: Many thanks go to Malin Akerman for sharing this FUN pic showing Billions cast having a blast!

source: Malin Akerman Facebook account
source: Malin Akerman Facebook account

Now… What do you see in this pic?

I see Team Axelrod in action!

Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) on the right. The brilliant and ambitious manager of Axe Capital hedge-fund.

Lara Axelrod (Malin Akerman) on the left. Bobby’s wife. The Queen 🙂

Mike Wagner (David Costabile) in the middle. Chief Operating Officer for Axe Capital or the King’s Right-Hand. Continue reading “Pick Your Billions Team: We Say GO Team Axelrod!”