Hey Damian, I Loved You as Soames Forsyte… There I Said It :)

source: @impactunlimited on Instagram

I was already inspired to share this post that I wrote several years ago when I saw the picture above from The Forsyte Saga wrap party that recently surfaced on social media. Then I have heard today from Lady Trader that Masterpiece PBS just announced a new production of The Forsyte Saga which they see as a new, original take on John Galsworthy‘s novel. And so here it is…

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Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis in “The Goat, or Who is Sylvia?”

I wrote this post just after the closing night of The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? back in 2017 and updated it once. While it feels like yesterday, I published it more than seven  years ago — so it deserves a Throwback Thursday. ENJOY!

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Damian Lewis Answers Quickfire Questions (So Do We)!

Recently Damian guest appeared on This Morning show to discuss putting down the scripts and picking up the guitar. He discussed music, his debut album Mission Creep and playing sold-out shows on his UK Tour. Before hitting the couch the camera followed him backstage asking rapid fire questions as he walked to set as part of their quickfire series titled, “Corridor Questions.” They asked him…

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Throwback Thursday to a Lesson in Rhetoric: Damian Lewis as Antony

To be filed in the category of “This is a guy who makes you want to go back to school”, we learned and reported (on our lovely sister site damian-lewis.com) that Damian’s version of Antony’s funeral speech from Julius Caesar, for The Guardian’s video series Shakespeare Solos, was featured in a seminar on rhetoric. This wasn’t an avenue for literary criticism or drama theory, but a newsletter on effective public speaking.

How is speaking any different from writing and reading, you may wonder? Well, there are components to classical rhetoric, when dissected, can show you what makes one speech different from another. Such an analysis would reach your brain (or at least attempt to). Alternatively, we can talk about how a speech makes you feel. Granted we’re not seeing much great oratory from our current elder statesmen, so examples are few and far between. But, there was a time, wasn’t there? In our not too distant history, when a leader spoke, it did a heart good to hear, didn’t it?

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Backstage with Damian Lewis

The King and I 🙂

I told you that my reports from the second leg of Damian Lewis’ ‘Mission Creep’ UK Tour would be threefold. I started with Damian sitting with me for a relaxed and insightful interview about his music followed by all I could remember from the four gigs I attended. And, now, ladies and gentlemen, I am thrilled to give you a fun backstage report from the tour! Continue reading “Backstage with Damian Lewis”