The Money Run with Gareth and Damian Lewis: Let’s HELP Make It Happen

Hello everyone! We shared about the crowdfunding campaign Damian’s younger brother Gareth has had on Indiegogo a month ago. The campaign will go on for another month so it is a good time to share it one more time now.

You will find a lot of information about The Money Run below. If this project comes to life, Gareth Lewis will direct it and Damian Lewis will star in it! So… do we need another reason to back this project? 😀 I know our community is capable of doing wonders so please read on to find out how we all can give a hand to help make it happen!

What is The Money Run?

In Gareth Lewis’ words:

“A $20 million helicopter heist in the middle of the Vietnam War. What could possibly go wrong?”

The Money Run is a book Gareth Lewis is working to turn into a movie. If it happens, Gareth will be directing it and Damian will star in it. The good news is we have a chance to make it possible! Continue reading “The Money Run with Gareth and Damian Lewis: Let’s HELP Make It Happen”

Desert Island Discs with TBkWrm

Music evokes emotions and memories in all of us.  It can stir up the urge to flee a room if the piece of music evokes bad memories. It can get us bouncing up and down as we enjoy ourselves or it can relax us. Following on from Damian and Damianista, it’s my turn to do Desert Island Discs.

Song 1 – ‘It’s my life’ by Bon Jovi

This song is Charlie Crews. It is loud and outspoken as he is. It demands your attention. Charlie Crews loses 12 years of his life through wrongful imprisonment for the triple homicide of his best friend, his (best friend’s) wife and one of the couple’s children.  Constance Griffiths eventually arrived on the scene several years into his sentence to take up his case. She manages to have his conviction quashed and Charlie once again walks the streets of LA as a free man…and a Detective of the LAPD. Charlie is determined, despite the terms of his release, it should be mentioned, on catching those who actually killed his best friend and family. He leaves everything financial in his life to his right hand former cell mate and accountant, Ted. Charlie faces all of the problems that come with the fact that the outside world had moved on, whilst his daily life for 12 years consisted of having the crap beat out of him and not really going anywhere or developing as a person. Laterally, Ted and Constance’s presence in Charlie’s life as he approached the end of his prison hell will have helped him, but Charlie shows the mark prison left on him as he has no problem ruffling the feathers of anyone who gets in his way on the outside. The sort of people that most people would be terrified of defying or facing up to. Charlie quite likes going against what is seen as the natural order.  In fact, the more feathers he ruffles the happier Charlie seems. Though admittedly all those women might help too…

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“Like Frankie said, I did it my way.” Continue reading “Desert Island Discs with TBkWrm”

Desert Island Discs with Damianista


I identify a lot of things in my life with music. Almost every piece of music I love reminds me of some sweet moment, and sometimes a bittersweet one from a particular time in my life. I associate my memories with music so much so that I, in fact, believe we all should have a life soundtrack 🙂

Thus, it has been pretty easy for me to identify the pieces of music that reminds me of Damian Lewis or some characters that he brings to life. The only challenge has been to limit the list to eight. I have tried my best to choose the eight that I feel most strongly about. Continue reading “Desert Island Discs with Damianista”