Billions: A Look Back, a Look Forward

Five days till Billions Season 3 premiere, and I don’t know about you, but I’m at a loss to remember where we left off. One, the finer points of plot don’t stick to the neurons as much as the character development and two, binging TV seems to wreak havoc with attention spans. I mean, how can one possibly remember the in’s and out’s of a show watched over 12 weeks when most watching is done binging all 12 episodes over a few days? It’s a strange new cognitive disconnect I’ve just begun to notice. The way we watch is changing the way we remember. Of course, binging affords rewatching and nothing (but time and space) stops one from binge watching the prior two seasons in preparation for the third. The total recall afforded by such rewatching is what I intend to do with this post, but requiring less time and space. One post, all twelve episodes, a scant few sentences an episode. Just to hit refresh on our information clogged memories a bit. Once the neurons labeled Billions are lit back up, I’ll do a quick look-see at all the previews of Season 3 they’ve shown us so far. Sound like a plan? Alright, here goes!

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Chuck Seniorisms by the Dozen

Charles Rhoades, Sr.- A Tribute

Charles Rhoades Sr., often referred to as Chuck Senior, is played by the extraordinary actor Jeffrey DeMunn.ย  Some of you may remember him from the Walking Dead, Law and Order and The Green Mile. He plays Chuck Senior on Billions with a noble, high-born conviction with not so subtle hints of a slime ball undercurrent magnified by thatย Bob Barker mischievous grin.

Source: Showtime

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Cast Yourself in Billions!

Greetings from the Traderโ€™s Desk!

Here at FanFun we think there is something you should probably know: we love โ€œBillionsโ€! We are always trying to bring you different points of view and unique opinions on our favorite show. But, what if we were part of the show? Who would we be? What would our role be? We decided we would explore those questions in โ€œCast Yourself in Billionsโ€. We each wrote up a short character description and a short scene. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as we had writing them. Now on with the show!! Continue reading “Cast Yourself in Billions!”

Bobby Axelrod Season Three: Quiet Rage

Oh my goodness, friends. It’s almost Billions Season 3 time!ย  It’s also finally becoming something resembling spring in Minnesota.ย  Our snow is melting, the first robins should be spotted any day now, and that’s great and all….but I really can’t wait for March 25th.

So I’ve spent some time, over the last couple years, comparing the way that Damian Lewis plays Bobby Axelrod in season 1 versus 2.ย  This re-post will refresh your memory, and is also the perfect companion for a marathon re-watch session.ย  Pop in those DVD’s and follow along!

Make sure you read all the way to the end, where I’ll weigh in on what my impressions and predictions are for season 3’s Bobby!

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Fan Stories Turn into a Book and Land in Damian Lewis’ Hands

It all started with a random conversation on the subway.

I am a part-time New Yorker. Lady Trader, on the other hand, is a true New Yorker, born and raised in Brooklyn, now living on Long Island. The two of us try to meet almost every time I am in the city over some yummy dessert and tea at Veniero’s and chat for a few hours. Then we take the subway together: Lady Trader gets off at Penn Station to take the LIRR home and I continue uptown.

On one of my spring visits in 2016, on a subway ride home, I asked Lady Trader how she “discovered” Damian. When she told me her story, and it was hilarious, I told her she should really write a blog post about it. And as soon as she drafted her story, a NEW idea was born! Wouldn’t it be FUN if we invited all fans to write their own stories about how they became Damian Lewis fans? Continue reading “Fan Stories Turn into a Book and Land in Damian Lewis’ Hands”