TOP Damian Lewis Moments 2017: His Voice Can Bring Anything to Life

His voice. That distinguished, recognizable voice. Yes, THAT voice. Whether it’s soothing poetry reads, children’s bedtime stories or a narrated documentary, we know that voice! I’ve often said Damian could sell me a tube of toothpaste should he ever voice a commercial ad, whether Crest, Colgate, Rembrandt – hell, take your pick. And you can bet your last dollar the company stocks would soar soon after the commercial aired…so much so, Bobby Axelrod would be proud.

Many of his U.S. fans think his British accent alone is dreamy, but combine that with his velvety tone, it’s Mozart to anyone’s ears – always with the right amount of inflection, emphasis and dramatic pause. And perfectly modulated to portray emotions of wrath, bewilderment or exhilaration. That is our beloved Damian Lewis.

And in 2017 we saw Damian lent his voice to a few projects, two of which were standouts of the year: Range Rover Velar and George Orwell’s Talking Statue.

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TOP Damian Lewis Moments 2017: Game for Grenfell

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Well, it’s THAT time of the year again! We have “Best of 2017” lists wherever we look: Best Books of 2017, Best Movies of 2017, Best Music of 2017 and so on… And, it is our utmost pleasure to jump on the “Best of” wagon with our TOP Damian Lewis Moments of 2017! So we are taking the last week and a half of the year to reflect on the wonderful year Damian has had personally and professionally and hope to make you re-live those moments and SMILE BIG!

We don’t intend to rank the top moments as many “Best of” lists do. We pick the moments in which, we believe, Damian shines as a brilliant actor, a wonderful storyteller, a true gentleman or just a guy who knows to have a good time and bring them to you.

We are kicking off TOP Damian Lewis moments 2017 today with Damian playing in Game for Grenfell, a football match organized to raise funds for all families affected by the horrible Grenfell Tower fire in June that caused at least 80 deaths and more than 70 injuries. This special charity football game attests to our favorite guy’s talent in sports, his big heart as well as his fun side. Hope you enjoy it.  Continue reading “TOP Damian Lewis Moments 2017: Game for Grenfell”

“How On Earth Did I Become a Fan of Damian Lewis?” Nancy’s Story

Hi everyone! Damianista welcomes you to a NEW Fan Story Tuesday!

Today’s fan story comes from a wonderful reader whom I met under very special circumstances! One morning this summer, and it was my wedding anniversary of all days, I woke up to find out I could not access the blog and got a message from our host service that our website was hacked! You know, there is no dreadful a feeling like knowing your hands are tied, and so it was a horrible day until I was informed by the host later that afternoon that someone on the host service mistakenly marked our website as “hacked” and things went back to normal. But, in the meantime, I got this lovely message.

“Hi, I wanted you to know that your website is not accessible right now. Says “error establishing a database connection”. I don’t want anyone to miss out on your writings, including myself, as they are excellent. Thanks, Nancy”

It turns out Nancy read Fan Fun from its very early days and she was genuinely concerned when she could not access the site. As someone who believes everything (well, almost) happens for a reason, I seriously think the “hack” was an excuse for the two of us to meet! We clicked instantly and, me being me, I kindly asked Nancy if she would like to contribute to our fan story series. Huge thanks go to her for taking the time to write her deeply personal and incredibly lovely story.

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An Englishman in New York 2017 Edition

Contrary to prior seasons spent on our side of the pond, Damian seems to have spent these months of filming season 3 of Billions in New York hard at work. In between takes, he’s been jetting back home just as soon as wheels are able to leave tarmac. He doesn’t have the family with him this year, so he’s very much a commuter.

Thus, not many views of bike rides thru Central Park nor many sightings in various theater productions or sipping lattes curbside, nor papp captures out and about at parties, award shows, and whatnot. Which leaves us to guess that this season filming Billions has been all work and no play for Damian. Either that or he has integrated so seamlessly into the fabric of New York that seeing him around no longer warrants a gawk and not-so-surreptitious selfie. Or he’s invented a clever disguise? Or New Yorkers are themselves heads down in the muck that life has become for anyone who keeps up with the news, so much so they don’t notice the flashes of beauty still walking amongst them.

Whatever the case may be, the paucity of sightings can’t deter us from compiling what has now become an annual tradition: a visit with our Englishman in New York, 2017 edition.

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Whatever Damian Lewis Is In, They Will Watch: Christine, Joanne and Julie’s Stories

Hi everyone! Damianista welcomes you to a NEW Fan Story Tuesday.

We have another lovely “short and sweet” collective today from three wonderful fans, Christine, Joanne, and Julie, who “discovered” Damian in his early work, namely Band of Brothers and The Forsyte Saga. They certainly have one thing in common: they will watch whatever Damian is in 🙂

I really need to say a few words about Christine before I give you these wonderful fan stories. Christine is running a Facebook Page called Historical Fiction Miscellany. And if you like historical fiction I would highly recommend you to follow the page because here is some great conversation going on there. And I cannot thank Christine enough for letting us share our Wolf Hall recaps on her page when the mini-series was on PBS. JaniaJania and I had a real ball there and we cannot wait for Hilary Mantel finish the third book, we get our Henry and Thomas back for one more season, and more importantly, we pick up the great discussion with historical fiction aficionados on Historical Fiction Miscellany!

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