Life with Charlie Crews: Season Two, Episodes 1-3

Welcome back, everyone! It’s Tuesday, and we’re spending all our Tuesdays this summer with our favorite fruit-chomping LA detective, Mr. Charlie Crews!

Alternate universe boy band album cover
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When we last saw Charlie, he was celebrating his full exoneration. His case and conviction had been previously overturned, but the doubts had still lingered. If not Charlie, then who? Well, through diligent detective work, Charlie spent season one tracking down the answer- Kyle Hollis. We left him dragging Kyle through the squad room, and then enjoying a fruit cup, alongside his partner, Dani Reese.

new phone who dis?
new phone who dis?

What I left off was the cliffhanger ending-episode 11 of season one ended with one doozy of a twist. The damsel in distress, the darling brunette, the devoted but caught-in-the-crossfire daughter of Kyle Hollis, was none other than Rachel Sebold. Yes, the daughter of Tom, the remaining member of a slain family. She was not only in the house when her parents died, but also through some twist, Kyle felt compelled to atone, to be “cleansed” by the fire and take responsibility for the girl he orphaned.

And we found out, through a phone call from Jack Reese, that Rachel was in Jack’s care. The last remaining witness, an innocent victim still in this whole debacle-injured and in the hands of the enemy, stolen from the hospital and taken to who knows where!? Continue reading “Life with Charlie Crews: Season Two, Episodes 1-3”

Damian Lewis on James Bond: Books, Movies, and Rumors *UPDATED*

source: GQ
source: GQ

Rumor has had it since June 2015 that Damian Lewis is in “the running” to be the next James Bond… It’s a rumor… So probably not true. But it is an EXCITING and FUN rumor that we have blogged about earlier here and are still having fun with it! And I have been having fun personally not just because my favorite actor may be in the running for such a high profile role, but also because it just cracks me up seeing how opinionated everyone is about the whole James Bond enterprise. Everyone is so fired up pushing their favorite Bond candidate — say he is Damian Lewis, Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Michael Fassbender, Henry Cavill, Richard Armitage, Aidan Turner, or Tom Hiddleston… A pretty impressive list!

And what tops the fun for me is how the possibility of Damian being the next Bond has divided people on Social Media with tweets commenting on, YES, his hair color! “Yes, the world is ready for a ginger Bond” versus “Do you really want to have a ginger Bond?” tweets have come in proving the point we’ve made here on the blog earlier that people just cannot be indifferent to the guy’s hair color. Freakin’ unbelievable!


Damian Lewis portraying MI6 agent Hector Meredith in Our Kind of Traitor on big screen has helped revive the question about Bond nowadays. Here is Today Show’s Savannah Guthrie being pretty direct about it.  Continue reading “Damian Lewis on James Bond: Books, Movies, and Rumors *UPDATED*”

Value of Loyalty and Bobby Axelrod’s varying degrees

A warning for those just starting to watch Billions in the UK, this blog will contain spoilers for all of season 1.

To know who Bobby Axelrod is means having an understanding of where he has been and how he has gotten to here. At the moment we just have ‘the here’ with a couple of anecdotes thrown in. Granted the 9/11 reveal was fairly big, but in the end just added more questions.

The simple view of Bobby Axelrod is a husband, a father and the owner of Axe Capital. Digging under the surface the clear picture starts to blur.

His wife loves him and is loyal to him yet it is clear there are things she does not know about him or about how he will react in certain circumstances. In Magical thinking Lara tells her sister Lu that she needs Bobby “to give her something” i.e. she needs him to share with her. It probably hurt her knowing he was off sharing his feelings with Wendy. In ‘the Conversation’ we see the first slither of doubts cross her mind even as the words she speaks say the opposite. I found it interesting that Bobby decided to leave all that money in the house rather than return it to the bank. Is this a test for his wife? At this stage I wouldn’t put it past him. Lara did not appreciate the inference of having to up and run soon by keeping the money in the house. Nor did she appreciate the affection with which Bobby spoke of Wendy in the same scene. It seems to me Mr & Mrs Axelrod may be about to hit choppy waters. I hope that boat came with life jackets.

Source: Showtime
Source: Showtime

His boys look up to him but then they are children who still think that dad knows best and are still at the stage where they prefer ‘cool’ dad far better than ‘realistic and responsible’ mum. The reality is that cool dad is not doing himself or his boys any favours. They are childish enough that they thank him for his undermining of whatever their mother says and does. They will grow out of that eventually. Continue reading “Value of Loyalty and Bobby Axelrod’s varying degrees”

Billions on Sky Atlantic, Episode 11: Magical Thinking

Billions, episode 11 airs on Sky Atlantic, and we have recaps!

Ah, “Magical Thinking”, the episode when Bobby and Wendy have their long-awaited therapy session. We see Bobby flitting around like a boy, a boy with wings (like Peter Pan!), and Wendy trying to keep up, trying to uncover just what in his mind requires “adjustment.”

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

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Previously on Billions: Quality of Life

Previously on Billions…

We open with the US Attorney’s office. Bryan is looking like crap, still covered in Donnie’s blood. Everyone is gathered there. Chuck starts talking about becoming a chess master. He talks of his flaw about feeling his opponent is unworthy of him simply because of the way his opponent played the game. Rage would take over and he would think about total destruction. It is clear where Chuck is going with this. “While I was trying to destroy him, I’d forget to win”.

He would use tactics designed to intimidate, leave voids in his defence. He knew better, but could not do better.

“At the end of the game my opponent’s arm would be raised in victory while I sat humiliated and alone, bathed in anger and defeat. Here I am again…beaten”

There is a saying that an angry man is a blind man.

Chuck then tells everyone that Donnie is going to die soon and that they have to assume that everything Donnie gave them was false. He wishes the loss were his alone, but it isn’t. He expects that, within the hour, Adam DeGiulio from the AG’s office will walk in and take them off the Axelrod case.

Chuck calls Axe bloodless for using Donnie in the manner that he did. That he was not as bloodless as Axe. Bryan tries to shoulder some of the blame, but Chuck won’t let him.

“They’ll call me sloppy, driven, and unhinged and for once they will be correct.”

Kate asks what they can do.

Chuck answers “we can remember how the game is supposed to be played. We will retreat so we can attack when it is to our advantage.” His stirring speech is fittingly interrupted by the arrival of Adam DeGiulio, who seems to bring tension right into the office with him.

Source: Showtime

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