Make Music like Damian Lewis: He plays, He sings & He dances, too!

Ah, the lovely pictures of Damian Lewis at the piano and on the drums from TV Critics Association (TCA) 2015 Summer Tour… I really really wish someone had recorded and posted his singing online for us, the mortals… Alas, we just need to live with the pictures and imagine his sweet voice, quoting my partner JaniaJania, “with a hint of Cabernet” in our ears 😀

source: Whitney Friedlander @loislane79 Twitter
source: @loislane79 and @SHO_PR Twitter

Well, Damian LOVES music! He plays the piano, he sings and he dances, too!

Damian sang in a chamber choir at a young age — days that he remembers fondly at the Music For Youth Schools Prom at Royal Albert Hall in 2013 where he presented awards to inspirational music teachers: Continue reading “Make Music like Damian Lewis: He plays, He sings & He dances, too!”

Four Corners Make a Quadrangle, Right?

You know, friends, we walk a thin precarious line as fans of a real life man. Of course, there is the contingent of fans who send this real life man all kinds of nice things in the mail (start the vid at about 3:00 to see what I’m talking about). And there is the contingent of fans, particularly on this blog, who can’t stop talking about Damian’s projects, imagining new projects for him, postulating character development, the way he has developed the characters given to him, the way we can develop character in our own writing, not to mention forensically examining the positioning of his feet dependent on the role (but, I know, that last one is just me…)

The thin line comes in when we start to talk about him as a romantic lead. Because, squee, it’s all too much, isn’t it?  Seeing him in certain cable-ready circumstances: a bucolic cabin in the woods, a seedy hotel room, drunken parking lot, codpieces un-retouched by Puritanism, etc. etc.  We have the utmost respect for him as an actor and as a man.  So, when we enter a certain territory, there is an..ahem…danger of going too far, no?  All of this to say: we are all anxiously awaiting Damian’s return to cable.  Billions, a show airing on Showtime? Our imagination is aflutter.  The fantasy lives large, friends, and it burns vivid.

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Trivia Tuesday: Damian Lewis’ Last Day on Homeland Set


The “Brody widows” among us — me included in that select group of women — have still not been able to get used to the idea of Homeland without Brody! We were simply devastated when he was gone at the end of Season 3 and we were extremely ecstatic about his 5 minute return in Season 4. And now that we know Damian Lewis will make a wonderful comeback to our TV screens as Bobby Axelrod in Billions in early 2016, we also know that we will always carry Brody in our hearts and move on… to Bobby 🙂 Continue reading “Trivia Tuesday: Damian Lewis’ Last Day on Homeland Set”

Happy Birthday, Helen McCrory: TOP Ten Reasons to LOVE her!

My wife is much more sensible and has much better taste than most people. -Damian Lewis



Happy Birthday, Helen McCrory!

A little note: This is a collective effort from the team in throwing a birthday party for Helen McCrory on the blog. Hope you all enjoy it!

It’s quite easy to figure out why Damian Lewis fell in love with his better half: Beauty, talent and brains, a rare combination, seem to have come together and stolen our guy’s heart. The couple has been together for more than a decade, married for 8 years — we, in fact, wished them a Happy Anniversary more than a month ago here and here — and going as strong as ever! Their affection for each other is very obvious, you can see in them that familiar comfort couples have with each other… And, the way Damian looks at Helen is very telling… He is so proud of her that makes him even say “I fully expect to be the butler to her Dame one day” to Kirsty Young on Desert Island Discs 🙂 Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Helen McCrory: TOP Ten Reasons to LOVE her!”

Bend it Like Damian Lewis, Part II

source: Soccer Aid
source: Soccer Aid

We talked about Damian Lewis as a BIG Liverpool fan earlier here. There is a bit more to that story — Damian is also a BIG fan of Steven Gerrard — for those of you that don’t know who that is: Gerrard used to be the captain of both Liverpool and England’s national team — he left Liverpool after 17 seasons to play for LA Galaxy this season.

Now… Does Damian go to Anfield to watch Liverpool play? “I go to Anfield”  he says, “but I am a southern armchair supporter mostly.” No wonder Match of the Day is on top of his recording list! And, according to an interview with the Daily Record, Damian once remarks his dream job would be to wear the Liverpool No. 10 shirt and clean Steven Gerrard’s boots. Oh yes… Boots! Continue reading “Bend it Like Damian Lewis, Part II”