Bend it Like Damian Lewis, Part II

source: Soccer Aid
source: Soccer Aid

We talked about Damian Lewis as a BIG Liverpool fan earlier here. There is a bit more to that story — Damian is also a BIG fan of Steven Gerrard — for those of you that don’t know who that is: Gerrard used to be the captain of both Liverpool and England’s national team — he left Liverpool after 17 seasons to play for LA Galaxy this season.

Now… Does Damian go to Anfield to watch Liverpool play? “I go to Anfield”  he says, “but I am a southern armchair supporter mostly.” No wonder Match of the Day is on top of his recording list! And, according to an interview with the Daily Record, Damian once remarks his dream job would be to wear the Liverpool No. 10 shirt and clean Steven Gerrard’s boots. Oh yes… Boots!

Damian laughs when a reporter reminds him of this: “I’m not fit to clean Gerrard’s boots. I played football at quite a decent standard at school level, I still play the game and I love it. But Steven Gerrard is a dynamo. He has the gift of not only being a great footballer but also an inspirational figure.”

Why wearing No. 10? When we talked about this with my dear Bookworm who is a BIG football fan herself — sorry Damian, she is a Celtic fan 🙂 — she remarked that it is quite possible Damian wants to wear the Liverpool No. 10 shirt for John Barnes — a very popular Liverpool player who could possibly be an idol for a young Liverpool fan in 1980s. And, a picture that we saw on Twitter made us believers 🙂 Hey, look at this photo Simon Corney posted on Twitter!


source: @corneysimon twitter

The guy on the right is John Barnes. But who is that young red head? Look at this concentration! He could easily be a young Damian Lewis…  And if he is not Damian, then he should be his long lost twin! What do you think?

Regardless though Damian is a BIG Gerrard fan. He once posted his photo with Gerrard on Twitter with the caption “A Moment with God. (the one in the middle).”

source: @lewis_damian twitter
source: @lewis_damian twitter

I just LOVE this! We are all human, and we are all fans, huh? I post my pic with Damian Lewis on Twitter, and he posts his pic with Steven Gerrard — CHEERS to being a FAN 🙂

Anyhow, when I saw Damian’s tweet, I could not resist the temptation, and tweeted the following. I am still proud that SoccerAid picked up my tweet!

source: twitter
source: twitter


And, yes, Damian Lewis is a pretty good football player.

That pic is from charity football match Soccer Aid 2010. In fact, Damian participated in Soccer Aid, which benefits UNICEF, in both 2006 and 2010.

He even scored a penalty in 2010 —  see it here!!!

And… the well-deserved celebration after the penalty!


So… Damian plays, Damian scores… and, Damian jumps very high!

According to Daily Mail, Damian also plays for the Old Etonian Veterans, made up of former students at Eton. The team made it through to the final of the Derrick Moore Cup in the over-35s competition in 2013-14 season, and Damian, in fact, scored the winning goal in the quarter finals! Well done, mate!

Damian had to miss the final match though due to his filming schedule, but another Lewis, Damian’s younger brother Gareth, turned out for the final match — I’d call it some family solidarity! 🙂

source: Soccer Aid
source: Soccer Aid

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2 thoughts on “Bend it Like Damian Lewis, Part II”

  1. As I already said, my husband was a professional footballer, he is Algerian like Zidane, and it he one of his best friend
    Zidane’s like Damian, very modest, kind and like Damian he deals a number of associations that help sick children!
    So, the people, the most famous, are often the most modest and the most helpful

    1. I LOVE football and Zizou is one of my all-time favorite football players! That 1998 World Cup… Oh, my!!! So, Damian and Zizou playing together is like a dream coming true for me! They are both GOOD guys!

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