53 Song Dedications for Damian Lewis’s Birthday

Today Damian Lewis turns 53! Happy Birthday Damian, from the Fan Fun with Damian Lewis Team and all the fandom around the world! Every January the Team begins contemplating what we can do differently to celebrate Damian’s birthday in February and year after year we strive to be creative and unique. In 2022 we baked and decorated 51 Birthday Cakes and in 2023 we mixed 52 Celebratory Cocktails in honor of Damian. We’ve been bakers and we’ve been mixologists – now it’s time to enter the DJ booth, lay down some tracks and scratch out those beats on the deck. With the release of his debut album Mission Creep and recent UK tour, what better way to continue that music theme than to celebrate Damian’s 53rd birthday with 53 song dedications!

We planned, conspired and mobilized the fandom in the back channels of Twitter, Instagram or Facebook DM’s, as well as e-mail, to accomplish this secret project. With our idea set in motion the goal remained the same…to bring a smile to Damian’s face. The task was simple: choose a song that reminds us of Damian or reminds us of one of our favorite characters he has played. It could also be a song we wished he would cover at one of his music gigs or hope to hear on his next album. Any song for any reason.

Fans shared their song dedication with a virtual message to the birthday boy and now we’re sharing the playlist with all of you. The choice of tunes were endless – from blues, soul, jazz, folk and rock to new wave, pop, disco, punk, or country/bluegrass – we’ve got it all. Read along with us as we share photos/videos of each song dedication, the DJ’s name and location, and reason for choosing the particular song. And can I just say that we are in awe of the fans’ creativity and generosity. Some participants have put a lot of work into this and we are so moved.

We’ve also curated all the song choices on a Spotify playlist here. Oh, and there is a surprise at the very end waiting for you. On behalf of the entire Fan Fun with Damian Lewis Team, we want to thank all those who participated.

Welcome to Fan Fun AM-FM, a virtual radio station. Hey DJ, play that song!


Title of Song: Dance Me to the End of Love
Original Artist: Madeleine Peyroux
Dedication: It is not an easy task to choose a song that reminds me of Damian (there are so many of them!) or a song that I would like him to cover (there are so many of them, too!) so I am going with the first song that came to my mind as soon as we agreed on this year’s birthday project: I would love Damian to cover a cover by Madeleine Peyroux, one of my favorite performers, of Leonard Cohen’s Dance Me to the End of Love from her third album Careless Love.

Why this song? Well, even when he did not have a music career, we saw Damian singing at public events, talk shows, and TV show wrap-parties. And when I thought about what song I would request from him should the opportunity somehow arises. the first song that came to my mind was Dance Me to the End of Love. Maybe because it is the most romantic song I have ever heard… Every time I hear it, thee hopeless romantic that I am, I visualize a couple that have grown old together, still in love, and dancing… While I I found out later about Cohen’s original inspiration for the song, as Cohen himself argues, the song uses the same language we use for surrender to our beloved, and in his words “it’s not important that anybody knows the genesis of it, because the language comes from that passionate resource, it will be able to embrace all passionate activity.” Secondly, the song is a beautiful work of poetry defying genre characterization and so fits Damian’s repertoire beautifully. His husky voice would be perfect for it. Finally, I love it that dance, a passionate activity that finds a place in the songs Damian writes and covers, lies at the heart of the song. Thus, after “Because I’m still in love with you, I wanna see you dance again” , “Soft sides of your wrists dance” and “Dance… Dance…Dance… When I’m Eighty” why not also sing…

Dance me to the wedding now, dance me on and on
Dance me very tenderly and dance me very long
We’re both of us beneath our love, we’re both of us above
Dance me to the end of love

Happy Birthday, Damian!

DJ’s Name: Damianista
DJ’s Location: Chicago, Illinois – USA


Title of Song: Rich Girl
Original Artist: Hall and Oates
Dedication: Both Damian and I were born in the early 1970’s – within a year of each other – and we came of age in the 1980’s, which means we Gen Xers automatically have similar upbringings, music interests and pop culture familiarity. It was the time of VCR’s, Sony Walkmans, compact discs, neon, big hair, mini skirts, Live Aid, the debut of MTV and that quintessential 80’s music. So it’s only fitting my song dedication is from either the 70’s or the 80’s. I listen(ed) to all different genres of music, from hard rock, metal and prog rock, to London underground punk and new wave/new romantic. I was especially into British bands like The Cure, Depeche Mode, Eurythmics, Tears for Fears, The Clash, and much more. We both listen(ed) to Alan Parsons Project, Supertramp, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, The Rolling Stones and later in life, Coldplay. I could have picked a song from any of those bands mentioned above, or even his favorite rockabilly Elvis (all of the blue links above are Damian either discussing that band or attending their concert), but I settled on a Hall and Oates dedication. I think it’s a perfect choice because Damian played guitar and sang their song You Make My Dreams for charity during 2019’s Red Nose Day. Yet, I had a heck of a time choosing which Hall and Oates song to dedicate to our Ginger. I went back and forth among Rich Girl, She’s Gone, Sara Smile and One on One. In the end, I think Damian would do a fantastic rendition of the up tempo tune Rich Girl (from 1976 album Bigger Than Both of Us). I dedicated Hall and Oates to Damian because I would like for him to perform some of their music at one of his upcoming live gigs. I wouldn’t say no to hearing a Hall and Oates cover on his next album either 😉 Happy 53rd Birthday, Damian!
DJ’s Name: Gingersnap
DJ’s Location: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma – USA


Title of Song: Too Much Love Will Kill You
Original Artist: Brian May (also sung by Freddie Mercury on Queen’s “Made In Heaven” LP)
Dedication: I know many would think I would choose a heavy rock or metal song to celebrate Damian’s 53rd birthday, but that is not the case. I am choosing “Too Much Love Will Kill You” for two reasons. First reason is it was the lyrics I used for my From the Trader’s Desk post back in 2021 when we thought we had seen Bobby Axelrod for the last time on Billions. The words just seemed to fit a broken Axe having to leave everything he cared about behind and be exiled “far away from home”. The second reason is that I think it is certainly a song Damian could cover on tour. It’s a wonderful (if somewhat sad) song that I love. I think Damian would smash this song and introduce it to a brand new audience.
DJ’s Name: Lady Trader
DJ’s Location: Long Island, New York – USA


Title of Song: Skokiaan
Original Artist: The Southside Aces (originally written by August Musarurwa)
Dedication: I chose this song to dedicate to Damian for a few reasons. One, we know he loves jazz, and this song is from 1947, so I KNOW he’s heard it! Second, and the main reason, is I am performing this song to a live band (The Southside Aces) the night before Damian’s birthday. So just know, my friend, that I dedicated my performance to you and your birthday from all the way here in Minnesota! I am also performing it in the costume I designed specifically for your song, “Zaragoza”, so it just seemed like the perfect tie-in for this whole thing! I’ve always kept my life and perspective as an entertainer linked up with my persona here on Fan Fun, so the tradition continues! Happy birthday, Tall One!
DJ’s Name: Holliedazzle
DJ’s Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota – USA


Title of Song: Zaragoza
Original Artist: Damian Lewis
Dedication: I chose this song to honor Damian’s transition from actor/performer to singer/performer. I also did my share of busking in college and this struck as the type of song I would’ve sung had I known about it then. As it is, had we gone to the same school, I would’ve been a junior when Damian was a freshman (and Costabile would’ve been a senior!)
DJ’s Name: Tail That Wags the Dog
DJ’s Location: Bowie, Maryland – USA


Title of Song: Stardust
Original Artist: Hoagy Carmichael
Dedication: I selected “Stardust” as I consider it to be one of the best love songs ever written. The music was composed by Hoagy Carmichael in 1927; the lyrics in 1929 by Mitchell Parish. It has been performed by hundreds of artists and the original is unclear, probably Carmichael himself. My favorite rendition is by Nat King Cole. It was chosen for Damian because its subtle message is that although a loved one is gone, the shared love, like star dust, remains. It defines, strengthens and enriches the one left behind.
DJ’s Name: Connie
DJ’s Location: New Jersey – USA


Title of Song: G.I. Jive
Original Artist: Johnny Mercer
Dedication: I chose this song for Damian’s birthday tribute in honor of his outstanding breakout performance as Richard Winters in 2001’s Band of Brothers. G.I. Jive was a top hit in the US in 1944—the same year Easy Company helped to launch D-Day by jumping over Normandy. Johnny Mercer wrote it to explore the experience of millions of men and women who gave up their civilian lives to join the military and save the world from The Axis. It’s a fun, swinging, jivey song describing the soldier’s life, especially during basic training. Since the Armed Forces Network was in full operation by 1944, it’s a safe bet that Winters, Nixon, Wild Bill Guarnere, Babe Heffron and their Easy Company brothers knew this song very well. It was also recorded by Louis Jordan and The Tympany Five and that version was also a top hit. But I decided to go with Mercer’s version, since he wrote the song.
DJ’s Name: Cyndy Canty
DJ’s Location: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan – USA


Title of Song: Blood on the Risers
Original Artist: J.H. Knight
Dedication: This song is an American paratrooper song from World War II and was featured in Band of Brothers. I chose this song in honor of my father who was a paratrooper in that war. The series showed me what my dad experienced during that time.
DJ’s Name: Debbie Perdott
DJ’s Location: Oakdale, Pennsylvania – USA

Debbie’s father in the middle of two fellow paratroopers in England before their first jump


Title of Song: Only You
Original Artist: Elvis Presley
Dedication: Only You made me discover that brilliant actors can be good performers on the stage of life too, while being a dedicated father, a committed volunteer fighting for a good cause, supporting children in need, appreciating and respecting your fans, and last but not least….acting at your best at the peak of your amazing career!
DJ’s Name: Cristina Ionescu
DJ’s Location: Arad, Romania


Title of Song: A Thousand Years
Original Artist: Sting
Dedication: Well I can be very imaginative when it comes to music. I can pick maybe ten songs or more, but I don’t want to overthink it and wake up in cold sweats like Damian did after his Desert Island Discs So I’m going straight to the first song that started to play in my head when the birthday DJs told me about their brilliant idea for 53 songs playlist and that is Sting’s A Thousand Years, live in Berlin. P.S. Who knows…a duet between Sting and Damian would be a dream come true!
DJ’s Name: Tsvete Nikolaeva
DJ’s Location: London, England – UK


Title of Song: Master of Puppets
Original Artist: Metallica
Dedication: My favourite character (which I’m sure DL by now is rather aware of) is the all powerful Bobby Axelrod!! Yes, Bobby, a huge fan of the band, friends with the boys, and I’m sure would be amazing to see them all jamming together! How would I choose anything else? A legend of the silver screen and legends of the music world, its a perfect match! And besides, Axelrod being head of his own empire is very much in his own way, a master of his puppets!! I’m so very impressed with both Bahar and Krista for all their input, hard work and dedication to the upkeep and honouring of Damian! A true gentleman! From me personally, I’m wishing Damian a fantastic 53rd Birthday! Here is Master of Puppets.
DJ’s Name: Rachel Winter
DJ’s Location: West Sussex, England – UK


Title of Song: Time is Running Out
Original Artist: Muse
Dedication: If I had to present Charlie Crews using one song, it would definitely be this one. The first time I heard it was shortly after watching the 2×12 episode “Trapdoor,” and I automatically thought of Charlie. The song talks about an obsession, about something that suffocates you and will end up leading you to death, but it is something that you cannot let go or get out of your mind. Time is running out, and although others try to get the mystery buried and forgotten, you need the truth to come to light. Time is Running Out begins in a low tone, almost like a secret that explodes in the chorus, a song that gains speed and intensity, like Life, a short but very intense series. And I think that represents Charlie very well, who despite having left prison behind, having friends who care about him and being a very good cop, lives obsessed with two things: solving the conspiracy that led him to spend so many years locked up… and the strange fruits! Although the second is good for his health, the first ended up putting him and his loved ones in extreme situations. I think it would be interesting to hear Damian play a cover of this song. Watch Life. Listen to Muse. Damian, as we say here: ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!
DJ’s Name: Anabel Stark
DJ’s Location: Marchena, Sevilla – Spain


Title of Song: You’ll Never Walk Alone
Original Artist: Gerry & The Pacemakers
Dedication: When I started to see information about Damian, I saw a post on his Twitter about Liverpool’s victory in the Carabao Cup 2022 and I remembered the times when I supported Liverpool like that historic Champions League final in 2005 and I fell in love with Liverpool again. What a journey that final stretch of the 2021-2022 season was and which unfortunately ended with the defeat in the Champions League final to Real Madrid which Damian went to watch. It was very chaotic in Paris, I was afraid something would happen to him, but I’m glad it was just the pain of defeat and a setback getting in and out of the stadium. Because of Damian I got back to Liverpool Football Club, so that’s why I chose the song that the fans sing at every game at Anfield, You Will Never Walk Alone.
DJ’s Name: @debsdeh on Twitter
DJ’s Location: Manaus, Amazonas – Brazil


Title of Song: Über sieben Brücken musst du gehen (You Have To Go Over Seven Bridges)
Original Artist: Karat
Dedication: You Have To Go Over Seven Bridges by Group Karat from my Homeland. This song is intended to give you confidence to survive the depths of life. All the best!
DJ’s Name: Steffi
DJ’s Location: Plauen, Saxony – Germany


Title of Song: Easy Money
Original Artist: Nick Caves and the Bad Seeds
Dedication: I chose this song as I initially met Damian at the after party for a Nick Cave show in London – so I think he is a fan, too – and ‘Easy Money’ links to Billions.
DJ’s Name: Jamie
DJ’s Location: Leeds, England – UK


Title of Song: Day after Day
Original Artist: Badfinger
Dedication: I chose this song because it has great memories for me, being at my grandparents’ house.
DJ’s Name: Darlene
DJ’s Location: New York – USA


Title of Song: Kurumalete
Original Artist: Richard Bona
Dedication: I dedicate this song to you because I want to take us into the heart of my traditions. I love you. Happy Birthday Damian!
DJ’s Name: Christiane Motassi
DJ’s Location: Verona, Italy


Title of Song: Good Times
Original Artist: INXS with Jimmy Barnes
Dedication: Damian’s music is a wonderful eclectic mix of rock, blues, jazz and funk. I think he could come up with a very interesting version of this song. The cover of Werewolves in London was just fabulous and to quote the guy in front of me at the Manchester gig “That was brilliant,” and it was. Since Damian has set the bar for a 70’s rock song cover, I am challenging him to an 80’s cover.
DJ’s Name: @ziaattenborough
DJ’s Location: Manchester, England – UK


Title of Song: Telephone Line
Original Artist: Electric Light Orchestra
Dedication: We know Damian loves a good cover song, and I immediately thought of Juliana Hatfield. She’s a prolific musician who is very much a product of her influences. Last year, she put out a stellar album of ELO covers, and this one has a wonderful subtlety that reminds me of Damian’s work. I had the great fortune of seeing her recently, she sang this song, and I thought it would make a wonderful present for Damian.
DJ’s Name: Paige
DJ’s Location: New Jersey – USA


Title of Song: Moondance
Original Artist: Van Morrison
Dedication: Happy Birthday Damian! I have chosen Moondance by my fellow countryman Van Morrison. It’s smooth and sophisticated with a hint of romance. And I think that sums you up. I think you could sing it well too. Who doesn’t love a Moondance?
DJ’s Name: Christine Wilson, author of Meeting Damian Lewis. Read about her book here.
DJ’s Location: County Antrim, Northern Ireland – UK


Title of Song: Tennessee Whiskey
Original Artist: Chris Stapleton
Dedication: Please play Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton. It’s a fantastic song, and many people perform it on acoustic guitar. The song has a great meaning behind it. The song has fantastic rhythm. I know several folks who enjoy this song performed acoustically.
DJ’s Name: Teddy Winters on behalf Nicky 🙂
DJ’s Location: Boston, Massachusetts – USA


Title of Song: I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
Original Artist: U2
Dedication: I’m a massive U2 fan, and their songs have been go-to tunes for me since I was a kid, because the passion and messages their songs hold are timeless, in fact, this The Joshua Tree LP it’s from my dad’s collection-it’s actually older than me- and it’s my favorite album from the band. So there’s this connection with my dad, that also happens when I think about Damian Lewis, because we used to watch Homeland together -it was our time of the week when I was in college- and so, it became very easy to think about a birthday song from U2 and from The Joshua Tree, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, I come back to this song, whenever I’m happy, sad or tired, because it reminds me there’s always a greater purpose to look for and that’s what I wish for Damian for his birthday, that he never gets tired of look for adventures, music and happiness in his life, knowing that he is loved and appreciated around the world.
DJ’s Name: Lourdes Lactayo (@la_loulu)
DJ’s Location: Lima – Peru


Title of Song: Zaragoza
Original Artist: Damian Lewis
Dedication: I LOVE his raspy voice. I LOVE him since I saw him in Homeland.
DJ’s Name: Josefa (@Pipa_Lol)
DJ’s Location: Alicante – Spain


Title of Song: Let ‘Em In
Original Artist: Paull McCartney and The Wings
Dedication: Why this song? Even if we were too young to remember precisely this blessed time, the 70’s…we grew up with new sounds, new people, creativity on steroid.. and cheer madness. This song expresses what I figure Damian wants us to understand. Let’ Em In is better than close the door.. let new experiences in, new people in, open our doors and our minds to new feelings, be brave enough to start a new chapter of our lives, bold enough to pursue our dreams! Damian, you showed us the way with your talent, we opened our hearts to this new chapter. Happy Birthday, Happy new tour, and Let’Em in!!
DJ’s Name: Bri
DJ’s Location: France


Title of Song: The Greatest Show
Original Artist: Hugh Jackman, Keala Settle, Zac Efron, Zendaya and The Greatest Showman Ensemble
Dedication: Damian is a showman, from acting to singing, he has it all. The natural raw talent that he offers, time and time again. And whatever Damian does, he puts on “The Greatest Show.”

“It’s everything you ever want.
 It’s everything you ever need.
And it’s here right in front of you.
This is where you want to be.”
Happy Birthday Damian

DJ’s Name: Heather Joy (Hec Joy – social media)
DJ’s Location: Chelmsford, Essex – UK


Title of Song: You’ve Got the Love
Original Artist: Florence + The Machine
Dedication: This song is dedicated to Damian Lewis because for all of us he is a great example of the artistic and human power and we can see and feel a real love which he spreads to all of us in all his films’ heroes. And this song tells us:

“When food is gone you are my daily meal
When friends are gone I know my saviour’s love is real
You know it’s real
‘Cause you’ve got the love..”
Happy birthday dear Damian Lewis!

DJ’s Name:Marina
DJ’s Location: Italy


Title of Song: Sunshine
Original Artist: Nazareth
Dedication: I don’t have a proper reason why I chose this song. It just reminds me of Damian.
DJ’s Name: Rene Pavlov
DJ’s Location: Troyan, Bulgaria


Title of Song: Space Oddity
Original Artist: David Bowie
Dedication: Damian is a wonderful musician. I’ve listened to his album so many times and I’ve been fortunate to see several of his gigs. And I can’t wait to hear new songs from the second album during the concerts in March. That’s why I choose a song that I would like to hear him sing. The song is Space Oddity by David Bowie. I know Damian is a great Bowie fan and it would be wonderful to hear him sing this song. In this song Major Tom is floating in a tin can in space. In Damian’s new song Traffic Jam, Damian sings he is in a tin can starting a traffic jam. And I prefer he stays in a tin can here on earth and just sings about a tin can in space 😉 I wish you a wonderful birthday Damian!
DJ’s Name: Monique
DJ’s Location: Landgraaf – The Netherlands


Title of Song: Fearless
Original Artist: Taylor Swift
Dedication: I picked this song because it fits Damian and all he has been through. He is fearless ♡♡
DJ’s Name: Hannah Pavletich
DJ’s Location: Queensland, Australia


Title of Song: Amigo
Original Artist: Chef’Special
Dedication: Reason: All-Around Awesome. Amigo mixes different musical styles, kinda like how Damian nails all sorts of roles in movies and TV. Energetic and Fun: Just like Damian brings energy to his performances, the song has that lively and fun vibe that matches his dynamic on-screen presence and during his concerts. Friendship Feels: The lyrics talk about friendship and connections, and Damian often plays characters with strong relationships. It’s a nice thematic match.
DJ’s Name: Vincent
DJ’s Location: Nijmegen – The Netherlands


Title of Song: Dancing in the Dark
Original Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Dedication: Bruce is my favorite artist. And I’ve seen him many times, including at the concert in Minneapolis where this music video was filmed in 1984. Damian has said in several interviews that he is not trying to be the next Bruce Springsteen, but I think this is one of Bruce’s songs that Damian could and should cover. With his love of dancing, this song just reminds me of Damian.
DJ’s Name: Nancy
DJ’s Location: Chicago, Illinois – USA


Title of Song: Hot Stuff
Original Artist: Donna Summer
Dedication: “Vamos con la musica discoteca de los anos setenta Hot Stuff de Donna Sommers.” Well, because he is hot stuff. Happy Birthday, Damian!
DJ’s Name: Lewisto
DJ’s Location: Chicago, Illinois – USA


Title of Song: Homeland Main Title Theme
Original Artist: Sean Callery (composer)
Dedication: My “song” is the soundtrack of the series Homeland by Sean Callery. Although I first saw Damian in 2009 (oh my god, 15 years ago!!! :)) on the series Life – and immediately became a fan – it is the Homeland soundtrack that I associate most strongly with him. This theme song puts me in the mood and takes me to Nicholas Brody’s side in just a few seconds – a great memory and my absolute favorite series ever.
DJ’s Name: Nastasia
DJ’s Location: Berlin – Germany


Title of Song: Yasiyorum Sil Bastan
Original Artist: Ari Barokas
Dedication: Why this song? To introduce Damian to Turkish music with a contemporary artist I think he might like.
DJ’s Name: Elif
DJ’s Location: Istanbul – Turkey


Title of Song: I Can’t Help Myself
Original Artist: Four Tops
Dedication: I  chose “I Can’t Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch)” by Four Tops because I’m transported back to watching the emotional, mind-bending Keane every time I hear it – it will always make me think of Damian.
DJ’s Name: Vicky
DJ’s Location: Leicester, England – UK


Title of Song: The Parting Glass
Original Artist: Celtic Woman
Dedication: The song that I chose that reminds me of Damian is The Parting Glass. It’s an old Irish shanty. And the reason that this song reminds me of him is because it is the main theme of a story I wrote that has a main character I based off of Damian. And as I got into my story and more connected to my characters, I connected music to them. Because that is what I base most of my writings off of… AND PLEASE DO AN AMERICAN TOUR, I CAN’T AFFORD TO COME TO BRITAIN!
DJ’s Name: Savannah
DJ’s Location: Georgia – USA


Title of Song: Gram Rock
Original Artist: Idles
Dedication: Damian’s music career took off last year, inspiring me to start a new collection of framed LPs! Here they are, along with a song choice dedicated to Damian’s birthday. I wish him all the best!
DJ’s Name: Robson (@robscard)
DJ’s Location: Belo Horizonte, Minas Garais – Brazil

First, I’ll cheat and recommend Dante High whole discography. With strong influences from the ’80s, Dante High’s songs exude fun and nostalgia. I think Damian would LOVE them! They are unfortunately recently no longer active. Please check them out! They deserved the world, really! Ari Picker, the band’s lead, is a fantastic artist, and his previous project, Lost in The Trees, is equally impressive.

As for my actual choice, Idles and Damian Lewis might be an odd combination (let’s not talk about the British royalty), but they are my two absolute obsessions! Idles, a British band, creates intense post-punk music. Despite their raw energy, they are a very tender, soft lovely bunch that I adore. Just like my love for Damian. My song recommendation from Idles is “Gram Rock.” It might not be their most iconic track, but its chaotic energy resonates with me. Interestingly, it does circle back to Damian. Joe Talbot describes the song concept revolving around two bankers and drug use… so not really Damian but the world of Damian’s character, Bobby Axelrod. I always think about Billions and that crazy corporate world of stock market and money making when I hear it. So, happy listening, and once again, happy birthday, Damian!


Title of Song: Stayin’ Alive
Original Artist: Bee Gees
Dedication: I chose this song because all the mountains you’ve conquered and you still reach for the stars! Bravo to You! Happy 53rd Birthday Damian! And…thank you for all these years of eye candy! 🙂
DJ’s Name: April
DJ’s Location: Keyport, New Jersey – USA


Title of Song: Man Behind Blue Eyes
Original Artist: The Who
Dedication: I’m dedicating this song with gratitude, appreciation and recognition of your talent and hard work. Working as a bedside nurse,  when the pandemic hit, I was terrified, shell shocked and saddened by all the loss. I would find it so hard to unwind after a shift but Forsyte Saga provided a much needed distraction, likely due to your immense talent in the role of Soames. A talent that seems to transcend time and break all barriers. And this song reminds me of Soames. “No one knows No one knows what it’s like to be the bad man, to be the sad man, behind blue eyes…” I’m forever a loyal and appreciative fan. Wishing you a Happy Birthday!
DJ’s Name: Rachelle
DJ’s Location: Chicago, Illinois – USA


Title of Song: Nothing Else Matters
Original Artist: Metallica

DJ’s Name: Noe
DJ’s Location: Buenos Aires – Argentina


Title of Song: Un Mar De Gente
Original Artist: Los Jaivas
Dedication: “Un mar de gente” is a song by the Chilean band “Los Jaivas”.I picked it as a gift for Damian because it talks about how powerful the energy from the crowd can be. “When people get together they transmit warmth and understanding” is a line from the lyrics. I also picked this song because I really like the way Los Jaivas mix our traditional Chilean music with a bit of rock and I thought Damian might like to listen to it.
DJ’s Name: Jennifer
DJ’s Location: Chile


Title of Song: The Windmills of Your Mind
Original Artist: Noel Harrison
Dedication: The tune was composed by the French composer Michel Legrand, English lyrics written by Alan and Marilyn Bergman. The original artist that preformed this song was Noel Harrison. The song (with the English lyrics) was introduced in the 1969 film The Thomas Crown Affair, starring Steve McQueen. I watched this film many years ago when I was a girl, and I still remember the electricity between Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway. And of course, this magical tune stayed in my mind since then. Now, we all know there is a strong connection between Damian and Steve McQueen, which Damian portrayed in Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood and his resemblance to him is quite obvious. Also, I can really imagine Damian preforming this song, with his tenor-ish voice, and no doubt that he can reach those high notes of this tune. And last thing, the plot in the movie The Thomas Crown Affair – a woman investigator, who is after a mysterious man, which she suspects of committing a big heist, and then falling in love with him, being torn between her attraction to him and her sense of duty, strongly reminds me of the love affair and the tension between Carrie and Brody in Homeland. In both cases, we all know that their love is not going to last, but we keep on hoping that it somehow will. Happy birthday dear Damian, I wish you good health, a lot of happiness with your family and loved ones, and just keep doing the music and art you AND US love so much.
DJ’s Name: Dalia Segal
DJ’s Location: Israel


Title of Song: Unchained Melody
Original Artist: The Righteous Brothers
Dedication: A song that reminds me of Damian is Unchained Melody by The Righteous Brothers. Every time I hear this song, I immediately think of Damian. It’s a love song that describes how I feel about him. I also know he likes older music and Elvis definitely covered that song before, so I know he would like this song. I would love to hear him cover this song as well. It’s a beautiful and lovely song, just like Damian
DJ’s Name: Ashley
DJ’s Location: Ontario – Canada


Title of Song: Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns
Original Artist: Mother Love Bone
Dedication: I chose Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns by Mother Love Bone for my birthday dedication. I hope Damian has a happy 53rd birthday! I’m thinking of Damian on his special day.
DJ’s Name: Courtney Wynne Williams
DJ’s Location: New York City, New York – USA


Title of Song: Wild Horses
Original Artist: The Sundays
Dedication: Damian’s birthday. A song? First that popped to mind and stayed in mind is Wild Horses, a song originating with The Rolling Stones and covered by many artists, most beautifully to my ears by The Sundays.
It’s plaintive and a bit sad, and the chorus may even be read as a bit stalker-ish, but I think it speaks of that urge to stay, no matter what, an entrenched loyalty that will never fade. We saw so much change in Damian’s life and career, his music and him putting behind for now his long stays in the States to grace our television screens. Things change, worlds shift, folks move on, but through it runs an undercurrent of love and a loyalty that may be invisible at times but never wavers. Maybe it was this bit in the lyrics that elicited in my mind the connection between Damian and this song:

No sweeping exit
Or offstage lines
Could make me feel bitter
Or treat you unkind

How wonderful would it be for Damian to do his own jazzy cover of Wild Horses? I can hear the wispy bass already.

DJ’s Name: JaniaJania
DJ’s Location: Sammamish, Washington – USA


Title of Song: Life NBC Main Title Theme
Original Artist: Jon Ehrlich (Composer)
Dedication: I want to use the theme song to Life…being a mental health therapist and social worker, the story of Charlie Crews resonates with me. It speaks to social justice, human rights, redemption (of those around Charlie)(Jen Siebel’s character) and self forgiveness. The show unwittingly shines a light on so many different issues. The culture and expectations of Law Enforcement, violence in the prison system, corruption, the justice system, what it’s like to reintegrate into society and rebuild your life after incarceration, what does family look like and the many different versions of this we can create for ourselves. This show was amazing! I watch it over and over again. Damian led an exceptional cast (Jen Siebel, Adam Arkin, Donal Logue, and of course the beautiful Helen). Like all his work, Damian hit it out of the park with Life. Life had the perfect, imperfect ending. Sending Birthday love to our favorite Ginger…Happy Birthday Damian! Thank you for bringing us so much joy with your art. I can’t wait to hear you play when your gigs make their way to the states. ❤️
DJ’s Name: Tiffany
DJ’s Location: New Jersey – USA


Title of Song: TNT
Original Artist: AC/DC
Dedication: Because he’s a dynamite… LOL! He’s a great actor and makes it look effortless but we all know the immense effort and heart he puts into all his roles. Thank You and Happy Birthday!
DJ’s Name: Catherine
DJ’s Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – USA


Title of Song: Umbrella
Original Artist: Rihanna
Dedication:  I think the song effectively encapsulates the relationship dynamic between Damian’s character Nicholas Elliott from A Spy Among Friends and his friend turned nemesis, Kim Philby who is played by Guy Pearce, prior to Elliott’s realization and their confrontation in Beirut. They always had each others backs, when Philby was being accused of being a double agent, Elliott had initially jumped to defend him. The umbrella itself is also a recurring object—initially bought as a gift to Nick by Philby, engraved with “to NE from KP” as a sign of gratitude for defending him, Nick then returns the umbrella after Philby defects, leaving their friendship and joy as nothing more than a relic of the past. He had literally, as Rihanna states in her song, allowed Philby to stand “under his umbrella Ella Ella  eh eh eh.”
DJ’s Name: @crarb on Instagram (I draw a lot)
DJ’s Location: London, England – UK


Title of Song: Fortress Around Your Heart
Original Artist: Sting
Dedication: Sting’s voice is so unique, and his lyrics are so meaningful. I loved him when he was a member of the Police, but I think he has done his best work as a solo artist. This song reminds me of Soames Forsyte. He wanted to lock away the women he loved, to the point of making them virtual prisoners. Damianista and I may be the only two people on the planet who feel sorry for Soames! Damn Irene!! The song is just a beautiful, haunting tune, and the saxophone work by Branford Marsalis is amazing.
DJ’s Name: Lady Trader
DJ’s Location: Long Island, New York – USA


Title of Song: I’ve Grown Accustomed to Her Face
Original Artist: Rex Harrison – 1964 movie My Fair Lady Soundtrack
Dedication: Yes, this heavy metal goddess loves show tunes! I can sing the entire soundtrack of My Fair Lady, because I love the movie so much.  I have chosen this song, because Damianista and I have a dream of Damian playing Professor Henry Higgins on Broadway one day, and we go to EVERY SINGLE PERFORMANCE!! I have linked a version from the movie soundtrack, but also a version done by Chris Botti (an amazing trumpet player I have had the pleasure of seeing live many times), and Dean Martin (you can never go wrong with a member of the Rat Pack!). I urge you to take a listen. It’s a magical version!
DJ’s Name: Lady Trader
DJ’s Location: Long Island, New York – USA


Title of Song: Master  of Puppets
Original Artist: Metallica
Dedication: Why this song? Because the episode with Metallica is one of my favorite episodes in Billions, and I fell in love with this song. Your role as Bobby Axelrod inspire my inner ambition and Brody my resilience. Here’s to a day as incredible as you are!
DJ’s Name: Sneha
DJ’s Location: India


Title of Song: She’s Gone
Original Artist: Hall and Oates
Dedication: So earlier you saw that I dedicated the Hall and Oates song Rich Girl to Damian. But because I had a heck of a time choosing which Hall and Oates song to dedicate to our Ginger – I went back and forth among Rich Girl, She’s Gone, Sara Smile and One on One – I needed to share just one more! I dedicate this song to Damian because I think he would do a fantastic rendition of the jazzy-esque She’s Gone (from 1973 album Abandoned Luncheonette) at one of his upcoming live gigs. I wouldn’t say no to hearing a Hall and Oates cover on his next album either 😉 Happy 53rd Birthday, Damian!
DJ’s Name: Gingersnap
DJ’s Location: Broken Arrow, Oklahoma – USA


Title of Song: Cool Little Bars
Original Artist: Ashley McBryde
Dedication: I have chosen Cool Little Bars by Ashley McBryde. I’ve chosen this song because it was mentioned in a post that Damian used to frequent a pub which is near where I live. At the time of learning this I was listening to the song a lot! Now every time I hear the song or pass the pub I think of Damian! I can imagine the harmonica part being played by Kitty Liv. Best wishes!
DJ’s Name: DJ
DJ’s Location: Dartmouth Park, London, England – UK

But wait, there’s more! Like every good concert and music gig, there’s always an encore or two. Here are the encores:


Title of Song:  Can’t You Hear Me Knocking
Original Artist: The Rolling Stones
Dedication: OK, The Rolling Stones are iconic! I’ve seen Mick, Keith and the boys many times live – at stadiums, arenas, and smaller, more intimate venues. They never disappoint. This is my favorite Stones tune. It may not be the most well known, but it should be! Its connection to Damian? Well, Damian and the lovely Helen got a chance to see the Stones live in the UK in the summer of 2018!
DJ’s Name: Lady Trader
DJ’s Location: Long Island, NY – USA


Title of Song: Black Coffee in Bed
Original Artist: Squeeze
Dedication: Me again, with another song dedication! Damian would totally do justice to the jazzy Squeeze tune Black Coffee in Bed from their 1982 album Sweets From a Stranger. Some trivia for you music folks – the background vocals on this track were performed by Paul Young (Everytime You Go Away) and Elvis Costello (Everyday I Write the Book).
DJ’s Name: Gingersnap
DJ’s Location: Broken Arrow, OK – USA


Title of Song: I Shall Believe
Original Artist: Sheryl Crow
Dedication: I think Sheryl Crow is one of the best lyricists of her generation. Her songs range from heartbreaking, to fun, to quirky, to just plain cool. The lyrics to this song are so meaningful and so beautiful.

“Not everything is gonna be the way you think it ought to be”

Can’t we all, at some point in our lives, relate to that? This song reminds me of Charlie Crews. All he wanted was to prove his innocence, and in the process, have his partner, Dani, believe in him. Yes, this song is a bit of a love song, and I never believed Dani and Charlie should be romantically linked, but deep friendship is love, and that is the kind they had.
DJ’s Name: Lady Trader
DJ’s Location: Long Island, NY – USA


Title of Song: Black Balloon
Original Artist: The Kills
Dedication: Well, I associate a lot of things in my life with music. Almost every piece of music I like reminds me of a moment, a person or a place. And it is inevitable for me to think about Damian every time I hear a song from his recent favorite band The Kills 🙂

And so here goes my favorite The Kills song. Happy Birthday, Damian! Hope 53 brings you all you are wishing for and even better things!

DJ’s Name: Damianista
DJ’s Location: Chicago, Illinois – USA

And there you have it – 53+ creative and personalized song dedications for Damian. Enjoy the embedded Spotify playlist below:

The KING’s Birthday Cake

On behalf of all you fans that participated, we sent Damian a birthday cake he can eat and share with loved ones in London. This scrumptious cake, by Cakes by Robin, is made from red velvet. On top of the 8″ square cake is a sugar model in the likeness of Damian as King Henry VIII in honor of his upcoming return to the final installment of Hilary Mantel’s trilogy Wolf Hall: The Mirror and the Light. Ginger-haired Henry is dressed in his royal regalia with codpiece, indicative of the imperial wardrobe of that time. And how fitting the cake is red velvet for all those bloody beheadings? 😉 Long live the King!

Our inspiration for cake-topper-Henry came from Damian’s previous portrayal of the King in the 2015 Wolf Hall mini-series:

Once the cake from our Team was delivered, Damian took to Instagram to share his thank-yous to us and “all the beautiful fans around the world who show such generosity, such love.” Damian said he would start with the head (eating the cake), because that is what Henry would do. LOL 😉

Then Damian took to his Instagram Stories to thank everyone for the playlist:

And he shared some close-ups of the cake:

We would like to thank Cakes by Robin for their amazing talent and exemplary service!! They were a pleasure to work with again.

Thank you to all the fans who participated in our little birthday project this year. Without you, it would not have been possible. All of you are so talented and creative.

Best wishes from all of us DJ’s of Fan Fun AM-FM Radio, Damian!

And in case you were curious to visualize where all these dedications came from, here is your personalized song map. We received song dedications in honor of Damian from all over the world!

Song Stats by Location:
18 countries
5 continents

USA – 20
Georgia – 1
Illinois – 4
Maryland – 1
Massachusetts – 1
Michigan – 1
Minnesota – 1
New Jersey – 4
New York – 3
Oklahoma – 1
Pennsylvania – 2
Washington – 1

UK – 9
England – 8
Northern Ireland – 1

Argentina – 1
Australia – 1
Brazil – 2
Bulgaria – 1
Canada – 1
Chile – 1
France – 1
India -1
Israel – 1
Italy – 2
Germany – 2
Netherlands – 2
Peru – 1
Romania – 1
Spain – 2
Turkey – 1

*Disclaimer: If a fan submitted more than one song dedication, their location was counted once.

The End! (P.S. We already know his 54th birthday project 😉 )

Author: Gingersnap

Management Analyst, part-time Adjunct Professor and Computer Software Consultant by day and Damian Lewis aficionado by night.

6 thoughts on “53 Song Dedications for Damian Lewis’s Birthday”

  1. Hello all, I am very impressed by your thoughtful song dedications in honor of Mr. Lewis, as well as all that you do. I was not aware that it was his birthday. Funnily enough, about a week ago, I was listening to ‘She Comes’ and was so touched, as my Mother recently died. So, I did something that I have never done or even considered—I sent a ‘fan’ message and gift to Mr. Lewis care of Markham, Frogatt and Irwin—a pair of grey socks with Hamlet’s famous soliquoy. They are from New and Lingwood on Jermyn Street, who were kind enough to pop over and deliver them in person p. Only later did I make the more personal connection—they are the outfitters to Eton and Mr. Lewis likes darker colors. As a fellow redhead, I understand that dynamic—makes our hair color really ‘pop.’ I hope that he receives him. Regardless Happy Birthday Mr. Lewis. Christopher Swan

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. This is the best fandom. I’m always in awe of the creativity and generosity the fans bring to our fan projects! I’m sure his agency will make sure Damian gets the socks. Oh, and if you want to see Damian’s reaction to the playlist, you can now see it in our post – we added in Sunday afternoon.

  2. Ps. Song dedication for Mr. Lewis, as well as for Ms. McCrory—‘Nobody Does it Better,’ Carly Simon theme for Bond film ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ and The Smiths, ‘This Charming Man.’ And again, bless you all for your profound affection for the work and spirit of this remarkable fellow, whose talents bring so much to many. CS

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