51 Birthday Cakes for Damian Lewis

Today Damian Lewis turns 51! Happy Birthday Damian, from the Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team and all the fandom around the world! Every January the Team begins contemplating what we can do differently to celebrate Damian’s birthday in February and year after year we strive to be creative and unique. As you know, Damian has suffered a great heartache with the loss of Helen McCrory so this year we wanted to try and bring a smile to his face. What better way to do that than to gift him 51 birthday cakes! We planned, conspired and mobilized the fandom in the back channels of Twitter, Instagram or Facebook DM’s, as well as e-mail, to accomplish this secret project.

Fans could make/bake/decorate their own cake, buy/design a cake from a bakery, or create an electronic cake using a photo editing program. Fans decorated their cakes from traditional birthday toppers to innovative displays of their favorite characters and scenes from television shows or movies that Damian has portrayed. Any dessert – from cakes, cookies and pies to tarts, cupcakes and pastries – the sky was the limit. The endeavor resulted in 51+ of the most imaginable and artistic desserts collected and compiled here for you all to enjoy. Cakes and desserts from all over the world! And guess what? The Team will be creating a picture collage of the cakes and desserts to send directly to Damian. On behalf of the entire Fan Fun with Damian Lewis Team, we want to thank all those who participated.

The project was easy, fun and most importantly, bakers could eat the result! Read along with us as we share photos of each cake or dessert one-by-one with detailed descriptions, baker’s name and baker’s location. Oh, and there is a surprise at the very end waiting for you. Enjoy these fat-free, zero-calorie virtual desserts! 🙂


Name of Cake: King of New York
Baker’s Note: I may be many things – a professor, a blogger, a runner – but certainly not a baker. I can’t even properly break an egg!!! So when Krista (Gingersnap on Fan Fun) came up with this idea for Damian’s 51st birthday, I immediately knew I had to buy a cake and decorate it.

I love Damian.
I love NY.
I love Damian in NY more.

I am giving Damian the ultimate NY cake – a cake that Bobby Axelrod would buy for an Axe Cap birthday party. Not a classic like, say, Carnegie Deli’s NY cheesecake. That’s something Chuck would go for. Axe, on the other hand, would go for something clever, playful, and creative…so here you go: Milk Bar’s Chocolate Birthday Cake –moist, fluffy, and crunchy with every layer giving you a different adventure on the palate exactly like every character Damian plays giving us a different adventure.
Happy Birthday, Damian! My message (and motto) is on my t-shirt!
Baker’s Name: Bahar (Damianista of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
Baker’s Location: New York, New York – USA

Funko Pop! of Axe, Billions  – Mike Prince may think he is the new king but in Axe we Trust 🙂
Damianista sporting her Axe shirt
Damianista and a slice of Milk Bar cake


Name of Cake: Charlie’s Personal Pineapple
Baker’s Note: I had to create a cake in honor of Charlie Crews – my most beloved character Damian has ever portrayed. Damian, here is your very own personal pineapple 🙂 Stacked yellow rounds between pineapple flavored filling with pineapple flavored butter cream as the frosting. That is not fondant! The pineapple sections were airbrushed on (had major help with that). I cut the crown leaves from cardboard so they weren’t flimsy, iced them in thin green frosting and used the back of a butter knife to create the veins of each leaf blade. Finally I added some “fruit” for Charlie from Welch’s Fruit Snacks and Runts candy. #PersonalPineapple #OrangeGrove
Baker’s Name: Krista (Gingersnap of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
Baker’s Location: Oklahoma – USA

Front view
Side/back view
Side view: Damian & Charlie
Back view: Charlie’s fruit – banana, strawberry, green apple, orange, grapes
Age “51” made out of Runts candy


Name of Cake: Simple White Cake
Baker’s Note: Simple white cake with recipe I found 11 years ago, when my daughter was turning 3 and birthday cupcakes were the order of the day. Since then it’s been my go-to for all occasions. Because it’s a blank slate, can be anything you imagine. Baked with much love and loads of good wishes that Damian’s birthday offers a moment to celebrate his trip around the sun, a moment of peace, renewal, and hope for many brighter tomorrows ahead.
Baker’s Name: Zarqa (Jania Jania of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
Baker’s Location: Seattle, WA – USA

Jania Jania


Name of Cake: Fruitcake for Charlie Crews
Baker’s Note: I made a fruitcake in honor of Damian’s first character I really came to know and love, Charlie Crews! I chose something Christmas themed, too, to be on brand as the “Queen of Christmas.” I made it in my own kitchen, based on this recipe. I’ll be doing a vlog on my YouTube channel about this baking process, so watch for that! Happy 51st to the tall one! <3  Gingersnap Note: As Holly points out in her vlog about baking this cake, Charlie Crews tried some fruitcake in an episode of Life and exclaimed “It’s not fruit and it’s not cake.” LOL
Baker’s Name: Holly (Holliedazzle of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
Baker’s Location: Minneapolis, Minnesota – USA



Name of Cake: A Slice of Ganache
Baker’s Note: Chocolate ganache along with prayers for peace and joy in the coming year. Thanks for the happiness you’ve brought to so many!
Baker’s Name: Lina (NotLinda of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
Baker’s Location: Florida – USA

Lina aka NotLinda


Name of Cake: Sweet and Spicy DL Ginger Cake
Baker’s Note: I have never baked a birthday cake with icing for Bahar/Damianista. In fact, this is my first birthday cake ever, and I have baked it for a dude. It had to be ginger for lack of imagination, but also sweet and spicy as Damian. We have found the right recipe at America’s Test Kitchen, with ginger, cayenne, coffee, white pepper, cinnamon and more. A super moist cake as perfect as Damian in Keane. You can find the recipe here. I’ve been thinking about some crazy decoration, then we received some delicious and fun cookies, so a cookie, as seen on top of the cake in the photo, from one fan (Tiffany) to another, and from us to Damian with some added love. What could be more sweeter? See Tiffany’s fabulous cookies below my pictures. And the t-shirt is Bahar’s choice, a tribute to Damian’s art.
Baker’s Name: Atila (Lewisto of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
Baker’s Location: I am not attached to a location. I live next to Damianista.

Atila aka Lewisto and Bahar aka Damianista


Name of Cake: Bring Brody Back!
Baker’s Note: Sugar cookies with the Homeland theme at the center and Damian’s other loves soccer, music and his homeland the UK. I chose cookies instead of cake because I ordered from pro baker Nicole before and knew how amazing they would be. I had a quick conversation with her about Damian’s birthday project and she was off and running researching him and what he loved. My birthday wish for Damian is simply peace and happiness for him and his family. He brings us so much joy with his art. I wish the same for him. <3
Baker’s Name: Tiffany Miller
(cookies designed by pro baker Nicole Borota of Jersey Cookie Girl)
Baker’s Location: New Jersey – USA

Nicole Borota – Jersey Cookie Girl


Name of Cake: A Bundt by a Bunny
Baker’s Note: 80-year-old baker reporting for duty! This is a glazed orange cake. It was a favorite of my husband’s and this is the first I have made it since he died eight years ago. We were married almost 53 years, but had been high school sweethearts, so were actually together since 1956. So this is a bitter sweet offering from me. The characters I chose included some of my favorites, but also a few that we don’t hear much about, like Warriors, Friends and Crocodiles and The Situation. I think of Damian and his family often, and have held them up in prayer many times during this past year.
Baker’s Name: Connie, An Aging Bunny – one of the original Damian bunnies from the now defunct Damian Lewis Yahoo! group
Baker’s Location: New Jersey – USA

Connie – An Aging Bunny


Name of Cake: Wolf Hall
Baker’s Note: 50 + 1 knitted Henry VIII = 51 with a Tudor candle
Baker’s Name: Denise Salway, The Knitting Witch
Baker’s Location: Wales – UK

CAKE #10

Name of Cake: A Slice of Chicago
Baker’s Note: Eli’s Cheesecake is different from other cheesecakes and Nancy wanted to share a little slice of Chicago with Damian. What started in Eli’s kitchen has blossomed into a third generation family-owned bakery. These Chicago-style cheesecakes receive a hot, fast bake and no water bath, resulting in a golden brown exterior with a rich and creamy interior (richer and creamier than New York’s counterpart), baked on a real all-butter shortbread cookie crust instead of graham.
Baker’s Name: Nancy Brinkman
Baker’s Location: Chicago, Illinois – USA

CAKE #11

Name of Cake: Sweet-n-Sour
Baker’s Note: This is a strawberry yogurt old-fashioned cake, but with a sweet-n-sour freshness…similar to the chosen characters excellently embodied by Damian Lewis – Axe, Henry, Brody, McQueen, Laertes…oh my! Happy 51st Birthday, Mr. Lewis!
Baker’s Name: Magdalena
Baker’s Location: Cluj-Napoca, Romania


CAKE #12

Name of Cake: Happy 51st Handsome!
Baker’s Note: Happy 51st Birthday, Handsome! You’re catching up to me (#53). Friends and Crocodiles is my favorite movie with Damian at the moment.
Baker’s Name: Darlene Billows
Baker’s Location: Long Island, New York – USA

CAKE #13

Name of Cake: That’s Amore!
Baker’s Note: My Rose cake for Damian because “Rose is a Rose is a Rose is a Rose.” Happy birthday from Verona, a city for lovers. The Verona of Shakespeare. Love you.
Baker’s Name: Christiane Motassi
Baker’s Location: Verona, Italy

CAKE #14

Name of Cake: With Love From St. Petersburg
Baker’s Note: A delicate sponge cake with yogurt. My congratulations to Damian. Happy Birthday!
Baker’s Name: Natali Trempolskaya
Baker’s Location: St. Petersburg, Russia

CAKE #15

Name of Cake: Queen of the Dessert
Baker’s Note: This beautiful cake adorned with desert plants of succulents and cacti could serve as a nod to Damian’s role in Queen of the Desert. Desert – Dessert…see what we did there?  Carol is a great and long-time fan who gave Damian a beautiful hand-knitted scarf at the 2015 New Yorker Festival event and he started wearing it every where in public. Read more about the traveling scarf here.
Baker’s Name: Carol Nagie
(cake designed by Andrea Davidson of Andi’s Cakes and Bakes)
Baker’s Location: California – USA (near a desert 😉 )

Carol, Damian and the scarf

CAKE #16

Name of Cake: Smooth and Sophisticated with a Touch of Naughty
Baker’s Note: This cake is smooth, sophisticated and just a bit naughty when you bite inside…like a certain birthday boy! A lovingly prepared chocolate cake with just a drizzle of salted caramel and luscious chocolate. Happy Birthday Damian XO.
Baker’s Name: Christine Wilson, author of Meeting Damian Lewis. Read about her book here.
Baker’s Location: Northern Ireland – UK

CAKE #17

Name of Cake: Delicious Scones
Baker’s Note: I baked very simple plain scones because they are always delicious and quick to make. Moreover, you could argue whether to enjoy your cream tea Devonian (yes!) or Cornish (no), so always reason for a rousing discussion. Damian, I wish you a calm and pleasant birthday with your children and family, especially this year. I hope someone will make sure there is enough cake and pie because that will make everything just a wee bit better…and sweeter. Hugs.
Baker’s Name: Stefanie – Twitter @brandiwein1982
Baker’s Location: Dortmund, Germany


CAKE #18

Name of Cake: On Broadway
Baker’s Note: Hello. This is my Hamlet cake. It has black icing and the deepest dark chocolate inside, with a bloody red Hamlet on top, as befits the Shakespearian tragedy that brought Damian to Broadway in 1995. The quote seemed appropriate: the wise and fatherly advice from Polonius to Laertes just before Laertes leaves for France. Damian’s Broadway debut was playing Laertes to Ralph Fiennes’s Hamlet. I was lucky enough to be in the audience at the Belasco Theatre on June 9, 1995 to discover “the hot ginger playing Laertes” and I’ve been a fan ever since. That’s my t-shirt from the show adorning the top of the cake! I’m happy to wish Damian a Happy 51st, with thanks for so many years of powerful artistry and best wishes for many, many more.
Baker’s Name: Cyndy Canty – Read her fan story here.
Baker’s Location: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan – USA

“This above all, – to thine own self be true; And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man.” ~Wm. Shakespeare – Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 3

CAKE #19

Name of Cake: Soccer Aid 2018
Baker’s Note: Damian loves his football so I created a large soccer ball topped with a 51 candle and piped some grass for a perfect pitch 😉 I iced his 2018 Soccer Aid jersey, front and back, on two t-shirt shaped cookies. That year’s match was England vs. Soccer Aid World XI at Old Trafford in Manchester on Sunday, June 10, 2018. When asked in interviews if he wasn’t an actor, what would he be? He answered a pro footballer. Happy Birthday, Damo!
Baker’s Name: Krista (Gingersnap of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
Baker’s Location: Oklahoma – USA

Back – the footballers
Soccer Aid jersey, front and back

CAKE #20

Name of Cake: “Such A Night” King Cake
Baker’s Note: Damian and I share a love for New Orleans Jazz. So I wanted to celebrate his birthday also with a King Cake – a Mardi Gras tradition that came to symbolize all things fun in New Orleans including jazz. And to give it some kicks, I add a beautiful jazz tune sung by the birthday boy himself!  Happy Birthday, Damian, my fellow Aquarian! King cakes typically have a baby hidden in them and whoever gets to have it is “crowned” king or queen for the day and is said to be on his way to a very good year. I bought this delicious king cupcake with a baby on it to make sure your 51st is full of all you wish for!
Baker’s Name: Bahar (Damianista of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
(cake designed by Billy’s Bakery)
Baker’s Location: New York, New York – USA

Aerial view

CAKE #21

Name of Cake: Age of Aquarius
Baker’s Note: I present my vanilla cake with custom pink cookie icing. Damian and I are both Aquariuses and I’m enjoying celebrating his birthday more than I’m interested in my own. So I just wanted to scratch my cake in favor of his. I added Band of Brothers and Homeland elements, and donned my Life cap and Band of Brothers shirt for the occasion.
Gingersnap’s note: Paige wore her Life cap when she met Damian at the 2016 Times Talks event in New York.
Baker’s Name: Paige
Baker’s Location: New Jersey – USA

Band of Brothers tag and Homeland memory stick
Paige – wearing a Band of Brothers shirt and a cap that says “I am not attached to this hat” in honor of Charlie Crews, Life

CAKE #22

Name of Cake: Caribou Cup Final Cornflake Cakes
Baker’s Note: I made these cornflake cakes because Liverpool Football Club (LFC) are in the league cup final and Damian is an LFC fan! Hope he has a lovely birthday and eats lots of cake. #YNWA
Baker’s Name: Annie Headland
Baker’s Location: Addlestone, Surrey – UK

CAKE #23

Name of Cake: Candles Galore
Baker’s Note: I made a chocolate cake for Damian’s birthday with love! Lots of candles and a birthday card with a special message to my favorite characters he’s portrayed, Bobby Axelrod and Soames Forsyte. Happy 51st Birthday, Damian!
Baker’s Name: Julia Sycheva
Baker’s Location: Ekaterinburg, Russia


CAKE #24

Name of Cake: Just One Last Dance
Baker’s Note: Happy Birthday, Damian! My absolute favorite character he has ever played was Soames Forsyte in The Forsyte Saga. My inspiration for this cake is this amazing scene where Soames is sniffing Irene’s dress! Enjoy your day and continue to produce amazing art for us all. Gratulerer med dagen!
Gingersnap’s Note: Soames sniffs Irene’s dress and laments, “Just one last dance.” In this video Damian said he thinks anyone who likes Soames is a dark horse.
Baker’s Name: Keren, The Dark Horse
Baker’s Location: Norway

CAKE #25

Name of Cake: Carentan
Baker’s Note: My favorite series Damian was in is Band of Brothers and this scene from episode three titled Carentan is classic. Easy Company sustains casualties while waging battle in Normandy.
Baker’s Name: Apple
Baker’s Location: Bangkok, Thailand

Damian as Dick Winters in Band of Brothers, Episode three – Carentan

CAKE #26

Name of Cake: Just Like Life
Baker’s Note: This is a lemon-kiwi cheesecake that is sweet and sour, just like life. Let your life be sweet again, just open your heart. With Happy Birthday wishes, great admiration and best regards from Slovenia. P.S. We have watched you in Homeland and Billions, however, one of the most unforgettable artistic experiences of our life was enjoying the play The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? in London. You are always fantastic!
Baker’s Name: Ester and Marko Pavliha
Baker’s Location: Slovenia

Marko and Ester

CAKE #27

Name of Cake: The Man, Myth, and Legend
Baker’s Note: I chose this cake because of his amazing career that includes Band of Brothers, Homeland, Wolf Hall and Billions as well as his many additional versatile achievements on stage and screen. His ability to transform into an American accent is unparalleled. Damian, we hope our celebration of your birthday brings you joy knowing how much your performances have meant to us. God bless you and your family. Take care.
Baker’s Name: Debbie Perdott
Baker’s Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – USA


CAKE #28

Name of Cake: Victoria Sponge
Baker’s Note: A traditional Victoria Sponge for an English gent and my namesake haha, but with Welsh colours and greetings to celebrate Damian’s Welsh heritage (and mine!). This cake is a nod to my favourite Damian Lewis film, The Baker, set in beautiful Wales.
Baker’s Name: Victoria Russell – Twitter @BikerVick – Dark Horse on Blog
Baker’s Location: Leicester, England – UK

Hapus Penblwydd (Happy Birthday in Welsh)
Vicky sporting Welsh National Football Club jersey
Damian Lewis as Milo Shakespeare in The Baker

CAKE #29

Name of Cake: Hang Tough
Baker’s Note: Teddy Winters wanted to make Damian a birthday cake with a Band of Brothers theme. He made sure to put Major Winters on there because he knows how much he meant to Damian and the bond they shared. The crumbs on the side of the cake is from him stealing small pieces and giving it to the other teddies upstairs.
Baker’s Name: Nicky – Twitter @MechanicGurl04
Baker’s Location: Boston, Massachusetts – USA

Teddy Winters with Damian’s cake

CAKE #30

Name of Cake: Crystallised Golden Ginger Flapjacks
Baker’s Note: Flapjacks made with oats, golden syrup and ginger pieces. Chosen because firstly they’re perfect to go with a cup of Yorkshire tea (Brody would love them), and secondly they’re golden which reminds me of Bobby Axelrod. We all know the finest things in life have some ginger in them!! 😉
Baker’s Name: Louise Selby – Twitter @Louselby
Baker’s Location: Cambridge, England – UK

CAKE #31

Name of Cake: The Personal Pineapple Cake
Baker’s Note: The theme was chosen to celebrate both Damian’s 51st as well as reference the alternative frame of mind of his character Charlie Crews from Life, which was filmed in my home town of L. A. The “Best Journey” written in the ocean is a nod to his winning a Golden Globe also here in my hometown.
Baker’s Name: Suzanne J
Baker’s Location: Los Angeles, California – USA

Damian as Charlie Crews in Life – with his personal pineapple

CAKE #32

Name of Cake: Welcome to Romania!
Baker’s Note: This is a walnut meringue cake made with meringue, caramel and vanilla filling, topped with caramelized walnuts. The front image is an old photograph of The Romanian Athenaeum and the Romanian flag on top of the cake says “Happy Birthday, Damian! Welcome to Romania!”
Baker’s Name: Delia Nan
Baker’s Location: Timișoara, Romania

CAKE #33

Name of Cake: Our Cupcake Turns 51
Baker’s Note: I baked chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting and placed them in the shape of Damian’s age, 51. I thought I was done, but then I had some leftover toppers from another idea so…
Baker’s Name: Krista (Gingersnap of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
Baker’s Location: Oklahoma – USA

Spy “51” for A Spy Among Friends

CAKE #34

Name of Cake: Gypsy Tart
Baker’s Note: I made a very sweet dessert which bring back fond childhood memories. The gift message reads, “Gypsy tart makes you fart; custard powder makes it louder; salt and pepper makes it better; this isn’t true but it’s so sweet, too much of it will rot your teeth!” Have a blessed birthday Damian 🙂
Baker’s Name: Denise Sealy
Baker’s Location: Dartmouth Park, London – UK

CAKE #35

Name of Cake: A Cupcake For A Cupcake
Baker’s Note: Happy Birthday, Damian! I chose this cupcake because it was easy to hold for a homemade photoshoot 😉 This cupcake was produced and resides in Keyport, New Jersey, US of A 😛
Baker’s Name: April Cornelius
Baker’s Location: Keyport, New Jersey – USA


CAKE #36

Name of Cake: Hang Tough
Baker’s Note: My name is Cat. I live in Ireland and I run the Band_of_Brothers_101st pages on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The page is dedicated to the miniseries Band of Brothers and to the brave members of the Greatest Generation of WW2. Easy Company inspire and motivate me each and every day with the perseverance and strength of character they showed throughout the war. Damian’s portrayal of Major Dick Winters is one of the best roles I have seen in any drama or movie, how he conveyed the calm dedication of the paratrooper and leader of men is a true credit to him. I chose to decorate the cake (a sponge with jam and fresh cream) with a paratroop drop to keep the Band of Brothers theme, and I would like to send love and strength to Damian in the words of Major Winters’ motto: “Hang Tough.” Wishing a Happy Birthday to Damian! <3
Baker’s Name: Cat
Baker’s Location: Ireland – UK

Easy Company Paratroopers

CAKE #37

Name of Cake: Bumblebee Sponge Cake
Baker’s Note: Here is my cake for Damian. It’s a sponge cake with cream and raspberry jam in the middle, lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar. I thought he would love the bumblebees and bright colours. I chose it because it seemed like the perfect cake for Damian.
Baker’s Name: Hannah Pavletich
Baker’s Location: Queensland, Australia

CAKE #38

Name of Cake: Damian’s Redhead Cheesecake
Baker’s Note: Cheesecake is one of my favorite desserts. I decided to use food coloring to make it orange to be more Damian-like. Also, I thought it would be funny to make a Brazilian drink called “caipirinha” (with “cachaça 51”) in honor of Damian’s 51st birthday!
Baker’s Name: Robson Cardinali – Twitter @robscard
Baker’s Location: Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais – Brazil

Robson with Funko Pop! Axe, Appetite for Power: Eating, Drinking & Dealmaking in NYC: A Billions Guide, Damian Mug and “cachaça 51” bottle

CAKE #39

Name of Cake: Band of Brothers
Baker’s Note: Here is my Band of Brothers camo cake with Dick Winters on top and Easy Company banding around him at the bottom. I have five camo candles on the left and one camo candle on the right to make 51 😉 Believe it or not, that is not fondant folks! That is buttercream with a textured application. Inside is nothing but chocolate-y goodness! Happy Birthday, Damian!
Baker’s Name: Krista (Gingersnap of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
Baker’s Location: Oklahoma – USA

Damian as Dick Winters on top of cake – top view
Side view
Base view

CAKE #40

Name of Cake: A Trip Down Memory Lane
Baker’s Note: I chose the theme “A trip down memory lane” showing all my Damian Lewis DVDs. I made brownies with the finest Belgian chocolate with hazelnuts, and added an edible photo of the DVDs to create a personalized design. I love Damian, he is one of my favorite actors. These brownies were made with a lot of love and I had fun baking them today. And as an added bonus, I got to share the brownies with my colleagues! As Damian once said, “Best journeys are shared.”  I hope Damian has a splendid brithday!
Baker’s Name: Greet Mertens – Twitter @greet_mrtns
Baker’s Location: Zele, Belgium

Billions, Queen of the Desert, Our Kind of Traitor, The Silent Storm, Homeland, Life, An Unfinished Life, Colditz, Keane, Dreamcatcher, Warriors and The Forsyte Saga

CAKE #41

Name of Cake: Marron Glacés Cream Tart
Baker’s Note: An elegant, chic and masculine cream tart with white chocolate namelaka, marron glacés, confetti. I think it has the elegance and poise of Damian.
Baker’s Name: Actually the baker is me, Elisa Dolci! I am a pastry chef and own a bakery in Piedmont called I dolci di Elisa. You can find me on Instagram here and Facebook here.
Baker’s Location: Rivarolo Canavese, Turin, Piedmont – Italy

CAKE #42

Name of Cake: Ginger Biscuite
Baker’s Note: We chose to make this cake with ginger biscuites because, well, our guy calls himself like that. So here is a cake that will match his nickname! A note from Gingersnap: Damian’s new production company on A Spy Among Friends is called Ginger Biscuit Entertainment! 🙂
Baker’s Name: Dalia and Amalia Segal (Amalia is my 7.5 years old daughter).
Baker’s Location: Israel

Amalia, 7.5-years-old

CAKE #43

Name of Cake: One Man Show
Baker’s Note: Upon a stage one actor shines! We’re in summer time here in Argentina, so my cake is all covered with fresh strawberries and cherries. It’s a summer cake with red colour everywhere (you know why!) 😉 Have a great Birthday, Mr. Lewis!
Baker’s Name: Julia D’Onofrio – Twitter @jotado
Baker’s Location: Barrio de Belgrano, Buenos Aires – Argentina

CAKE #44

Name of Cake: Two Classy Guys
Baker’s Note: Hi! We run a fansite about Richard Speight, Jr. who played Warren H. (Skip) Muck in Band of Brothers with the birthday boy. We wanted to represent the friendship between Damian and Rich and this photo of our two classy guys is just everything. The cake is a white chocolate mud cake with cherry filling.
Baker’s Name: Rain and Beth – RSJFanWorld on Twitter, Facebook and here
Baker’s Location: UK

CAKE #45

Name of Cake: Chocolate Slice
Baker’s Note: This time we went simple. We got some little slices of chocolate cake from a shop near us and toasted Damian for his birthday in our Orthodontic Practice in Camberley, Surrey. The cake is a Mr. Kipling brand of cake made at their operations in Carlton, South Yorkshire. Chocolate cake in small doses always brings joy…if you like chocolate cake that is. If not, you can always be someone who does! Happy Birthday, Damian!
Baker’s Name: Lee Kokle – Twitter @littlesisterlee
Baker’s Location: Camberley, Surrey – UK

CAKE #46

Name of Cake: The Good Life
Baker’s Note: I thought I’d pop over to Damian’s pad, but appropriately stopping off at one of his fave little bakeries. Sadly, I arrived to see it had been replaced with a new trendy coffee bar instead. As I was just about to round the corner, I swung by his place LOL! Anyways…onwards and upwards to sorting “his” cake. Here is a lovely, cream frosted topped Red Velvet layered cake with “Bobby” in the center 🙂 Candles “Aft” and “Starboard” with a personalised birthday card with the name of Axelrod’s yacht, “The Good Life!” My birthday card to him reads, “Dearest Damian, wishing you a February fabulous birthday. Many happy returns. Faithfully yours with love, Rachel.” Damian deserves everything good that comes his way!!! We all love him. Happy Birthday, Damian!
Baker’s Name: Rachel Winter
Baker’s Location: West Sussex, England – UK

Funko Pop! Axe, Billions.
Gingersnap Note: Ya’ll see what I see? London Eye!
Rachel’s birthday card to Damian
L: Rachel discovers bakery in Tufnell Park is no longer there
R: Yup! Reckon Damian would’ve enjoyed it!
Her bakery queue number was “51”!

CAKE #47

Name of Cake: Double Agent
Baker’s Note: I wanted to create a dessert that represented Damian’s latest project, A Spy Among Friends. The chocolate cake on the left depicts MI6 officer Nicholas Elliot (Agent Damian) with a 51 clue in the magnifying glass and the red velvet cake on the right depicts Elliot’s best friend since young adulthood, British intelligence officer and KGB double agent, Kim Philby.  I found it fitting to use red for spy 😉 Are you a friend or a spy? Happy Birthday, Damian!
Baker’s Name: Krista (Gingersnap of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
Baker’s Location: Oklahoma – USA

Friend or Spy?

CAKE #48

Name of Cake: Temptation in Red and White
Baker’s Note: I call this cake ‘Temptation in Red and White’ in thinking of our favorite redhead 😉 and the fact that the cake is both light-n-fruity and filling-n-heavy at the same time. Just like Damian’s roles, sometimes smart and fresh, but sometimes tragic and so hard to digest 😉 I’ve been a fan for a good 12 years now, since Life was on German television and since then I’ve caught up on all the films I could! 🙂 I wish Damian a very, very Happy Birthday!
Baker’s Name: Nastasia – Twitter @nastasia_berlin
Baker’s Location: Berlin, Germany

Keane, Brody, Milo, Henry VIII, Axe, Crews
Gingersnap’s Note: Look at that yummy, yummy goodness from the side!

CAKE #49

Name of Cake: Nutella Cookie Pie
Baker’s Note: The Nutella© cookie pie is from Crumbly Bakery in NYC. I chose this cake because cookies and Nutella© are my cheat treats and I only eat them on special occasions including Damian’s birthday!
Baker’s Name: Elisa – Twitter @Corellianjedi2
Baker’s Location: New York City, NY – USA

CAKE #50

Name of Cake: Happy Birthday!
Baker’s Note: I really hope my cake will help Damian regain his happiness and a smile will definitely settle on his face. I will enjoy this exquisite cake! Happy Birthday, Damian!
Baker’s Name: Paula
(designed by pro baker Alex of Il Vero Oriente)
Baker’s Location: Argentina

Paula with Baker Alex

CAKE #51

Name of Cake: Dream Cake
Baker’s Note: We didn’t want Damian to see all these fantastic cakes and crave one so on behalf of all you fans that participated, we sent him a real cake he can eat and share with loved ones because he’s a true dream cake! This scrumptious cake is five layers of chocolate sponge filled with Belgian chocolate buttercream, shortbread pieces and caramel sauce in each layer. It’s sweet, it’s crunchy, it has chocolate and salted caramel filled pearls on top.
Baker’s Name: Fan Fun Team and all the fandom
Baker’s Location: London, England – UK

Once the cake from our Team and all his fans was delivered, Damian tweeted out this:

Damian is 15! LOL

Damian is staggered by the brilliance of all our fan birthday cakes. The Great British Bake Off has nothing on us, right Fandom? 😉

And there you have it, 51 gorgeous, creative and personalized birthday cakes and desserts for Damian. What was that? What did you say? But wait, there’s more! You know the saying at the end of the song:

“Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Damian, Happy Birthday to you. And MANY more…on channel four; and Scooby-Doo on channel two; and Frankenstein on channel nine.”

CAKE #52

Name of Cake: LFC
Baker’s Note: Here is my raspberry and white chocolate muffin with LFC topper. Happy Birthday, Damian! You never walk alone! #YNWA
Baker’s Name: Lynn R – Twitter @Poochface
Baker’s Location: Liverpool, England – UK

CAKE #53

Name of Cake: Orange You Glad I Baked This?
Baker’s Note: Make a cupcake that looks like Damian, they said. Embody Damian as a dessert, they said. So, I give you Damian in a cupcake. Orange for his gingerness, blue for his eyes. And he looks great in a blue suit! Any suit, for that matter. If I was a smart woman I would have made a vanilla cupcake to match his fair skin. I digress. Happy 51st Birthday, Damian!
Baker’s Name: Krista (Gingersnap of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
Baker’s Location: Oklahoma – USA

CAKE #54

Name of Cake: Soccer Aid Jersey Cookies
Baker’s Note: Left overs from the Soccer Aid cake. Happy Birthday, Damian!
Baker’s Name: Krista (Gingersnap of Fan Fun With Damian Lewis Team)
Baker’s Location: Oklahoma – USA

Damian’s 2018 Soccer Aid jersey, front and back
Damian Lewis, Soccer Aid 2018

Okay, now we are really done. With the cakes at least 😉

Thank you to all the fans who participated in our little birthday project this year. Without you, it would not have been possible. All of you are so talented and creative. We would also like to send a special thank you to Tiffany who shipped her Jersey Cookie Girl cookies to Fan Fun Team leader Damianista to share in the celebration! They were brilliant! Careful Lewisto and Damianista, don’t bite Damian’s head off! 😉

Lewisto and Damianista taking a bite out of Damian! nom nom

Best wishes from us all, Damian.

And in case you were curious to visualize where all these sweets came from, here is your personalized cake map 😉 We received cakes and desserts from all over the world!

Cake Stats by Location:
15 countries
5 continents

USA – 23
California – 2
New Jersey – 4
New York – 5
Oklahoma – 5

UK – 11
England – 9
Northern Ireland

Argentina – 2
Australia – 1
Belgium – 1
Brazil – 1
Ireland – 1
Israel – 1
Italy – 2
Germany – 2
Norway – 1
Romania – 2
Russia – 2
Slovenia – 1
Thailand – 1

Cake Stats by Theme:
A Spy Among Friends – 2
Band of Brothers – 5
Billions – 3
Forsyte Saga – 1
Friends and Crocs – 1
Homeland – 1
Life – 3
Queen of the Desert – 1
The Baker – 1
Wolf Hall – 1
Variety of Roles in TV/Film Combined – 8
Theatre: Hamlet – 1 and The Goat – 1
Sports: Football (soccer) – 4
Music – 1
Ginger – 4
Other – 16

Author: Gingersnap

Management Analyst, part-time Adjunct Professor and Computer Software Consultant by day and Damian Lewis aficionado by night.

36 thoughts on “51 Birthday Cakes for Damian Lewis”

      1. I was so amazed so I wrote it impulsively. You guys made a great job. What a lovely way to say Happy birthday! Love all the cakes! <3


      2. Wow!!! what a fantastic array of cakes!! I’m floored and clearly in great company!!! I sooo hope Damian enjoys this!, I’m sure he will….and that he has a truly lovely day with his kids! Rachel Winter x

        1. Thank you so much, Rachel, for being a part of this project! I am in awe of the creativity as well as the generosity of the fandom. I am so happy and hoping that Damian has a truly beautiful day ❤️

        2. Rachel – Thank you, my friend, for participating in our little surprise. We know Damian enjoyed this because he tweeted out the cake we had delivered to him and he retweeted the post, “Wow, I’m staggered by the brilliance of these cakes. You should all be in Bake Off! And touched. Thank you.” I embedded his tweet and picture with the cake into this post so you and fans not on Twitter can see it. I don’t think you’re on Twitter anymore, right?

    1. Holly – hahaha it’s great! I have a friend who leaves hers up year-round. She decorates it for Superbowl sometimes, but always Mardi Gras, her children’s birthdays, fourth of July, Halloween, etc.

    1. Thank you so much for being a part of this project, Connie! I’m delighted that we did it, collectively, and put a big smile on Damian/s face.

        1. Hahaha, Connie, believe me, this is exactly what I asked Gingersnap yesterday. I think we need to start brainstorming NOW!

  1. Ladies, you did a wonderful job! The post is beautiful. Thank you Damianista for encouraging me to participate. It was so simple and I appreciate the chance to join in the Fan Fun Family. So many delicious creations, I wanted to sample them all! Lewisto outdid himself (knew he would)! I hope our efforts helped a bit supporting our beautiful man through this difficult time. Love to all! NotLinda

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and for being a part of this! Lewisto baked his first birthday cake ever, in his own words, “for a dude.” 😀 And I sat up until 5am that night to make sure the cake delivery went OK in London. We did it together! And I think our beautiful man has been deeply touched!

    2. Notlinda – Thank you so much! And double-y thank you for taking part. I have no doubt our efforts helped put a smile on his face. <3

    1. Thank you so much Maria! It’s been a fun and a rewarding experience! I’m amazed by the creativity and generosity of the fandom.

    1. It’s crazy isn’t it? I can’t stop smiling, either – and for a week that is!!!! Damian’s very kind thank on Twitter is the sweetest cheery on the pie! Hope all is well, my friend, sending lots of love your way <3

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