The Unbeatable, Unstoppable, Unparalleled MVPs from Billions Season 7 Episode 8, “The Owl”

Billions is back and so is our MVP series! We continue to award our Most Valuable Players for Billions season seven in our series compilation, the ‘Billions MVP Fanbook,’ which commemorates all those in honor of achievement for the utmost brazen, uber shameless, ultra scheming, unmatched bad asses from the episode – from sports references, music and tasty food to pop culture remarks, shocking twists and ultimate paybacks. In case you missed it, catch up with the MVPs of the season seven premiere Tower of London, episode two Original Sin, episode three Winston Dick Energy, episode four Hurricane Rosie, episode five The Gulag Archipelago, episode six The Man in the Olive Drab T-Shirt and episode seven DMV.

Now let’s dive in. Here are the Billions MVP awards for Season 7, Episode 8, “The Owl.”


Supreme Sleazeball Swerdlow Sayings in a Scene…AGAIN – He’s back! Slimeball doc is back, this time wearing a prison-orange, head-to-toe, Karl Kani tracksuit to The Owl’s winter conclave.

This whole scene is cringy-hilarious. From calling Chuck “Chuckles” and referring to women as “birds” to “Don’t you worry about a thing, Sugar. You’re going to be sleeping like a fucking Cub Scout in a coma” and claiming he will be getting in touch with his natural side, Dr. Alex Comfort style, who was a British scientist and physician known for the nonfiction sex manual, The Joy of Sex. And it doesn’t stop there – the Doc simulates ghastly hip thrusts when groaning the word “uh!” as he names off kinky sexual acts like postillionage and croissant (too many urban dictionary definitions to count), only to be deflated to learn that The Owl retreat is ‘no women allowed.’ Serves you right, you kinky bastard! LOL

Benedict Arnold Citation– Griffin Dunne, who played George Pike, IV aka “Fourth” in this episode. Dunne also played Dr. Alcon Parfit in Succession. Only traitors act in both Billions and Succession and I find it deplorable when one is defecting across enemy lines, but he wasn’t the first defector. Eric Bogosian who played Lawrence Boyd in Billions also played Senator Gil Eavis in Succession. Then there’s Babak Tafti who currently plays Bradford Luke in Billions but also played Eduard Asgarov in Succession. Crossing over from other Koppelman-Levien projects, such as Malkovich from Rounders is more my speed and almost encouraged. Babak Tafti might be an exception since he also played Emil Michael on Koppelman-Levien’s Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber. Just remember though, there’s only one. There will only ever be one. Billions.

Gold Star Poo Poo Award – Wagsy. I’m not shocked that Wags got turned on watching women lick melted candy bars from clean diapers at the baby shower. Throw a little bit of peanuts in the “chocolate” and that just might send him over the edge. No surprise coming from a guy who talked to Wendy about ATM (ass to mouth) in season 1. Fuck all the reindeers you want, Wagsy!

Best Cheerleaders – Men in drag at The Owl encampment during the “Indian leg wrestling” tradition. From the feathers of our fathers, hoot-hoot!

Perfect Line – Dr. Swerdlow, this time in his Fubu tracksuit. “Hold my nuts.” 🙂

Defining America in a Song – Bob Dylan’s ‘Blind Willie McTell’ plays as The Owl attendees torch their wooden owl mascot while wearing dark, hooded cloaks and chanting. The Writers made a bold choice with this scene, seemingly asking viewers to ask themselves how this differs from members torching wooden crosses while wearing their white, hooded cloaks. Don’t @ me. I didn’t write the scene. Just pointing out uncomfortable comparisons. Dylan lyrics:

“Seen the arrow on the doorpost
Saying this land is condemned
All the way from New Orleans
To Jerusalem”

“Seen them big plantations burningHear the cracking of the whipsSmell that sweet magnolia bloomingSee the ghosts of slavery ships
I can hear them tribes moaning
Hear that undertaker’s bell
Nobody can sing the blues
Like Blind Willie McTell”

Food for Thought:

  • The investigative reporter Mike Dimonda is back! Remember him? In season one he exposed how Axe took advantage of the markets when they were vulnerable during the 9/11 attacks, earning $750 million dollars in one day by shorting aviation stocks, American hotels and shipping companies, leading to the start-up of Axe Capital. I just love, and predicted (or wished for) that many characters from earlier seasons would reappear as a sort of final send-off for the series.
  • Sean Ayles is back! Former curator of Ellis Eads Hall aka Axelrod Hall and ran Axe’s foundation.
  • 24 hours before watching this episode of Billions I had watched Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Anderson Cooper was one of his guests, who was promoting his new book Astor. So when Senior mentions Corny Vanderbilt and Jake Astor, I knew a reference/Easter egg I didn’t have to look up! Anderson Cooper’s mother was Gloria Vanderbilt and his new book Astor: The Rise and Fall of an American Fortune is about the Astor-Vanderbilt family and fortune.


Man of the Hour – George Pike IV aka “Fourth”

Scooter points out that getting a facetime with him is harder than following Bernie Mac at the Apollo. Presidential hopefuls are dying to get a minute with him and compete for his official approval and Super-PAC commitment. Even Chuck decides to go to The Owl just because he can meet and convince him that Prince is unfit to run for presidency.

“Fourth” is a step up from Jack Foley that he is the kingmaker in national politics. He casually talks about the old days when “Jack” and “Bobby” attended The Owl. And I have no idea if The Owl has been inspired by a bizarre old and rich white men in the woods kind of gathering in real life but it gives an accurate portrayal of what is wrong in American politics today: old and rich white men have disproportionate power in decision-making. “Fourth” even puts it in words to Chuck that who rules America is “big men with agendas — not the populace, not the rule of law and certainly not the voters.” And this is the biggest threat to democracy.

Teacher’s Pet – Mike Prince

It seems Prince has done his homework about Fourth’s political leanings that he passes with flying colors at the fireside discussion when he derides peaceful negotiations and advocating use of nuclear weapons if he is convinced it is the only way. Chuck is right. Never underestimate the man who overestimates himself.

Greatest Entrance – Governor Nancy Dunlop

The badass Montana governor shows up at The Owl with these words to the old, rich, white men that I am talking about above.

“Hey boys! Are you cold? Some of you seem cold. I saw a few of you answering the call in the trees back there. They were definitely cold.”

And hey Nancy Dunlop being the Montana governor means John Dutton lost to her in the gubernatorial elections? My two worlds have just collided 🙂

Kevin Costner as Montana Governor John Dutton in Yellowstone!

Most Unpalatable Dessert – Chocolate Nappy

I looked it up just because I know most of the bizarre stuff on Billions is real. And yes there is a chocolate nappy baby shower game. People seriously think of it as fun?!?! GROSS.

Brilliant Businessman – Swerdlow

Well, love him or hate him, Swerdlow knows how to market his services 🙂  He shows up at The Owl, hustles new, rich clients. He forms bonds with some of them and even gets invited to party with them and their “lady friends.” Two birds with one stone.

Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship – Wendy and Andy

While their relationship did not start off on the right foot, it seems Wendy and Andy bond over Andy’s grief when it is not the Tiger Team but the Chinese officials who are able to reach Derek first! I think Andy deep down knows why the best rescue team in the world has not been able to do it and I suspect she may join the opposition against Prince presidency in the weeks to come!

Lady Trader

The Condoleezza Rice Award: Governor Nancy Dunlop gets this award for being the first woman to attend “The Owl” just as Secretary Rice was one of the first women to become members of Augusta National golf club, home of The Masters.

The “Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket” Award: Did Mike Prince really just pull all of his money, both personal and the fund’s, out of every international investment? What a very foolish and short-sighted thing to so. The losses his would take would be tremendous, not to mention how he would move the markets on certain investments, and would never be able to get “market prices.” What a moron.

The “Vision I Never Want to See” Award: The thought of those old, wrinkly men playing naked Twister just brought up my breakfast! Gross!

The “Can I Have a Slice?” Award: That Beef Wellington Chuck and Charles Sr. were having for dinner sure did look delish! Perfectly rare in the middle! Yum!

Author: Gingersnap

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7 thoughts on “The Unbeatable, Unstoppable, Unparalleled MVPs from Billions Season 7 Episode 8, “The Owl””

  1. Lady Trader – Giving YOU an award for the Condoleezza Rice comparison to Governor Nancy Dunlop, especially since Axe/Wags mentioned Augusta golf club back in Billions season 1 (or a very early season if memory serves). SPOT ON two-fold! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I will take any awards I can get! It was either going to be the Sandra Day O’Conner award or the Condi award, but I went with Condi since it was more fitting.

  2. Damianista – I’m so glad someone awarded Wendy/Andy because that picture was too beautiful to pass up. And I 100% agree with you, that Andy may join the opposition against Prince presidency in the weeks to come (and perhaps Philip as well…maybe even Bradford)!

    1. I actually wrote about Philip and Bradford in the previous recaps – Murder on the Orient Express is one of my favorite Christie books, and there are 12 people who coordinate to kill the man in the book. He’s a bad man. And I wonder if there will be 12 people here as well – I am also counting on Kate & Bryan. And in the book the right-hand man is also among the murderers. I am rooting for Scooter, too!
      12 – YIKES! (could be a different combination as well! Dave is also a possibility?)

      1. D, The count of 12 from MOOE is quite chilling.

        Chuck-Mike piss convo is deep and could use your expertise in grasping this dialogue 

        Chuck:You ever wonder why we
        have to keep doing it? 
        Whatever happened back before memory, that’s what drives us. 

        This question comes from being non native English speaker. 

        What does Mike mean by “whatever happened back before memory “??

        Many thanks for your time. 

        Could not find your review on E8 and so asking here. 

        1. Thank you! I couldn’t write a review for the first time in years because I was in the UK attending Damian Lewis’ music gigs in three different cities. I think he refers to very early childhood, the part of our lives that we do not remember. Research shows that our early experiences shape our belief about ourselves, others and the world.

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