A Heart Surgeon: Lynda’s Dream Role for Damian Lewis

Hi everyone! Damianista here. Today’s dream role for Damian Lewis comes from Lynda whom I met on Instagram when I posted one of the earlier dream role stories. As Lynda commented that she wanted to see Damian play a doctor, I kindly asked her whether she would consider writing about it, and here we are! Huge thanks go to Lynda for taking the time to share her dream role for Damian with us.


My Dream Role for Damian Lewis would be portraying an up and coming trainee Heart Surgeon in a Top London Hospital in a drama series that would document the ups and downs of working in the modern NHS.

Damian’s character would be an ex Public School Boy who has decided on a career in medicine and wanted to specialize in heart surgery. Born into a middle-class wealthy family he has followed in his father’s footsteps into the medical profession.

Damian has never ever starred in a medical drama before so this would be a completely new role for him and I think he would look good in Theatre Scrubs.

Damianista’s first try to fit Damian in theatre scrubs 🙂

Surgeons are sometimes viewed as being Gods because of the amazing work they do and also because they are highly skilled to achieve sometimes the impossible by saving people’s live s and making great advancements in surgical practice.

Damian’s character is extremely ambitious and likes to embrace a challenge at every level extremely competitive and does not like to look like he is going to fail because failure is not an option, only gaining success matters to him.

A workaholic with unstoppable motivation to try to perform miracles in cardiac surgery with a decent work ethic. He wants to be the best and, in his view, he will be the best. He has a kind of arrogance about him that you either like or hate him.

Attractive and intelligent, Damian’s character is not short of female attention from the nurses to fellow female medical and surgical staff they all find him fascinating and are drawn to him like a magnet. His female followers are scattered throughout the hospital they fight for his attention and enjoy being in his presence.

His male colleagues get jealous of his ability to woo the ladies – he succeeds where they fail. And in most lead roles Damian has played, he is usually in a relationship with an attractive female.

Damian’s character looks after himself physically, he is in decent shape and has a good physique for his age. Works out in the gym daily, but he does smoke and drinks alcohol.

His key features are his distinctive auburn red hair and baby blue eyes and his big beaming smile. He does great facial expressions – the look of anger, staring fixed eyes, raised eyebrows and hot tempered outbursts when he gets angry and frustrated. He is an expert in sarcasm and witty remarks. Yet his stubbornness and bloody mindedness make him a hostile individual.

And of course, he loves the attention and laps it up a heartbreaker with whoever loves playing the field and does occasionally love them. He leaves them when he feels the lady in question is getting too clingy or starts talking about commitment. He will have some similar characteristics of Bobby Axelrod in his character.

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  1. Holy crap I just had a dream about Damo being a heart surgeon. I am not kidding. Great minds think alike

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