A Quirky Detective: Nancy’s Dream Role for Damian Lewis

Hi everyone! Damianista here. The screenwriter and casting director we have today is Nancy, who happens to be one of the first Fan Fun followers and one of the few fans who participated in all Fan Fun projects we had in the last seven years! Nancy is not going after a new character for Damian, but instead she dreams that he brings one of his most popular characters to back to life. Can you guess who? 🙂  As I leave the stage to Nancy, huge thanks go to her for sharing her dream role for Damian with us.

This is a fun idea from the bloggers at Fan Fun and it will be interesting to see what ideas other fans come up with for their dream Damian Lewis role.

My dream role for Damian Lewis would be for “Life” to be resurrected.

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There is so much more that I would like to know about the main characters and their stories. I would love to see the time between Crews getting out of prison and starting on the job – what happened during those four months – how did he adjust to being out of prison, how did he find Ted and when did Reese find out that she would be partnered with him? What were her thoughts and what was Bobby Stark’s reaction? Was he concerned that Crews would be out to get him for his betrayal? It might even be interesting to see Connie working with Charlie to prepare his case and then follow the case in court. What was Reese’s background in the LAPD that brought her to having to partner with Crews? So, there would be a lot of material from before the show that we saw even began.

I would also like to see the immediate aftermath of the final episode, especially what would happen to Crews – was he detained and grilled by IAD or arrested and put back in prison for a time or suspended? I would like to believe that he would eventually be returned to the job and partnering with Reese. He already got one big settlement from the city so I think IAD would be incredibly careful in their investigating and looking to charge Crews.

Would it be difficult as Reese contemplates what Crews did for her? Would she be mad at him for risking his life for hers – what I do not believe would happen and I would not want to see happen is that they fall in love and live “happily ever after”. That is just not what I saw in the final looks that they gave each other.

I like to think that Crews may have found some peace after solving the conspiracy (if it was completely solved) and had no more need for vengeance. I think Reese realized what Crews did for her and just maybe understood that her life was worth saving. I saw two people who had been betrayed by everyone they knew and had closed themselves off to being able to trust another person again. But now they may have found someone who they could trust. Both had developed a close “everything is connected” partnership together that was equal on all levels and I believe they realized that in the weeks that Reese was at the FBI and then kidnapped. It would be interesting to see that closeness and trust help both partners in the struggles that they deal with daily related to their pasts.

Then I would like them to just go on working and solving cases. No Tidwell relationship with Reese to define her as a “pretty cop” – she is a good detective and she and Crews work well together solving cases. No more Jen – I want Charlie to have moved on from chasing his past with her. So many other questions to be answered: did Ted find Olivia; did Rachel return safely; is Jack Reese dead; is the conspiracy solved???….

That would be my dream role. Charlie Crews is my favorite Damian Lewis character, and I would like to see more of his story. But I must be realistic, and I understand that if “Life” continued then Damian would not have been available to play Brody in Homeland and there would have been no awards won and maybe no Fan Fun blog – Oh no!!! But that is why it is called a “dream role”!

wheeee pineapple!

And if I think of any other roles, I would love to see a role where Damian could showcase his musical talents or his athletic abilities (maybe play Roger Federer in a role!!!).

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