Billions Season 5 Dining Guide, Episodes 1-7

One of my favorite things about my favorite TV show is how it showcases the New York dining scene from hole-in-the-walls to neighborhood gems to Michelin-starred restaurants. And it has been my pleasure to share the information about restaurants appearing on the show first in my weekly recaps and then in a full dining guide by the end of the season for Season 1Season 2, Season 3. and Season 4.

Fan Fun Billions dining guides are some of the most popular posts  on the blog and even some leading media outlets have noticed. Look what Forbes Magazine says about us!

“There are posts on actor Damian Lewis’s official website, that diligently track, with screenshots, all the food locations featured in every season. These posts even manage to name-check the take-out Chinese in one scene as the beloved eatery Wo-Hop.”

This is a bittersweet moment to kick off our Season 5 dining guide since New York restaurants have been closed (with the exception of take out and delivery) since mid March due to the Covid-19 pandemic with many restaurant workers out of jobs and some small establishments closing permanently. And if even Daniel Humm, the chef-owner of  three Michelin starred restaurant Eleven Madison Park, which appeared on Billions in last season’s Episode 7 Infinite Game, is saying that there is a possibility they may stay closed after the lockdown is over, there will certainly be changes to the vibrant dining world of New York City when this is over. I am hoping with all my heart that we go back to normal sooner than later and most of the city’s restaurants survive the crisis.

I describe each restaurant/bar that makes an appearance or gets a mention in Billions Season 5 below with a picture of the scene as a refresher, a link to the establishment’s website, its location as well as its Yelp review where available. I really hope you have a chance to try one or several of these places when the lock down is over. Please let me know if I am missing anything and I am happy to add it to the list.

Bon Appetite!

Episode 1: The New Decas

The one with Chuck being transparent with Kate about Axe

4 Charles Prime Rib: Appearing in Billions for a second time  – it first appeared in Season 3 Episode 1 Tie Goes to the Runner – 4 Charles Prime Rib is an intimate supper club in West Village serving prime steaks, fresh seafood, hand-carved slices of prime rib, and decadent desserts.

4 Charles Street, New York, NY 10014

Yelp Review

Episode 2: The Chris Rock Test

The one with Axe telling the Manhattan DA to keep her eye on the sparrow

Cibao Restaurant: Classic Cuban dishes served in a no-frills setting with counter service. And thanks to DA Gramm, we now know why they call plantains “mangu” in Dominican Republic 🙂

72 Clinton St, New York, NY 10002

Yelp Review

The one from where Lauren has special room service delivered to Ms. Kashkhouk 

Union Square Cafe: New York’s most important restaurateur Danny Meyer’s first restaurant serves “seasonal New American cuisine in a casually refined setting. The ricotta gnocchi that Ms. Kashkhokh calls “firm and tasty”  is the restaurant’s signature dish.

You can hear Billions co-creator and show runner Brian Koppelman talk to Meyer on his podcast The Moment here.

101 East 19th Street New York, NY 10003

Yelp Review

The one where Chuck and De Giulio agree to go for an early dinner

Peter Luger Steak House:  Truly a city institution, Peter Luger is an old school steakhouse serving aged beef since 1887. Their specialty is porterhouse. One thing you have to know about arguably the best steak house in New York is that they do not accept credit cards. However, even though they do not advertise it, they accept debit cards. You are welcome! 🙂

Peter Luger got its first mention in Billions in Season 1 where Chuck Sr said he would go there for dinner with his friends and it appeared on the show in Season 3 Episode 11 Kompenso where Chuck and Ira shared a porterhouse and became friends again. And now the restaurant gets another mention as Chuck and DeGiulio plan to go there for an early dinner to celebrate De Giulio becoming the Solicitor General – the judge is paying! 🙂

And here is what the Billions Writers have to say about the place:

178 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Yelp Review

The one whose chef cooking for The Mike conference dinner

Lilia: If Bobby Axelrod is a carnivorous monster, I am a pasta monster! And Missy Robbins who makes a cameo on Billions as the chef cooking for Mike Prince’s conference dinner at the Mohank Mountain House, is without question one of my (and also President Obama’s) culinary heroes!

Lewisto and I have followed Chef Robbins and her divine cooking for over a decade from Spiaggia  in Chicago to A Voce on Manhattan… And finally to her own restaurant Lilia in Williamsburg serving fantastic Italian fare and homemade pastas in a spacious room that used to be an auto body shop and one of the “hardest to secure a table” restaurants in New York.

Chef Robbins serves her signature Mafaldine with Pink Peppercorns and Parmagiano Reggiano to the conference attendees in the episode. This is the chef’s take on the classic cacio e pepe and you can find the recipe here

…and here is our own version – yummy!

567 Union Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222

Yelp Review

Episode 3: Beg, Bribe, Bully

The one with the “from the oven to the mouth” pizza

Una Pizza Napoletana: Self-taught chef Anthony Mangieri opened Una Pizza in a tiny space in East Village in early 2000s serving only and only Neapolitan Pizza. Later, he moved his pizzeria to San Francisco for a few years, but now, lucky us, the chef is back and Una Pizza now serves small plates as well desserts next to the to-die-for pies at its new industrial space on the Lower East Side. They also have an all-Italian wine list that focuses on natural winemaking — totally a soft spot for wine snobs like yours truly! There is now a new branch in New Jersey – Mangieri’s home state.

The pizzeria made its first appearance on the show in Season 4 Episode 5 A Proper Sendoff where Axe and Rebecca had a double date with Chuck and Wendy and chef Mangieri personally served them. And now Chef Mangieri is allowing his pizza to travel ONLY for Axe! Given that Axe calls him “my new pizza guy” Una Pizza Napoletana  seems to be replacing Bruno’s pizzeria in Billions.

175 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

Yelp Review

The one where Chuck had fried glazed donuts during Law School

The Doodle: This loving mention by Chuck in his meeting with the Dean of the Yale Law School is a tribute to the Yankee Doodle Coffee Shop that operated between 1950 and 2008 in New Haven. A favorite among the students as well as the faculty and employees of Yale University – former presidents Clinton and George W. Bush were regulars during their studies at Yale –  The Doodle served cheap but honest diner food. The specialty at the Doodle was the fried glazed donuts Chuck mentions in the episode which is, according to Wikipedia – “an old fashioned donut cut down the middle, buttered, fried on the grill, and then re-buttered before serving.” I do not even want to think about the calories 🙂

Episode 6: Nordic Model

The one which Axe wants to partner with

Una Pizza Napoletana: It is official. Now that Bruno has retired and moved to Florida, Una Pizza is Axe’s new pizzeria.

Do not underestimate the power of great pizza!

Axe has convinced Tanner to create a series of paintings for him over Una Pizza  and now he is convincing the painter to do a portrait of the Secretary of the Treasury over the exact same pizza 😀

And better yet…

“The freezer section. We start there. Best frozen pie ever. Then the sauce. Gelato.  We roll out the complete line. The whole Una food experience — but at home.”

If you have ever had pizza at Chef Anthony Mangieri’s Una Pizza Napoletana, you know what Axe is talking about. Besides Axe is finally making a business proposal that would benefit millions of people. I am in!

175 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

Yelp Review

The one with Pac-Man dumplings

Red Farm:  This creative, market-driven restaurant serves fresh American-Chinese cuisine at its two branches in the West Village and the Upper West Side. And it is not only the fact that the Pac-Man Dumplings are YUMMY but also the sad fact I have not been able to have them for more than three months now, I cannot tell you how much I crave for Red Farm‘s Pac-Man Dumplings as Ed Schoenfeld, the owner of the restaurant, is serving them to DA Gramm for lunch at Red Farm’s Upper West Side branch – which is literally a stone’s throw from our NYC apartment!

The dumplings, which look like the ghosts in Pac-Man, are definitely a crowd-pleaser putting a smile on everyone’s faces and I have seen many people deciding to order them upon seeing the dish being served at the next table! And notice that even though they are all shrimp dumplings, they have different colors thanks to their specific flavors: shrimp and bamboo shoots, shrimp and crab, shrimp and yellow leeks, and shrimp, pickled ginger and hot pepper. And as much as this dumpling dish is a must-eat, please make sure you try the spicy crispy beef and diced tuna with crispy noodles, too! Oh, and it is not just me that loves this restaurant, Red Farm is Brian Koppelman’s favorite neighborhood joint.

Bon Appetite!

To be continued…

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