Homeland Fan Fiction: Waves and Ripples

To: Jessica Lazaro
From: LtCol Michael R. Faber
Subject: Hi

Hey Jess

How are you? I’m doing good. Getting used to my new job, new responsibilities. Piled Higher and Deeper as the guys with education say.

Just checking in as usual. Well, honestly – and we were always with each other at least. A guy was in the office today. Gunny with red hair and this smile. I don’t know I just had to shut my door.

Because I do think of Brody sometimes and Jess, it hurts. This kid who wanted to be a teacher – Man, us guys gave him shit for that! You know how he was in school! Or a builder. Now THAT passed the Man Test. Oh well kids are dumb.

Then the way that kid came back. The way the shit went down. That fucking briefing we got. All hush hush. Fucking spooks. He was my friend and I feel like I let him down. That every day I let him down. But it’s like he was Niagara Falls and I couldn’t stop the fall!

I probably shouldn’t be saying this to you but who do I say it to? Hell I said a lot of things to you I probably shouldn’t have. But, Jess, I don’t regret a word.

Anyway I hear from Dana from time to time. I’m glad she’s back in school. She says things are cool between you two. I really hope so. And Chris enlisting. Man that has to scare you. Remember, Jess, I came back ok. Two tours.

Yeah I’m ok except I still miss you, Jess. Time hasn’t changed that so far.

Still here,



Mom – when i c u next weekend at JBM ill be Marine Private Christopher J Brody! Oh yeah i took the old name back. :}  no one even blinks. maybe having LtCol Faber  on ur side doesn’t hurt 🙂 i know ur not thrilled. its weird the last time i saw my dad was on a tv in dress uniform. well u know. Mike asked if i was enlisting to – make up 4 something. i dont know. maybe. but it feels right. 1 thing i learned was everything u do has waves n ripples. its IMPOSSIBLE 2 know what’s going 2 happen. so im going w feels right. i luv you Mom. cu soon 🙂 C

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