Throwback Thursday to Damian Lewis at 2013 Golden Globe Awards

source: bbc
source: bbc

Damian Lewis was Kirsty Young’s castaway on Desert Island Discs late last year. As he explained about how he chose his music for the program, Damian said: “It made me feel nostalgic. I think I am a nostalgic person, naturally, remembering people, happy moments in my life, and just good cheers.”


This is exactly WHY we will have regular Throwback Thursdays on Fan Fun with Damian Lewis — just to remember and re-live some top moments in this great actor’s life and career! 

As we had the 2015 Golden Globe Awards ceremony last Sunday, I thought it would be fun to take a trip back to 2013 Golden Globe Awards in which Damian Lewis got the Best Actor in Television Drama Award for his portrayal of Nicholas Brody in Homeland.

source: Guardian

I told you in my first ever post about how I first met Damian Lewis. I was in my living room. He was on TV. I was watching the Primetime Emmy Awards and rooting for Jon Hamm (Don Draper, anyone?) to win the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series… and Damian Lewis won the Emmy. Then I paid attention 🙂 A few months later, and having finished the first Season of Homeland, I had already forgotten about Don Draper and was already rooting for Nicholas Brody, sorry, Damian Lewis, to win the Best Actor in TV Drama award at the Golden Globes. And, he did…  He did it beating some very strong competition, too — Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, Boardwalk Empire’s Steve Buscemi, The Newsroom’s Jeff Daniels and Mad Men’s John Hamm.

Now, now… Let’s do our Throwback in style…

The Red Carpet

Oh God, I feel like one of those tacky women asking “And, what are you wearing tonight?”

Here is Damian Lewis, ladies and gentlemen, with his wife Helen McCrory at the 2013 Golden Globe Awards.


Damian is wearing a tailored Burberry suit. According to “Slim-fitting and perfectly tailored, Lewis’ outfit was one of the smartest looks at the awards. With sleek black shoes, a stark white dress shirt, matching pocket square and a fashionably large butterfly bow tie, Lewis simply couldn’t have looked better or more tailored in his picture perfect Burberry ensemble.”

Well done!

The Big Moment

I loved his acceptance speech, in particular the part in which he said “I’d like to dedicate this to my mum, who I know is up there tonight, looking down on me, bursting with pride, and telling everyone up there around her how well her son is doing… in acting.”

I am sure she does.

The touching story is Damian had to wait 10 years to dedicate his Golden Globe to his mom. From an interview with the Men’s Journal: “Lewis’ portrayal of Winters (Band of Brothers) scored him a Golden Globe nomination, but he inexplicably lost to James Franco playing James Dean. The entire experience was simultaneously breathtaking and heartbreaking – Lewis’ mother was killed in a car accident in India while ‘Band of Brothers’ was in post-production. “She was a real tiger mum in some ways; I wanted to dedicate the Golden Globe to her,” says Lewis, who took home both a Globe and an Emmy for the Brody role. “I just had to wait 10 years.”

But he did it, and in style, too…

The Party

We already know Damian has the moves, don’t we? And, it’s sweet seeing Nick and Chris Brody celebrating together 🙂

Well-deserved, and cheers to many, many more awards!


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