Take a Fun Quiz and Find out…

Which Henry VIII wife you are!

source: farfarawaysite.com

As Henry is moving from wife to wife, I think we should put everything in perspective once and for all that everyone knows her place in the court of Henry VIII ☺

Take a FUN QUIZ here and find out which Henry VIII wife you are! It’s FUN!


Anyone interested in WHO I am?

Well… I was thinking I would be Jane Seymour.

I was secretly hoping to be Anne Boleyn 🙂


I am Katherine Parr. The Last Wife.

Oh My God… I get fat Henry! This is not fair! Still, the good news is I keep my head intact. Eh, not bad 🙂

Here is what my quiz result says:


So, what’s your answer to Henry asking: “I am Henry VIII, I am. But which wife are you?” 🙂 Have fun!

source: farfarawaysite.com

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