Billions on Showtime, Season 3 Episode 10: Redemption

The moment you think your favorite show cannot get any better, Billions proves you wrong and delivers us a brilliant hour of TV with family at its center.

As Chuck delivers Carrie Caminetti, the corrupt Buffalo mayoral candidate, to Randy Kornbluth from The Journal in an envelope, Randy knows the US Attorney is expecting something in return: Everything he has on Jeffcoat! We find out Jeffcoat was the governor of Texas before becoming the AG in the new administration. He is twenty times 10-15 million rich and well-insulated with a PR team whose only job is to keep the boss out of the financial press. Chuck finds, at a time where most people try to look richer than they are, Jeffcoat downplaying his wealth intriguing.  The rumors about how the Jeffcoats made their money, according to Kornbluth, center around Jock’s “televangelist” brother and the ownership of the TV stations he broadcasts on.

To follow the hidden money, Chuck and his team need to learn about how particular media deals are done and Allerd mentioning the holy family attests to what they are getting themselves into. Kate, knowing Chuck will ask about it, is not willing to get her father, an expert on media deals, involved in this investigation. No worries, Kate,  Chuck would not mind visiting Mr. Sacker himself! While Mr. Sacker cannot give him specifics since he does not want to make his board and shareholders the target of the administration, he hints that Chuck may want to look into certain land deals made in Texas. Kate and Allerd, in the meantime, will look into certain people that left Jeffcoats.

“Accountants… Lawyers…  The New York Jews he’d hire who got tired of the Texas two step and left.”

Jeffcoat, on the other hand, is waiting for Chuck at the SDNY library with an idea that popped in his head while passing low income areas on his way from the airport: The AG is keen to revive “Federal Day”  a  Rudy Guiliani (who had Chuck’s job back in the ’80s) project, in which a day is chosen, without notice, when street drug dealers answer charges in Federal, instead of state, court. It turns out the AG has another reason to visit Chuck: His wife is in town with him and they are both tired of eating out. Guess who’s coming to dinner, Wendy?

Oh no, Wendy will not be putting on an apron, and Chuck needs to send a thank you note to Axe for making Chef Ryan available to cook for the Jeffcoats!

Axe should have known something like this was coming when Andolov arranged a tennis game at Sportime for him with Maria Sharapova! Thanks to an attractive oil venture that has come his way, Andolov now needs to withdraw almost half of the money he gave to Axe Capital. And as Axe summons Taylor and Wags to tell them they need to step up the timeline for the capital raise, it is Spyros playing the robot from Lost in Space who forces Axe to break the Andolov news to them. Taylor knows exactly why Axe chose not to share the news in the first place: he would make them lie about their “icebreaker” in raise meetings.

While Taylor is tasked with scouring the floor for some quick ideas to compensate for the shortfall, Wags has an idea I am surprised Axe finds gross: Frotty Anisman is a middleman for big money. Middle Eastern. South American. Dictators. While I cannot see much difference between him and Andolov,  Axe calls the idea “unpalatable” so many times that Wags now suggests they may bring the satellites, Carly, Victor and Panay, on board. Thanks, but no thanks, Axe wants to keep them on the side as a fire escape in case the government comes after him again. He will now try and convince Raul to have his NYPD pension fund return to Axe Capital.

While Chef Ivan Orkin‘s ramen blew Ohsaki-san’s — the most feared Ramen critic in Tokyo — mind, we know good old Raul is more of a burger guy! 😀 Raul seems quite content with the quiet success they have got with Panay and the crypto chip in his pocket. While he believes it is too soon for his fund to come back to mothership, he will make a few phone calls for Axe.

Spartan-Ives comes through with Kansas City Heavy Construction Laborers Union Fund that has heard about Axe Capital’s “Icebreaker” and wants to talk about a potential $500 million investment. But since these people do not go to The Box but see Cats on Broadway, Axe should serve their Michter’s with milk and Taylor should put Sex Wax  aside and talk to them about Tru-Coat. Who else thinks about Fargo when someone says Tru-Coat? 😀

While Allard likens Chuck’s new mission to Kevin Costner’s “Suicide Ride” in Dances with Wolves (Some of you may know Lewisto once told Damian that I broke up with Costner for him!) Chuck ensures them they will be more careful than Mr. Costner: The defendant will remain anonymous and they will not notify the Inspector General or have a Special Grand Jury. They will build this one on their own.

And the man they need to build the case is Ashley Cutler. While Cutler seems to be managing the financial assets of Jeffcoat’s brother’s mega-church, his company is nothing but a broom closet! So it is time for Chuck to get in the car Allerd rented in his own name, instead of his government car, and pay a visit to Mr. Cutler at his luxurious residence in Newburgh. Chuck finds out, when he arrives at the house, that Cutler’s phone and EZ-pass say he is home only because he left them broken on the garage floor. While Chuck is worried someone could have told Cutler to run, Allerd and Kate assure him it is not possible thanks to the encrypted wireless they have used in communication. Kate will now have an FBI guy she trusts to chase Cutler.

When Raul’s phone calls to Firefighters Fund (seriously, Axe?) and Sanitation Workers Fund (too many retired firefighters) do not work out, there is no other option left but a meeting with Frotty Anisman! And we understand what Axe means by “unpalatable” the second we meet the man: Sammy’s Fish Box is a gem on City Island but Frotty with his terrible table manners is not a pretty sight. Besides, I am pretty sure Wags wants to give him a good beating for having oysters with ketchup 😀

Because this is the first time Axe is willing to sit with him, Anisman is determined to take full advantage. He has his Jordanian investors ready to buy 20% of Axe Capital with no control… only if Axe changes the company’s name to Axe/Anisman…. which he learns will happen only when they drop Axe in a hole and toss the dirt in…. But Anisman is a pragmatic man. He can live with a public hug, too, a request that gets Wags curious:

“You think standing next to our boy will make that mirepoix of psoriasis, dandruff and irritable bowel syndrome disappear?”

It turns out he does. Axe agrees to cuddle up with Anisman on the condition he can buy him out in a year. Yes, of course, with a 40% premium. Axe is obviously disgusted with the man and probably with himself, too, for having to do business with him. Yet, as Raul has pointed out, he either needs to accept he is left out, or he needs to take some shit assignments and try to edge out there.

Even though an hour late, Axe makes it to Gordie’s birthday party where Lara’s clan is in full attendance. Lara is cold, her chef sister Lou, who seems to be eating caviar from a can, is snarky, and  his kids are indifferent, but the surprise in the kitchen is everything:

We missed you, Bruno!

And this kind man, whose heart Axe broke along with mine in Season 2 Episode 7 Victory Lap, is not only ready to do everything for the Axelrod boys – a Margherita, a Clam with Bacon, and a Pepperoni coming up –  but also to clink glasses with the kid:

“To your beautiful family.”

Family. Miss it, Bobby?

The kid needs some advice from the only father figure in his life. How come Bruno was able to survive with no “Shylock” money in his business? Well, it is not rocket science! Bruno knew no seed money was worth renting his ass out 100% and so he scraped it himself!

It is 6:22pm and Chuck’s rental car has a flat tire while the Jeffcoats are in his living room tasting Chef Ryan’s tuna amuse-bouche and talking about Texas Road Kill Chili. And when Wendy says Chuck should be stuck on the subway, they cannot help share their wisdom about public transportation! You know what, General? When Chuck is done with you, you two may have some time in your hands to travel and experience the subways of the world! Never say never 😀

Wendy is working on Ben Kim’s confidence levels so he will be able  to pitch his ideas and be able to pee as his colleagues look on in the restroom! Ben needs to get out of his comfort zone and do something that terrifies him in public, claim his freedom and prove his mom wrong. And possibilities seem endless: Maybe recite a sonnet? Invite your colleagues to see you skydive? Be a toastmaster?

Or… take your shirt off on the elevator and do a not very family friendly dance to Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” in front of the Kansas City people who will have a family style dinner at Carmine’s before seeing family friendly Cats on Broadway?

Well, Wendy’s “black magic” works again! Who knew Ben Kim, who has the worst timing to get completely out of character, could turn this disaster into perfect timing to pitch his idea? Ben has been tracking rental car companies for a while and noticed a lot of movement in Milwaukee. Looking closely, he has seen a lot of Dutch passports being used for rentals. Axe already knows Holland Inter-Bev is trying to buy Beer National in Milwaukee. There is a merger coming… Voila!

“Well fucking done, Ben Kim!”

And THIS explains Damian’s tweet a few episodes ago about Ben Kim!

Axe is already feeling like Rick selling out to Signor Ferrari, the center of black market trade, in Casablanca, minutes before Anisman arrives to sign the papers. And once Anisman asks for full transparency on Axe’s trades, Axe is ready to axe the deal… at the cost of betraying his own Avatar! Well, this was not exactly what Bruno meant when he said he scraped it himself!

When Taylor kindly asks Axe if he could arrange a dinner reservation at NoMad, Axe does it in style complete with a bottle of Dom Perignon P2 to be served at the table. But the moment he hears from Taylor that Peyton Breen, a guy who has developed Genometech Atlas, an app that maps your genome and tells you what drugs you should take, was at the dinner table, he cannot help it. A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do. Axe style.

Axe buys half of Breen’s company over drinks at The Library at NoMad and now that Nasdaq has confirmed they are accepting their public offering at $2.4 billion he saves the day. And the nerve he has to tell Taylor it was not him but Taylor themself who sold out their relationship with Oscar by letting Axe know about Breen is beyond me. I could only remind Axe what he reminds Spyros in Season 3 Episode 5 Flaw in the Deathstar:

“A man who turns on his own family, he turns on himself.”

I understand Axe was desperate to find a way to avoid business with Frotty (short for Frottage?!?! Ewwww!) but the idea he has opted for is equally unpalatable: Taylor did not only take care of his company when Axe was away but also took the risk to give him his playground while he was banned from trading. We find Taylor at their most vulnerable and human as they go find Oscar at Bubby’s to explain what happened, then walk on the street, lost and broken, and end up in Wendy’s office for a hug. In contrast to their boss, Taylor takes full responsibility for their actions and Asia Kate Dillon brings it home seamlessly. No words needed. Bravo!

I have been thinking for a while that Taylor and his quants would develop their algorithm and help Axe Capital at some point. But now that Axe did what he did, I think and HOPE Taylor develops the algo and parts ways with Axe Capital. And I HOPE they can steal a few Axe Cappers, too! Sweet Dudley is the first that comes to mind.

Agent Dancshazy, Kate’s man in the FBI, finds Cutler in a dive motel in Newark. And when Chuck sees Cutler’s bluff and tells him he will be rooming with Madoff at Butner, Cutler sings for him: The Jeffcoats let South Texas Cable Company run its lines under their family ranch and charged monster licensing fees with a cut paid to the company president. And they have used the televangelist brother’s church, with a little help from Cutler, as one big laundry since! Cutler agrees to testify Jeffcoat has and is still profiting from this scheme. Can it be that easy to take down Jeffcoat? I doubt it!

When Bryan overhears Dancshazy talk to his team about a Chuck Rhoades special with no paperwork, he is intrigued. While Dancshazy does not seem to buy Bryan’s “all of us all the way” for obvious reasons, Bryan will do whatever it takes to look into this new Chuck special. If stuck between Chuck and Jeffcoat, who do you think Brian would side with?

Could it be that Andolov never had the intention to withdraw his money but wanted to see how Axe would react in case he did? As Axe joins the Russian and his family including his wife, his ex-wife, his mother, and his kids at Tatiana Restaurant, Andolov seems impressed by the man who did not whine but, like Teofilo Stevenson, boxed his way out of the corner and found a way to cover his losses. Andolov is not pulling his money from Axe Capital.

The biggest family surprise of the episode starts with Axe realizing the little boy in Andolov’s story in Season 3 Episode 9 Icebreaker is Andolov himself with his mom doing what she had to do to protect her son. Damian’s eyes let you know Axe is thinking about his own mom, who raised him on her own, as he holds Andolov’s mom’s hand.

And as I am thinking Axe will probably drive to the cemetery to visit his mom, he pulls in front of a nice house, not a mansion, but still… and knocks on the door.


“Hi mom.”

My jaw drops!

I was sure Axe’s mom was dead since they mentioned her only in Season 1 Episode 5 The Good Life. As Mott the Hoople’s “I wish I was your mother” closes the episode, I cannot help go back to the conversation Axe and Andolov have early in the episode.

Andalov: “She says you have a real forehand.”

Axe: “Do a thing, do it well.”

Andolov: “Your mother teach you that?”

Axe: “The opposite, maybe.”

Ha! His mom appearing for the first time and looking surprised to see her son at the door, coupled with this particular exchange, gives me reason to believe Axe has deliberately kept his distance from his mom while providing for her. Or his mom has kept her distance. Either way, she seems to be the only family he has left. Cannot wait to find out more!

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21 thoughts on “Billions on Showtime, Season 3 Episode 10: Redemption”

  1. Thank you for this recap, as always. There were a bunch of references I did not get this week (I had no idea who that tennis player was), and I always love you catch the restaurants!

    The heartbreak of Taylor was so real. Nice to see Taylor try, but eventually fail, at holding back their emotions. But couldn’t Taylor just tell Oscar what Axe did? Oscar seems like such a nice guy, I’m sure he would understand. I wrote in my post last week I thought Taylor might be looking to get out from Axe’s thumb, and this might be the straw that broke the camel’s back. Most of this season has seen them be at odds at one point or another.

    The reveal of Axe’s mom was great! If Patti D’Arbanville is his Mom, can I wish that Don Johnson is his Dad? I’m so looking forward to a bit more on that Mother/Son relationship!

    I was glad to see Axe finally say no to a bad deal (I’ll go into it more on Friday). Axe was “Axe” because he got there on his own. The way he has been selling out to almost everyone and anyone was sad.

    All that being said, I do have to say that I am missing the Axe vs. Chuck vibe. The “enemies” that are now set up for them both don’t generate the same electricity (at least for me). I know that the battle of those two could not continue forever, but I just think there is a bit lacking.

    I’m also a bit concerned about the political turn the show is taking. The last two seasons, it may have been there, but it was subtle. Now, it is very “in your face”, and I can’t say I’m liking it all that much. It is the writers’ story, so I get it; it’s their point of view. I just feel it’s a bit of a distraction (and to some extent, insulting).

    Oh, by the way, I think that Karl Allard may be the mole. He turned on Dake when it suited him; why not turn on Chuck and get in the good graces of the AG?

    Last, but not least – can someone run a comb through Bonnie’s hair? Brutual!!

    1. Thank you! I love it that we have such diverse interests. You can name all metal and hard rock bands and I have no clue. But I know most of the world-ranked tennis players 🙂 And the dining guide aka my favorite pastime is all up to date now!

      I don’t think Taylor’s anguish is over her relationship being over. We have not seen what the two of them have spoken and I may be wrong of course but I would say Oscar would understand. I think Taylor cannot get over the fact that Axe used the information they gave them casually to fuck Oscar. I certainly understand you should not give any information about a billion dollar business deal to anyone but I think Taylor finding out they cannot trust Axe is the end of the line for them. I think they will develop that algo, part ways with Axe and Season 4 may see them as a strong competitor. That could be a lot of FUN!

      I am also glad Axe did not get into business with Frotty but I am annoyed that he gave up on that unpalatable idea for another unpalatable idea — unpalatable for me, not for him obviously 🙂 He avoided dirt with dirt. That said, a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do in business, I guess. Axe style 😀

      The mom was a HUGE surprise for me! They mentioned her so far only once in Season 1 and given that Axe values family, and Lara’s clan practically was at their place all the time in previous seasons, it seems to me he has been providing for his mom and but keeping his distance. There should be some good story there… looking forward to seeing it unfold!

      I doubt taking down the AG will be that simple. Ashley Cutler being on the run means someone should have warned him. Allerd is the obvious candidate since he also sold out Dake so I am torn there. And I guess Bryan will get into the equation, too, shortly. FUN!

      I have not missed the ultimate pissing contest yet. I honestly do not know how much more the show can go on about the feud between Axe and Chuck. I guess we will see by the end of the season if they are friends or foes 🙂

      I agree that Billions has turned more political and become a sharp critic of the current administration. I do not think they would do “at your face” for any other administration, Republican or Democrat. We are living in such crazy times that everything is at our face these days, and so is the show. But this is my personal take.

      1. The thing about not recognizing Sharapova is that I used to go to the US Open in Queens every year! But that was when Sampras and Agassi were the top men, and Monica Seles and Steffi Graf were playing as well. I guess I just dated myself!

        I hope you are right about Taylor and Oscar. We didn’t get to see the discussion, so we really don’t know. I guess I just assumed it was a break up since Taylor was so devastated. The acting in that scene – no words but you could feel the pain. Amazing!

        I go into Frotty and Andolov and Axe in my post on Friday, so I’ll leave that for then!

        I know the show eventually had to get different stories for both Chuck and Axe. I guess I just miss the electricity the scenes bwt Axe and Chuck. Neither Andolov or Jeffcoat come close to generating the same kind of heat in a scene (at least not yet!).

        Yes, we do live in crazy times. I just think the writers are using a broad brush to paint all conservatives as boorish, racists, and uncaring. That is a dangerous thing to do. If you did the same thing to an ethic group, or a religious group (paint everyone in that group as the same) it would be unacceptable. There are good and bad in every group. All people who lean conservative are not all the same. Many of us don’t like the current administration and are proud to say we didn’t vote for it.

        1. Oh okay it seems we picked up when you left US Open 🙂 We’ve been going almost every year since 2002. Agassi is my all-time favorite. I will never forget the 5 hour quarter final against Blake at Arthur Ashe. He came back from 0-2 and won! The game ended at 1:30am or something. EPIC!

          You know Billions plays with us. If it was not billions, I would also assume Taylor and Oscar broke up. And I agree about Asia’s performance there and in Wendy’s office. No words needed. They rocked it!

          I will not make a case for the writers. That said, it is their story and they are free to write whatever they want. And I agree with you some people may leave the show. I agree with Notlinda that Hollywood is liberal-leaning and it will not change. But I personally do not think they try to portray a whole group of people but only the current administration in the AG. Besides, assuming Chuck is a Democrat, they also give us a glimpse into how the Democratic political machine works. So, I think it is overall more balanced than many shows.

    2. Speaking about mother’s, I wonder why they don’t explore Chuck’s relationship with his mother, who was relegated to a small scene. So much on Chuck and his father; he must get some of his qualities from Mom, no?

  2. I need to re-watch for more observations. Till then just a couple of thoughts. So glad to see Bruno again. As he and Axe were talking, I was thinking Axe would pull out of that deal with the chow hound, what’s his name. Seldom am I ahead of the story so was proud of myself there! Why was Gordie’s party at Axe’s apartment and not at their house where I assume Lara is still living? Was it just to show the scorn Lara’s family has for Axe? We already know that. Bruno could have been brought in at the family home as well as the apt. Loved the elevator scene. The expressions of both Axe and Wags being the best part. Noticed that the sound of Axe knocking on his mother’s door happened before he actually got to the door???? Other than Axe’s nasty trick on Taylor, I thought overall this was a kinder, gentler Axe this episode.

    1. Thanks, Connie! Every Billions episode is worth a re-watch! At least!

      Gordie’s birthday party may be held at Axe’s place because the apartment is available for filming! I know this is not a sophisticated answer but I cannot think of a particular reason for having the party at his place… maybe he is better off when everyone comes to him rather than he goes to them 🙂

      I was also thinking of a kinder, gentler Axe until… he pulled the trigger on Taylor. He has no feelings when it comes to business and maybe it is the way it should be — that you should never share info about a billion dollar deal with anyone but after all Taylor is Axe Cap family. “A man who turns on his family, he turns on himself.” Your words, Mr. Axelrod 🙂

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one that was shocked to find out Momma Axelrod was alive! I was sure she was dead too because the kids referred to her in the past tense and Axe never mentioned her or got emotional about her being mentioned. I also thought that since family was so important to him, he would surely have her around if she was alive. Also, I always thought Wendy was like a surrogate Mother to him. Everyone reads their relationship as romantic but to me she’s much more motherly at times. Warm, caring, always providing a shoulder to lean on and advice yet is stern and frank when necessary. That’s much more motherly than romantic. Wendy was his surrogate Mom and Bruno was his surrogate dad. It makes sense Bruno would pop up this episode when Axe’s real mom returns. Maybe he’s returning to his roots. I wonder if the creators never intended for him to have any family but decided to add her because they are taking the show in a different direction? They haven’t even mentioned her since Season 1. He doesn’t even talk about her in sessions with Wendy like he does with his dad. His dad is the deadbeat who walked out on him so I’m interested to see this fleshed out.

    I’m not sure why the writers hate Lara. Shes only had a handful of scenes this season and shes been either annoying, bitchy or getting embarrassed in all of them. I wonder what her character thought of Axe’s mother and if they got along? They all come from the same working class roots so it would seem like they would yet maybe that’s why Axe stayed away? Lara seems like family is too important to her to ice out her mother in law but you never know.

    I think the Russian told Axe he was pulling out his money just to see how he would react. I think he is playing games with Axe. Hopefully Axe can make a clean break from him.

    Cutler didn’t just decide to up and run. He’s got something on the sitting AG yet is bolting. If I were Chuck, I would be careful there. I think Jeffcoat is setting a trap for him.

    Poor Ben Kim. He finally gets some screentime and that’s what they have him doing? Acting like a buffoon and ruining a deal? They couldn’t have found another way for him to build up his confidence?

    1. Thank you so much for reading!

      I thought that was a great ending to an otherwise very family-centric episode. I don’t know how many moms and dads and family, including the holy family, have been mentioned or appeared! I was sure she was dead because they only mentioned her in Season 1. There should be a story there. Axe has been providing for her, she has a nice house, but has been keeping her distance. It could of course be his mom that did not want to see him, too (less likely but still…) maybe because of what he did on 9/11. I am soooo looking forward to finding out! And, yes, I always thought of Wendy as Axe’s mom (he had his personal “Wendy” like Peter Pan!) and and Bruno as the only father figure in his life.

      I don’t think writers do not like Lara, the show creators time and again have said they love Malin Akerman and her performance. I think they have not been able to fit her in the story this season. That said, I suspect we will get to see more of her in the last two episodes — now that Axe has remembered FAMILY!

      We think along the same lines. I also think Andolov was testing Axe to see how he would deal with it should he pull his money. Axe passed wuth flying colors in Andolov’s eyes at the cost of betraying his own Axe Cap family. I even thought of Axe, the Roman emperor, making, Taylor, the Judas, at that dinner table! I don’t think Taylor can continue like that. They have their quants and they will develop their algo and I think there is a chance we will get to see Taylor as a competitor next season! FUN!

      I think Ben Kim’s storyline is also linked to the broader “family” theme of the episode. Wendy told him he should prove his mom wrong and has to go out of character and do something crazy to claim his freedom. When you think about it, it worked! The elevator scene is hilarious, but Wendy’s strategy worked and even though Ben’s timing was bad, he finally pitched his idea to Axe and it will probably bring a lot of money to Axe Capital!

      Finally, Jeffcoat. Billions being Billions, it cannot be this easy to take down Jeffcoat. Someone obviously told Ashley Cutler that he should leave. Lady Trader thinks Allerd may be the mole. I do not want to say it but I will say it: Could Kate be playing both sides? Bryan will of course now look into “Chuck Special” and I wonder what side he would take there. All is in the air — so looking forward to the last two episodes!

      1. I can see Kate playing both sides. As Connerty said, she’s politically fluid and can change with the times. I can also see Allerd backstabbing Chuck too. He did the same thing to Dake. He can sense when the winds are shifting and how to make the most of it.

    2. I agree Andolov was totally testing Axe. For his commitment I guess or just for kicks. Even though he’s been washed of his sinister start, there’s still something about him that is not worthy of trust. He can’t just become a good guy over one scene in one episode.

  4. Forgot to add, I hope Taylor high tails it out of Axe Cap. Maybe she can head West and become a venture capitalist or Angel funder. Axe has treated Taylor with nothing but contempt and scorn since he’s return. Why should Taylor put up with that after all she did to save his company?

  5. I also think Taylor was heartbroken over Axes use of her. I believe Oscar understands.. for now. It is interesting that Andolov’s invocation of family lead Bobby to Bruno and his mother yet we saw no interaction with his sons. Andolovs standard of family loyalty is the gang rape of his mother.
    C’mon LT you know the common signs of evil in tv and movies are southern accent and Christianity. No any other Republican would not be treated well, none in my lifetime has yet. Evil or stupid is the game. Or both.
    Back to the topic of Russian accents. Check out Glenn Fleschler (Bach, the Yellow King) on Barry. Though he actually plays a Chechnyan. Hilarious!

    1. Thank you for reading!

      I don’t think his sons still believe their dad can fly. What they have shown him at the birthday party was total indifference. I really liked how they had family pop up almost in every scene in several different ways — even holy family was mentioned 🙂 Andolov is someone that one should get advise from about family or anything else. He is creepy even as a father to his little girl.

      Glenn Fleschler is such a versatile actor. I realized he was the Yellow King long time after I saw him on Billions. Is Barry a TV show? Sorry for my ignorance.

  6. All my illusions are shattered – I thought you knew everything! Barry is a tv show on HBO starring Bill Hader.

    1. Hi there, Yes, she did say that now she has a chit on Chuck. She said that Chuck may have taught her too well. It’s a threat between daughter and father though in a way. I’ll show you yet, I can be just as ruthless as you.

  7. Great recap! Wasn’t Asia Kate Dillon fabulous in this episode? Taylor asked for the table at NoMad from Axe as a friend. They gave that dinner for Oscar as his romantic partner, not as a co-worker or a competitor, a partner. But for Axe it’s all about the business. He left Taylor questioning their own motivations. Did they really slip that name on purpose to get Axe to do what he did, which benefits all at Axe Cap, including themself? I don’t think so, but Axe definitely inserted that bug into their head. Making them question everything about themself. A testament to the fragility of youthful idealism and how, even in the most brilliant and logical minds, the idealism can crush a soul. Axe broke Taylor’s heart. They may leave and come back fighting against Axe, or work for “revenge” from the inside. I think the delicate heart that Taylor has always shown may surprise us though and have them do something no one expects.

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