What we are looking forward to (and not so much) in Billions Season 3

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Hello from the Trader’s Desk!

As we all eagerly anticipate Season 3 of our favorite show, “Billions“, we here at FanFun thought it would be interesting for us to share some of our thoughts on the upcoming season.

What do you think will happen in Season 3?? 

Here are some of our expectations, wishes/hopes, fantasies, and things we are (and not) looking forward to:

Lady Trader

One Expectation:  I expect that Axe and Chuck will have to work together in some way – either to save Wendy, or to save themselves against Dake. If they have a common enemy, they will have to come together as a united front. They will still distrust and dislike each other, but will realize the only way for them to come out of this mess relatively unscathed will have to be jointly.

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One Wish:  I wish once and for all that Axe would realize that he is good at what he does WITHOUT WENDY! We know he honed his skills by betting on races at Yonkers Raceway as a teen. That was all him: his instinct, his observations of the situations, his experience. I will never understand why Axe needs Wendy (I’ll never understand why anyone would, but that’s a whole different post!). Axe is Bobby Fucking Axelrod because of who HE is, not what someone tells him he should be.

One Fantasy: My main fantasy would be for Wendy and Chuck to die in a fiery plane crash, but since (sadly) we know that’s not going to happen, I’ll hope that my fantasy of Axe in a Black Sabbath t-shirt (or just some Sabbath music in an episode) will come to pass. (I’m looking at you Mr. Koppelman!)

Looking Forward To: I’m looking forward to the amazing, intense ride that Billions gives us every episode. I like to think of the season as a roller coaster, with each episode being the climbs, dips, and curves you don’t see coming! It’s all in the brilliant writing, and outstanding acting that makes this show one of the best on TV.

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Not Looking Forward To: What I am really not looking forward to is the return of the S&M story line involving Chuck and Wendy. Do we really need that in order to know that Chuck likes to get abused? I mean for most of Season 1, Axe beat him like a mule, and he kept coming back!  I guess I could understand why it may have been needed in the first season, as to have something to blackmail Wendy with, but honestly, in this day and age, would a married couple’s sexual preferences really shock people? I doubt it. I just feel that these scenes take up screen time that could be better used to go into Axe’s (or Taylor’s) childhood.



Here are a few things I am looking forward to in Billions season three, and a few things I am not.

One Expectation: I expect Chuck to work with Axe in order to save Wendy (and thus his own ass) from the Ice Juice violation. #TeamWendy

One Wish: I wish to know what the FARK happened to Ionosphere, regardless that Bobby thinks it’s a “stupid fucking name, by the way.” Just a small update will do!

One Fantasy: For Axe to return to his post at Axe Capital and place his Avatar back to their original position. I don’t think we will see him at the helm anytime soon this season, if at all. One can fantasize about it though.

Looking Forward To: I am looking forward to Axe Capital headquarters (temporarily?) being moved to Manhattan. I think it can bring even more dynamics to the show. I want to feel that New York hustle and bustle. I want to see bike messengers delivering food to Axe Capital and screwing up the order so Wags can scream at them to “STEP IT UP!” But I’m also really looking forward to John Malkovich as Russian billionaire Grigor Andolov this season!!

Not Looking Forward To: Axe’s indictment.

Bonus Honorable Mention: Music. Music. Music. If my ‘Brian Koppelman Radar’ is accurate, I’m betting we’ll hear some AC/DC or Iron Maiden. I would say Van Halen, Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin is possible too. Damian and I both love Supertramp so with a little bit of liquid courage I tweeted to BK asking if Supertramp would make an appearance. He didn’t hate on it.



One expectation: I expect Axe and Chuck to put aside the measuring tape at least for a while.

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Chuck has no idea about Wendy’s Ice Juice short while Axe knows about it and Dake will see it in trading records. Wendy went to Chuck’s office, violating her contract, to warn him about Ice Juice and shorted the stock on her way out. Should there be an eyewitness, she may even look like an accomplice. Yikes!

Chuck may have a fit when he finds out about this and may become Axe’s reluctant ally trying to dig him out of this shit to keep his own job, his marriage, reputation and prospects to be the next governor of New York! And THAT would give me a good cry-laugh!

One wish: I don’t know whether Bobby’s confession to Wendy in Season 2 Finale Ball in Hand that all decisions he has made since they worked down in Lower Manhattan together were WRONG included the wrong he did with Bruno. Bobby broke the heart of the man who has been a father figure to him all these years. I genuinely WISH that Bobby makes it up to Bruno in Season 3.

One fantasy: As I expect Axe and Chuck to be strange bedfellows in Season 3, I constantly think about how Chuck can make the investigation go awry. Since the incriminating evidence against Axe is mostly on tape, I have been thinking whether someone could delete those tapes. I know this is a stretch since I am sure they make multiple copies and save them at multiple secure places… But, hey, I am talking about my fantasy after all! So I imagine Dake and Bryan, looking very confident and arrogant in the courtroom, push on the play button to show the evidence to the jury, and guess what, it is an episode of …………….. (put your favorite childhood cartoon in the blanks) 😀

Looking Forward To: I am truly, madly, deeply in love with New York, my favorite place in the world, being a brilliant cast member in Billions. So I am dying to see the city landmarks and the restaurants – seeing Daniel in the trailer has already whetted my appetite – they have chosen to share with us in Season 3!


Not Looking Forward To: I agree with Asia Kate Dillon arguing that Axe sees something unique in Taylor and that they have no ulterior motives. They are also right Taylor is fully able “to titrate their emotions to get a desired result.” And that is exactly why I find Taylor extremely hard to read and their record-time rise to power scary. I cannot help ask “what if? what if?” as Axe tells Taylor “I trust you” in the Loyalty Tease. I am certainly not looking forward to seeing them betray Axe.

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One expectation: Well, I expect the tug-of-war to be in full effect. What does that mean? Well, it’s that beautiful back and forth we all experience as each side gains and loses, alternatively or concurrently. Chuck wins some, Bobby wins some, each lose some, rinse and repeat. It’s so wonderful and thrilling to watch it all unfold. Who will win next? You just never know. It’s the thrill of the hunt, for both sides. I fucking LOVE it.

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One wish: I want to see more back story, for all involved. I want to know how Chuck met Wendy. I want to know how Wendy caught Chuck hitting up the kink scene. I want to know about where Taylor came from, and what do they enjoy, besides work? I want to know what Wendy said or did, that allowed her to get inside of Bobby’s defenses, and put him back together? Give me all those beautiful backstories!!!

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One fantasy: I’m simple-Bobby on that motorcycle, again. Please. Thank you.

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Looking forward to: it’s kinda a throw-back to my expectation-I can’t wait for that tug-of-war! I am just pumped to see what twists and turns they’ve thought up. I’m looking forward to that excitement of the first watch of each episode, of laughing at those perfect Wags one-liners. Of seeing the depths of depravity that each side will stoop to. BRING IT ON MY BODY IS READY.

Not looking forward to: Bobby and Lara. UGH. Their whole dynamic is sooooooooo fucked up right now. Like, destroyed. It seems like such a minor thing-a fib, an omission, hardly even a lie! But, for them, it was the ultimate betrayal. And the desperation that Bobby is in, that he cannot control her feelings, or fix any of it with money, or talk his way out of it…it brings out the WORST in him. If I have to endure another “with or without you” type episode. OY. I don’t think I can do it. The writers have this knack for realism, and the coercive control that Bobby exhibits in those moments where he feels like he needs control, are terrifying, and frankly? Super triggering.

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One expectation: I fully expect the twists and turns we’ve been treated to last two seasons to keep twisting and turning. There’s a fine balance between keeping an audience on their toes with surprises and weaving plots so intricately that they become insolvable. Billions has achieved that fine balance beautifully, leaving us at the end of every episode somewhere between “Damn, that’s some smart writing” and “Wonder how they’re going to solve this one!” Since this sense of three dimensional chess seems to be the hallmark of the show, I expect that feeling to remain and be sustained throughout Season 3.

One wish: I wish to see the holy trinity of Bobby, Wendy and Chuck developed even more fully than they already have been. The larger ensemble cast is impeccable, of course, and I’d love to see everyone’s back stories. But what I’d really love is for the three main characters to be delved into even more deeply. Back story, flash backs, secrets, lies and relationships coming out of the wood work, the entire gamut of soapy goodness, that would be my wish.

One fantasy: Yikes, this is a scary one. The limitlessness of fantasy is daunting. Okay, not exactly this, but something like it, metaphorically, figuratively, imaginatively: Bobby and Wendy stuck in a snow storm, or on a deserted island… or a flooded basement, or an elevator in a blackout, or any number of soapy hijinks that force two people alone together. Something like the tepidarium scene, but less overall creepy. Come to think of it, this is my fantasy for every two characters with incredible undertapped chemistry I’ve seen on any show: A situation that shuts off the world around them.

Matters not a fig to me whether it is or isn’t sexual. There are lovely narrative possibilities with either route. But, remember, the approach is always more fun than the destination, the means more interesting than the ends, the anticipation more exciting than the consummation, the ascent more sharply felt than the crest…you get my point, I hope. 🙂

Yep, Bobby, Wendy in whatever predicament they’ve been cast and us watching, that’s my fantasy.

Looking forward to: Um, everything? This show is like pizza (and/or sex), as the old joke goes. Even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. (And it hasn’t been bad yet!)

Not looking forward to: The one thing I don’t want to see is anything insipid or overly-conventional. Like Lara throwing a drink at Wendy’s face. Or Bobby gloating over beating Chuck at a sweaty racquetball duel. Funny how such soapy images are so much less entertaining than the some-would-say equally conventional “stuck in an elevator in a blackout” scenarios, but that’s the variant appeal of narrative for you, sometimes it doesn’t always make sense. Or, maybe it does? It may be that trying to throw physicality into a dramatic moment is hit or miss, whereas throwing words, lots and lots of great words, is always a safe bet.

As long as they keep the conflict elevated, keep the game going on that top layer of the three dimensional chess board, there is much to look forward to!

Author: Lady Trader

"Lady Trader" is a Brooklyn girl, and a Wall Street lifer! Recently fought cancer, and won! I love heavy metal, history, sci-fi, oh, and blogging about Billions and it's great lead actor, Damian Lewis!

52 thoughts on “What we are looking forward to (and not so much) in Billions Season 3”

  1. I love how we all have some same ideas (Axe and Chuck working together), but then we all go off in different directions. I know that is what makes this blog so special – our different viewpoints bring such depth to this show!! I’ll love to go back to this post when the season is over and see how we did!

    Oh, and I’m with you Ginger – music, music, music!!

    1. Literally have a bet going with friends about which band’s music we will hear this season. I was torn between AC/DC and Iron Maiden, but bet on Iron Maiden.

      1. I’ll take some Maiden, but I’ll still hold out for Sabbath. Even if we don’t get that, I’ll always have the poorly photo shopped pic of Axe in a Sabbath shirt!

  2. Holliedazzle – What a great wish! I am SOOOOoooo wishing for more backstory too. I know we will get some backstory on Wags and Axe’s friendship origins from a previous BK tweet, but like you, I’m really wishing for more backstory on how Chuck and Wendy met and most of all, the younger Wendy and Axe.

  3. I just love how everyone went in different directions with respect to hopes, wishes, and fantasies! And i enjoyed reading what we are NOT looking forward to as much as what we are.

    I hope your wishes about the music comes true. I have absolutely zero idea about Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, or others; and not because I grew up in Turkey. It’s just that I have never liked metal or hard rock. I am a Duranie through and through and I do not think we will ever hear any of their music on Billions 🙂 But I am grateful to Brian Koppelman for introducing me to some very good music, in particular Jason Isbell and Titus Andronicus. Saw both of them LIVE since I got to know them in the show!

    And, I hope I will never be on the wrong side of Lady Trader – you scare me off, girl!

    1. Growing up in Oklahoma you know hard rock, metal and country for sure. But I listen to everything for the most part. Different genre phases for different years. However, I lean toward more Duranie stuff like you — new wave, new romantic and ‘British Invasion’ music like The Cure, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, The Fixx, Psychedelic Furs, The Clash, The Church, Echo & The Bunnymen, Eurythmics, Flock of Seagulls, Human League, INXS, U2, Modern English, New Order, The Plimsouls, Simple Minds, Tears for Fears, Thompson Twins, The Smiths, Til’ Tuesday, The Alarm, The Call, Berlin.

      1. So we have serious overlap – I really loved it when “With or Without You” titled an episode, too!

    2. You could never get on the wrong side of me Damianista!

      I think it is great we all seem to have such diverse tastes in music. I love my metal, but I also love 80’s, 70’s disco, 90’s dance & RuPaul is in heavy rotation. I also love blues. jazz, and classical. But I will say, I don’t like rap too much. The Beastie Boys is about as “rappy” as I get!

      Our desert island disc post should be interesting!

      1. Beastie Boys is about as rappy as I get too. Some Eminem. I thought of my completed DID as I was listing all the bands in the post above, too! Disco Europop:

        “You can dance
        You can jive
        Having the time of your life
        Ooh, see that girl
        Watch that scene
        Dig in the dancing queen”

        1. Can you believe that I was playing Dancing Queen loud at home when I noticed new comments? Serendipity!

  4. Oh there is so much I want to comment on here but I have math quizzes to administer and a show that opens this Friday, so let me start with this …

    Love the thoughts you all bring up – just gets me all the more excited for the start (as if that’s possible)…

    The backstory I want to see – how Bobby and Wags met up – what was Wags like when he first started working for Bobby. I just rewatched the pilot and it was startling how subdued Wags was in that first episode – much more proper, not nearly the pitbull he is now. I read somewhere that they decided after that first episode to let the hounds loose with Wags, so to speak – I’m glad they did – his character is awesome.

    Things I want more of – Dollar Bill – he never has a bad scene – they should utilize him more. Plus, Kelly AuCoin may be the coolest twitter persona – I will admit to having a massive mancrush on him. So more Dollar Bill please.

    Lara and Bobby – wow are they fucked up right now or what – how do they resolve this that isn’t done in a cheesy, “Grey’s Anatomy” kind of way. BK and DL have a way of writing scenes and resolutions that I never would have thought of and that seem totally real -so how do they do that here.

    What I don’t want – I don’t want Taylor to get too powerful – their rise has been meteoric, and it some ways that is cool, and they have gone undefeated so far – I think they are due for a loss at some point this season. They are good, really good, but they aren’t Bobby, not yet.

    I can totally see Chuck and Bobby having to “team up” to save Wendy, but part of me hopes they don’t do that – again, that’s a common angle that is used, and BK and DL are anything but common angle storytellers. I hope they find some other avenue to use.

    With regards to Chuck and Wendy – he was willing to go broke, willing to sacrifice his best friend and his dad, all in the name of nailing Bobby – is Wendy the line he is not willing to cross? What if that is the choice he has to come up against? Wow that would be a powerful moment.

    ok – done for now – I could speculate all day – can’t wait to hear what else you all come up with!

    1. I think your wish just might come true, partly. BK tweeted here recently that we will get some Wags and Axe backstory regarding the “origin of their relationship.” I totally agree with you about Taylor. I don’t want them to get too powerful. Axe’s Avatar needs to be put back in place and we need to see Axe at the helm again so he can rock it. I love that Kelly AuCoin tweets back and converses with us. Super cool.

    2. Thank you for reading, Paul, and for this wonderful feedback!

      An article in Forbes today makes it clear that Lara is trying it on her own this season. We all saw it coming so I don’t think it’s a spoiler. This show loves symmetries, so let us wait and see how the dynamics between Axe and Lara will change, and how much we will learn about their relationship this season. IMHO we learnt more about Chuck and Wendy when they were separated than they were together 🙂 The writers seriously invest in these marriages and I love it!

      We’re on the same page as Taylor. Their rise to power is a little bit too quick and a bit scary. In a new tease, Damian says Taylor is a less emotional and a less volatile version of Axe which I agree with. Axe has emotional spikes which makes him get away from rational actions and make mistakes. Taylor sometimes feels like robotic in ways, they are able to completely isolate themselves from emotions so I think they are stronger than Axe in that sense. That said, they do not have the 20+ year experience Axe has and as a middle aged woman I value experience more than youth 🙂

      I hear you about Axe and Chuck “teaming up” to save Wendy as well as themselves. I am sure, if it happens (and maybe it will not you are right there may be a completely different avenue) BK and DL will have a fresh way of doing it and I admit such a partnership will be HILARIOUS AS HELL.

      It seems money does not drive Chuck. Power does. And I think Wendy does, too. Remember there are only two things he felt right in his life: Wendy and ice Juice :)))))) Besides, if he wants a political future he’d better do it with his marriage intact and his wife not accused of insider trading 🙂 Stakes are quite high for Chuck. Can’t wait what they will serve us in three weeks!

      ps. What show? Are you staging shows next to being a math teacher? How cool is that? Tell us more! And best of luck!

      1. It will be interesting to see if they reference Lara’s attempt to start her own venture which got shot down by the Spartan Ives rep who wouldn’t take her seriously. I wonder if that provides some extra motivation to show she can do it on her own. She is a very head strong woman with a proud past – we need to see more from her this season. For the most part we have only seen her as an extension of Bobby – unlike Wendy who has very much been her own person. I can see where they might make season 3 much more about Lara as her own person.

        ps Beauty and the Beast. Yes, I teach full-time HS math (mostly Stats) and run the theater. Mind you, this is the same stage that Costabile performed on in HS. We were a year apart at our school – we did shows together. Which tells you how old I am, and why I got hooked on the show initially. 🙂

        1. As much as I did not like his tone with her, I thought Axe was right when he lectured Lara about her business and her unoriginal, unpatented product when she protested about Spartan Ives not taking her seriously. Lara is a strong woman, she is street smart, too; yet, I think she is not patient enough to wait for results. And if she goes on like that it is hard for her to be anything but an extension of Bobby. I am looking forward to seeing Lara’s growth without her husband and where their relationship goes (I still think they will get out of this huge mess together as team, that is their strength).

          WOW. You were friends with David Costabile – how cool is that? I was lucky to meet him; in fact, Damian introduced me to him. Sweet guy and a selfie master, too! Best of luck with Beauty and the Beast!

          1. Yeah but he’s a social media neophyte – I so wish he would get on twitter – he needs to hang out with Kelly more often. And thank you for the well-wishes – as soon as the show closes, Billions begins – i can jump from one passion to another.

            Back to the show – do you think with Lara moving more on her own that that may draw Chuck’s attention. I think there’s really only been one scene with Chuck and Lara – that would be a nice pairing off. Have you listened to Malin’s podcast with BK on The Moment? She talks about how much of a novice of an actor she is when compared to Paul G. I would love to see Chuck and Lara square off in this new season.

          2. David has been storming Instagram this past week or so! He’s HILARIOUS! I believe he and kelly know each other from study abroad in college – can you believe that? And I think BK knows David from college, too. They were together at Tufts. I heard David say, as you correctly observed, too, they were first thinking of Wags as a more quiet and timid type but I guess David gave LIFE to the character and ran with it! He’s fantastic. I loved him in Breaking Bad, too!

            Yes, I want more screen time with Lara and Chuck. I listened to Malin’s podcast with BK and it seemed she was grateful to both lead actors for their generosity and help.

  5. All I ask for is less Wendy, less Wendy, oh and did I mention…less Wendy! Don’t think I can handle seeing DL behind bars. Life, The Escapist and Homeland was more than enough of that for me. Otherwise, as long as most of the screen time is with Mr. Ginger, I don’t care what happens in season 3.

    1. I think you and I Connie are the only two who feel this way! I could go on and on about how/why she rubs me the wrong way. I’m curious to know why you dislike her as well.

      1. I’m not a HUGE Wendy fan either. In terms of Maggie the actor, I didn’t connect with her acting on Sons of Anarchy, so it may be residual indifference I’m transferring to her character on Billions. Her character/role on both shows seems… forced, obligatory, required instead of natural????? I can’t quite put my finger on it. If I’m truly honest, I feel she is Axe’s emotional mistress and that leaves a betrayal taste in my mouth. There’s therapy and then there’s emotional affair. If it was just therapy Axe needed, then fine, I get that. Cancel a party date with your wife because you need therapy, but don’t cancel a party date with your wife because you need to talk to another woman…only this particular woman. Also, Axe has NEVER said the words “I’m sorry” to Lara. He has taken her to dinner at a nice restaurant in the heli (to break the news that Wendy needed to stay in his life and at Axe Cap) and he has sent Lara a large amount of flowers. But no, “I’m sorry.” However, he has said “I’m sorry” to Wendy. Therapy or no therapy, Axe needs Wendy and I need to know why. If I get a plausible answer I’m good with, then I’ll shut up about it. But until then, I find her manipulative. If she doesn’t want to be the shuttlecock between the two strong men in her life, then get off the playing field. BK tweeted recently that Axe, Wendy and Chuck NEED each other. I need more backstory on Wendy and Axe before I cast further judgment.

        1. I agree with you on the feeling that her character is “forced”. I think she is only there as someone to put in the middle of these two bears.
          She is just too smug for me. She sets rules for people, just doesn’t follow any herself. Also, I just don’t buy into this whole “therapist at work” thing. I’ve been working in this business since 1988. I have never seen or heard of this. I believe that if you need someone to constantly tell you “you’re good enough” and pump you up to be a trader, you are in the wrong business. I can tell you for a fact, that I would never use this “resource” if I worked at a firm. If I’m being truly honest, I think that as a person who actually does the work (trading, analyzing stocks), I resent the fact that she takes credit for turning people around, when the real fact is that sometimes your trades are good, sometimes they’re bad.But no head shrinker is going to be able to tell me at what price I should short a stock, or when to get out of a trade. That’s all on me and the work I put into the trade.

          1. I don’t think they’ve ever said that she advises them on how to handle a stock or a trade. She merely digs down into the person’s psyche to get them to make the tough calls they might otherwise be hesitant to make. A performance coach. Just MHO

          2. She definitely doesn’t advice them on stocks (she wouldn’t know Cisco from Sysco). But I just don’t buy into the whole concept of a “performance coach”. Either you can make the tough calls, or you can’t. If you are hesitant to make a call, then it’s because there’s something in the facts that’s making you have doubts, not your “psyche”. Again, I know this is a character, and for show purposes is written to be integral as to the plot; but since my “role” as Lady Trader is to explain “fin speak” and to try and simplify the financial workings of the hedge fund world and has been in this industry for 30 years, I just know that nobody I know would use her, since what she does is BS.

          3. I’m going to be honest and say that the first time I ever heard of something like this was Billions. That being said, I have worked for myself for a long time, and this type of thing is relatively new. I just will never believe that someone as smart, and who has the natural ability of trading, needs someone like that. Maybe I just see too much of myself in Axe and know I would never need her, and I’m just projecting he doesn’t either.

          4. I think Wendy’s position at Axe complements her position in the Rhoades bedroom. Sometimes men in positions of incredible power need someone to knock them down a notch. The knocking down is necessary to their ability to continue in the role of powerful men. Maybe it’s a man thing? I mean, can we imagine a woman in Bobby or Chuck’s positions of power needing to be knocked down every now and then? It’s difficult to imagine! (but, who knows, it probably does happen)

      2. I’m trying to add a reply but get some kind of security block or something, after typing a long paragraph. Will try one more time and if it doesn’t work I am out of here. The Wendy character is a know-it-all. I can’t take that in anyone. Secondly, if you can’t ride a bike or swim yourself, you can’t teach someone else. So how can Wendy tell the Axe employees how to do a job she doesn’t do herself? Lastly, I am strongly pro Lara, just as I was pro Jessica in Homeland. Will be most upset if Axe and Wendy wind up in bed together. (I know, I know, it is only a story as my husband used to say when I complained about a story line.) But I am strong believer in marriage vows, so far Axe has behaved himself; and yes I am showing my age!

        1. Your comment is here, Connie, sorry for the problems — I have no idea what “security block” is about though! And no you are not showing your age! As much as I love Wendy as a character and do not like Lara one bit, I am also rooting for Axe and Lara as a couple. They have to make it work! I know many fans want Axe and Wendy to be together, but to be honest, I think the writers have made the relationship between Bobby and Wendy pretty clear so far. It is flirty but it is not really romantic. And I think it is perfect the way it is. I would be very surprised if their relationship turned romantic. By the way, you probably know it but I rooted for Brody and Jess for a long time in Homeland, too!

      3. It’s simple to me. Her character is implausible. The show wants to have its Wendy cake and eat it too. She the whore/madonna meme rewritten. Who needs it?
        The whole b&d thing seems gratuitous. Sexual compulsions rarely stay in their little box; they creep out into lives in destructive ways.

        1. Notlinda, you and I are in total agreement! I’ve always believed this show is too smart for all that s&m crap. I’m going to go with Showtime wanting something to spice up the show (since the financial aspect can confuse people sometimes).

  6. I LOVE WENDY! She is the ONLY character I can identify with in the show. She is a professional woman that can swim with the sharks without fear. She is as smart as Axe and Chuck and, even better, she can influence their minds. I do not think though she does it for her own self-interest. That said, I believe she may do it this season only because the stakes are very high for her now. She is probably looking at a jail time. I have said it before and will say it again. Even though Billions looks like a showdown between two men, it is as much about a smart woman that can pull the strings, and I think Wendy will pull the strings this season.

    Gingersnap is right that Bobby never says “sorry” to Lara but says “sorry” to Wendy. I think it is because Wendy is the only person that he genuinely respects. I believe he loves his wife in his own way and I believe they will get out of this fucked up situation as a team, I do not think Bobby will ever have the respect he has for Wendy for his own wife. I am also looking forward to finding out about their back story. But from what I have seen so far, it is REAL that Bobby was shattered after 9/11 and it was Wendy that put the pieces back together and made him whole again. As much as he is smart and successful, Bobby is emotional and volatile. He needs someone to keep him grounded. I don’t think he prefers to talk to another woman. He prefers to talk to Wendy who happens to be a woman. She has been his rock for a long time. Remember Bobby has no family. I agree with the Bookworm that Wendy is called Wendy for a reason. Bobby is Peter Pan and this Wendy – even though there is great chemistry between the actors – is almost like a mother figure for Bobby in my mind. That said, I understand why Lara does not feel comfortable about this relationship. I would not, either.

    As a side note, I loved Maggie Siff as Rachel Menken in Mad Men, my all time favorite TV show. She was remarkable. That is why they brought her back to the last season in a dream sequence exactly like they brought Damian back to Homeland S4 in a dream sequence.

    Go Wendy! 🙂

    1. I love that you and I see this her from polar opposites. It is one of the things that I love (and I hope the readers love). We all come at things with such diverse points of view, and our discussions are always respectful and we always make clear the reasons for our positions.

      I 100% support you’re “Team Wendy”, but I’m still going to wish for her to be in that plane crash! 🙂

    2. I liked Maggie in Mad Men. The only role I’ve liked her acting. As for Bobby, Lara should be his rock, not another woman. If Wendy is his rock, then that’s more than just friendship, that’s more than just a therapist-client professional relationship and in my opinion, an emotional affair. Lara is his family, not Wendy. Bobby should have at least the same if not more respect for his wife as he does Wendy.

      1. I am just saying Wendy could have been a man and he could still have been a confidante for Bobby. I think Wendy is family to him as well. You are right it is an emotional affair. Bobby would not have pulled those tricks to bring her back if she had only been a performance coach. I just think it is an asexual emotional affair and don’t get me wrong I am not saying it is right. It is just what it is 🙂 And I completely understand Lara’s reaction to the relationship. I think it is a special relationship that adds tremendous drama value to the show.

        1. Never said it was a sexual emotional affair. Completely agree, it sure adds tremendous drama to the show.

          1. No, you did not. I just wanted to give the complete description of what I see in their relationship.

      2. Absolutely. Thus the drama. Wendy and Bobby seem to go back further than any of the other characters, but other than that, we don’t know a hell of a lot about just WHY Bobby needs her so much. But need her he does. It is absolutely an emotional affair. And Bobby is no saint. Gotta take morality out of the equation as far as he (or actually any character Damian has played) is concerned.

    1. I respectfully disagree with you two. I believe the show tries to show us that people can have all these different personal lives but then they are human beings after all, like you and me. Not that I have special interest in S&M, but I do not see it as crap. It is different. Yes it is not a mainstream choice but it is a choice and their sex life is an agreement between Chuck and Wendy. I also think the show gives us Chuck’s struggle. He is scared of this side of his life to be made public because it will not be taken lightly even though it is nobody’s business. I know the feeling. I know that if any colleague of mine found about the blog s/he would find it as “weird” as S&M as a choice in life 🙂

    2. This is actually something I was wanting to comment on (or was hoping would be a later blog topic of discussion) but you’ve given me the opening so I’ll take it….

      First off, I love, love, love this show for all sorts of reasons – most of which started with David C but have moved on to the incredible writing. It is truly genius. That being said, I do think they have a tendency to employ the ‘sex sells’ motif. I have been rewatching the first season to see what I missed initially about Dollar Bill, and in the first four episodes we have the S&M scene to open the show, the lesbian scene in the 2nd episode (which is fairly graphic), the author/publisher ‘casting couch’ scene in episode 3.. In other words, they use sex in here a lot, and almost none of it a vanilla variety. The only what I would call normal sex scenes are with Bobby and Lara, which makes sense since they are married. But the writers do seem to want to push the boundaries – a lot. And I haven’t even included any of Wags’ dalliances, which are many and varied. I’m not saying I object tot hem, but given how smart their writing is, I wonder why they push it as much as they do, other than, as Notlinda put it, ‘sex sells.’

    1. I know, I cannot tell you how excited I am!! Maybe the writers of the show read out blog? 🙂

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