Bobby Axelrod’s Hairstyles – Season 1

Hello fandom, it’s me Gingersnap, the newest addition to the Fan Fun family. Technically I’ve been around as a fan of the blog and all the wonderful ladies who write for it for quite some time, around the time of Billions’ debut.  And here I am as a fellow blogger. Never saw that coming!

I stumbled upon Fan Fun with Damian Lewis while poking around on Instagram, which led to the blog, which led back to Facebook, which led more and more to Twitter.  Long story short, I have the Fan Fun blog and Damian himself to thank for the revival of my dead Twitter account from 2009. Everyday is a Damian hashtag day on my Twitter!

A little about me: I am a Management Analyst, part-time Adjunct Professor and Computer Software Consultant by day and Damian Lewis aficionado by night. And while you might see my blog posts on here from time to time, I spend most of my time as a contributor over at our sister website  Damianista, Lewisto and I spent countless hours giving the sister site a complete overhaul, a face lift so to speak, from choosing a new design and the right photos for the header, to filling in missing media information for 2+ years. It did not seem like work though because I had so much fun doing it and I love posting the daily/weekly news about our favorite ginger and all he is up to!

Now, on to the blog post…

Let me preface this by saying I am not a hair stylist. I have no professional training whatsoever. I only know a few hair cut styles to speak of so my analysis is not accurate by any means. This post is meant to be sheer slapstick.

I’ve always marveled at Damian’s ginger locks. His hair has a thick, rich, beautiful texture to it and all shall be damned if you equate his redheaded-ness with strawberry blonde, as he asserted on Late Night with Seth Meyers. He’s a true, proud redhead!

Suffice to say I have noticed the evolution of his hair morphing into the Bobby Axelrod character over the course of two seasons of Billions. Sometimes he’s Bobby, sometimes he’s Axe. And his hairstyle reflects such.

Hairstyle can be one of the most defining characteristics about ourselves and can say even more about our personalities. We sometimes wear our hair like we wear our attitude – a sassy ‘do’ for a bossy ‘tude.’ Hair can give off charisma, magnetism, charm and presence. Bobby Axelrod is no stranger to that. And there are different styles for different occasions. Hairstyles have varied widely across different cultures and historical periods, and even within personal beliefs or social position. So what does Bobby’s hair say about him, his life or his current situation? Or does it? Let’s breakdown Bobby Axelrod’s hair evolution, season one.


Episode 1 – Pilot
Hairstyle: “The Bob”
In the Billions pilot Bobby’s hair is short and to the point, just like he was with Mick Danzig and Ben Kim when schooling them on shorting Luma Therm. “The Bob,” aptly named after Mr. Axelrod, is a short, straight-cut right above the ears, perfect for that stereotypical business corporation atmosphere. Bobby may be educated at Hofstra, but he’s looking Wharton-dapper.


Episode 2 – Naming Rights
Hairstyle: “Go Fuck Yourself Flair”
In episode 2 we see the Axelrod character coming into his own with a ‘go fuck yourself’ flair to match the ‘I don’t give a damn’ stance. This hairstyle says, “I’m here and I could give two fucks what you think about me.” And that’s exactly how Bobby feels about Ellis Eads Hall. The family and their name can go fuck themselves on hole nine.


Episode 3 – YumTime
“The Yonker”
In episode 3 Bobby is just that pizza loving kid from Yonkers. His hair is less business, more juvenile. He spends this episode rectifying the piss-poor ingredients of his favorite YumTime snack from childhood. And the kid in him wants to shove that quasi-Twinkie right up Bailey III’s ass.


Episode 4 – Short Squeeze
Hairstyle: “The Short Feather”
Perfect for thick hair, the short feathered haircut is an alternative to layering but still giving us lots of volume. It’s all about the shorts in episode 4, and Bobby’s hair is no different. It’s the quintessential look to pick up the ladies. Sure makes me want to stick a feather comb in my back pocket.


Episode 5 – The Good Life
Hairstyle: “The Leisure”
Bobby’s hair in episode 5 is that of leisure. He’s AWOL from Axe Capital playing hooky, whether he’s watching movies with Wendy in his theater room or visiting his yacht. He’s out on the open waters with the wind in his hair like he just don’t care.


Episode 6 – The Deal
Hairstyle: “Back to Business”
It’s back to business for Bobby in episode 6. He wants to look like a billion bucks when he hands over that billion dollar check to the Attorney General.  Bobby’s sleeked back hair and custom suit serve as his armored repellants for the bee sting Chuck Rhoades is about to deliver.


Episode 7 – The Punch
Hairstyle: “Street Cred”
Our Yonkers boy is bringing the street to the beachfront burbs, front and center. ‘Street Smart Bobby’ teaches the East Hampton Brucey a lesson, both in hair and morals. With that recent swim wet look, not one hair is out of place as he punches the drunk driver.


Episode 8 – Boasts and Rails
Hairstyle: “The Rod”
The Axelrod hotrod that is! Just an overall badass hairstyle with a perfect amount of Brylcreem to get that flawless coif. This hairstyle most definitely contributes to Bobby’s walk, with an undeniable hitch in his giddyup.


Episode 9 – Where the F*** is Donnie?
Hairstyle: “Unwavering”
Bobby remains steadfast and so does his hair, regardless that he’s contending with the 9/11 expose, a missing mole, employees bailing in the middle of the night, graffiti sprayed vehicles and firefighters wanting to burn his ass to the ground.


Episode 10 – Quality of Life
Hairstyle: “The Axe”
Bobby’s hair looks like it has been chopped short with an ax. Donnie’s passing delivers a blow to the Feds and this fake argument is all about giving “The Axe” to Bobby’s former employees who left Axe Capital to start their own hedge fund, Ionosphere.


Episode 11 – Magical Thinking
Hairstyle: “Dreamy Mojo”
Let me just break from the Bobby character for a moment to say this is the most dreamiest I’ve ever seen Damian Lewis look in a pair of jeans. His stylist should take note and buy 15 pairs of them. STAT. In episode 11, Bobby is looking more and more dreamy the more he gains back his inner New York mojo. I’m falling for this bad boy. His hair is perfectly dreamy, his stance is dreamy, those jeans are dreamy.  Simply magic.


Episode 12 – The Conversation
Hairstyle: “The Lion”
His mane is perfect, despite injuries he may have sustained from the continual fighting with his rival male. This big cat rules the hedge fund jungle and he’s uncaged, roaring and ready to leave Nagasaki behind.

Bobby Axelrod’s Hairstyles Season 2, click here

Author: Gingersnap

Management Analyst, part-time Adjunct Professor and Computer Software Consultant by day and Damian Lewis aficionado by night.

12 thoughts on “Bobby Axelrod’s Hairstyles – Season 1”

  1. I was just thinking about the same…how he has changed his looks, clothes and obviously hair styles to fit different moments. I totally agree that hair says a lot about one’s mojo. Also goes along with the scenes and their different intensity. Now I can cofirm that this is one of the main difference between Axe and Chuck…who is more conservative and shifts little his 3-piece suit and hair.
    Personally I like the “Back to Business” and the “go fuck yourself flair” 🙂
    I loved that you are such a dedicated afficionado.

    1. I love your observation, Eli! Absolutely! Their fashion as well as hair choices are very personal. Now that I am thinking their differences even extend to their food choices — Axe going more experimental with Momofuku Ko or Crif Dogs while Chuck going with more traditional but high end, e.g. Keens, Babbo. I don’t know if the show creators make these choices deliberately but they work perfectly!

  2. Wonderful post, Gingersnap! I honestly did not pay much attention to how Axe’s hair evolved over the season… but now that you are explaining, I am sold! You are absolutely right that the hair is in line with the mood Axe is in. Completely! I am in awe! My favorite hairstyle from your Season 1 selections is “Go Fuck Yourself Flair” and “The Rod” — I think the two share some characteristics especially about Axe not giving a flying fuck about what others think about him at that exact moment! Looking forward to Season 2 selections!

    BTW, I also think the post is as much about you as about Axe’s hair and how your feelings about the show evolved over the season. And it seems Episode 11 Magical Thinking sealed the deal 🙂 I love it!

    Re blogging: You may not have seen it coming, but I have seen it all along 😀

  3. I feel like they “let” him be more red-headed in season 2, as well. Like less product to make it look wet/dark. It looks so vibrant, in contrast.

    1. Like they “let” him look a bit more natural, too, with make-up, in Season 2. The make-up in Season 1 was a bit too much in my opinion.

      1. At least it wasn’t as bad as the makeup on Life….holy crap. I am pretty sure they had more makeup on him than I wear on stage.

  4. Hallo Zusammen,
    ich bin immer wieder aufs neue total überrascht, welche Formen eine Obsession annehmen kann. Diese Form ist allerdings wirklich höchst interessant. Die Gefühlslagen mit dem Haarschnitt in Einklang zu bringen und auch noch darzulegen, dass das wirklich so ist, einfach genial !! Super !! Klasse !! Danke !!
    Ich freue mich schon auf die Auflösung für die 2. Staffel… Hi Hi
    Herzliche Grüße aus Deutschland !!
    Eure Lucky Fellow !!

    1. Hello everybody,
      Again and again I’m totally surprised what forms an obsession can take. This form is really very interesting. To reconcile the feelings with the haircut and also to show that this is really the case, just awesome !! Great !! Class !! Thank you !!
      I’m looking forward to the release for the second season … Hi Hi
      Greetings from Germany !!
      Your lucky fellow !!

      Hi Lucky Fellow!

      Greetings from Oklahoma, USA. Thank you for kind words. It truly was a FUN post. Season 2 should be posted very soon.



      Hallo Glückspilz!

      Grüße aus Oklahoma, USA. Danke für nette Worte. Es war wirklich ein Spaß Beitrag. Staffel 2 sollte sehr bald veröffentlicht werden.


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