TOP Damian Lewis Moments 2017: Philanthropy

What’s the key to happiness? Gratitude. And what’s the key to gratitude? Giving! The great irony of genuine heartfelt philanthropy is that, at its core, it’s just about the most selfish thing one can do. It feeds the soul in ways that nothing else can. And it’s a self-fulfilling cycle: with more giving, comes more gratitude. Really, for most people with beating hearts, after a certain age, when you’re surrounded by all the “stuff”, all the trappings of comfort and warmth, the richest luxury is to able to give some of it back, to your community, to causes you care about.

It seems Damian, in his myriad charitable and philanthropic pursuits, has figured out that formula well. You’ve heard about several of these pursuits already, from his relationship with the Sohana Research Fund to Soccer Match for Grenfell. Here are a few more pieces of evidence that Damian doesn’t take any of his success for granted and gives with all his heart whenever and whereever he can.

In February of this year, Damian participated in Red Nose Day, a cooperative event between The Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund and Comic Relief. The Dispossessed Fund was set up in 2010 to help smaller charities throughout London.

Thanks to the partnership with Comic Relief, the fund was able to award grants to several grassroots organizations to aid in their work to address the needs of the homeless, victims of violence, and the educationally disadvantaged.

Speaking of his experience with this charity, Damian says:

Yes, god I think laughing is terribly important… We forget to laugh as we are running around so much. Good comedians are worth their weight in gold. I absolutely love comedy.

He continues:

I am particularly interested in helping people both in London and the rest of the UK. A damaged life here is not only damaging to the person but the people around them. That can have a long-lasting and far-reaching impact.

As they say (or maybe it’s just me?): goofiness in next to godliness. After basic survival needs are met, arguably, the ability to laugh, share laughter, is THE one form of nourishment necessary for the feed and caring of the human spirit.

Damian shares:

My wife makes me laugh a lot. [Our humour] is very dry. Very cut and thrust. I’m not always sure it is a joke. Or who is being laughed at, in fact.

In addition to Helen and his friends, Damian goes for his laughs to friend and fellow actor Ben Chaplin (they shared the screen in Chromophobia). I stumbled on a bit of an interview with Ben Chaplin and found this lovely little quote from him:

What is love if not at the edge of a laugh.

Also in February, Damian participated in the Prince’s Trust Gala, an annual event to raise funds and awareness for programs seeking to improve the lives of young people by giving them the skills and confidence they need to move into work, education or training.

Damian spoke of his support of this organization:

The Prince’s Trust save lives. Lives with great potential, that is what inspires me about this organisation.

Another February event (perhaps this is a new birthday tradition?), Damian contributed his own artwork in a raffle to benefit Anno’s Africa, an organization offering alternative arts education to young people across Africa, with classes in several creative disciplines.

Come spring time, in May, Damian participated in the BMW PGA Championship. 

The tour serves a variety of charities.

Damian brought home a silver medal for this effort:

Lest anyone doubt it, this guy comes to play.

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2 thoughts on “TOP Damian Lewis Moments 2017: Philanthropy”

  1. JaniaJania, thank you for this lovely heart touching post. It is so nice to hear someone who cares about others. I agree with Damian and you when you help some that person feels and sees the world differently. Create opportunities for enterpreneurs like the Prince’s trust changes a whole family and can create value and even job opportunities for others.
    That’s why the greatest gift you can give someone is knowledge and with that ability to become useful, productive and positive…in a word, feel part of.
    It is so important to laugh…I love that phrase on love at the edge of a laugh…so beautiful and true.
    I personally dont trust a person who never laughs or who never drinks (except maybe if religion forbids them from drinking)…
    Damian is got a great swing well done that medal…I was not expecting any less from him 😉 were you? and I loved Helen’s red dress!!

    Have a happy new year and a great beginning of year

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