TOP Damian Lewis Moments 2017: Hand in Hand

“He’s never given me any reason to be jealous.You know… he’s lovely, otherwise I wouldn’t have chosen him. If I don’t think he’s lovely, we’re all screwed.” – Helen McCrory

Damian and Helen hand in hand at Chessington World of Adventures, source: Daily Mail

It is no secret we adore these love birds, or love butterflies, if you will, and we are extremely pleased to end the year, exactly like we did in 2015 and 2016, with our favorite Damian & Helen moments of 2017!

Well, it is obviously not easy to be two ridiculously talented and busy actors living together and raising a family. I remember Damian telling us at Cheltenham Literature Festival that the problem never goes away:

“When you’re two actors living together, you’re always asked to do work away from your home, so you just have to decide which ones are important enough to go and do away from home and try to spend the rest of the time together.”

And that is exactly what Damian and Helen have done in 2017. 

We already know our favorite couple invests time and energy for good causes. And this year has been no different.

In February, Damian and Helen attend ‘In The Spotlight with Martha Kearney’ at The Old Bailey in London, a fundraising event for Sheriffs’ and Recorders Fund, an organization giving small grants to ex-prisoners and their families to help them with a new start in life…

source: Getty Images

… and the annual Prince’s Trust Invest In Futures reception at The Savoy Hotel, too. Both Damian and Helen are ambassadors for the Trust and Helen was one of the hosts for this year’s gala dinner where they were able to raise an amazing £1.3 Million to help vulnerable young people.

The couple attended “In Conversation Martin Scorsese” at the BFI Southbank and met the legendary director at the drinks reception following the conversation… I love it that Damian and Helen are fans, too!

source: Getty Images

Damian and Helen constantly support each other’s careers! Helen was there for Damian at The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? Press Night at Theatre Royal Haymarket and the Afterparty. Here is Helen and Damian leaving the theatre for the Afterparty.

source: Daily Mail

It is probably an actor’s nightmare to get sick days before the opening night. Damian seems to have caught an awful cold, being passed round the cast and crew, only  a few days before the opening night. He ends up in an emergency room only to find out he has a great big hole in his ear drum. Being the true trooper that he is, Damian went on stage, but he admits, after the performance, there were difficult moments.


Still, he was in high spirits, and, in his own words, “high as a kite” at the Press Night Afterparty at Villandry thanks to performance-enhancing drugs (unlike sports, they are legal in theater) with Helen beaming next to him!

source: Getty Images

And here is Damian promoting Helen in Fearless with the BEST tweet ever 😀

Once The Goat‘s 12-week run was over, Damian and Helen kicked off their wonderful summer which we talked about in detail yesterday here: We caught glimpses of our favorite couple at several events including the Serpentine Galleries Summer Gala, Tom Stoppard’s 80th Birthday Party, Wimbledon Men’s Semi-Final Match between Roger Federer (Damian is a big fan!) and Thomas Berdych, Game for Grenfell as well as a lovely visit to the Chessington World of Adventures.

Last year, Damian had the kids and Petra, the family dog, with him in New York as he was shooting Billions Season 2 while Helen was shooting her new TV show Fearless in the UK and visiting the family in New York at every break she could take from the shoot. This year, we see Damian constantly commuting between London and New York at every break he could take from Billions Season 3 shoot. Thus, we have been able to catch our favorite couple at several events in London over the fall.

We saw our favorite couple catching a comedy show at Comedy Store UK in London.

Damian was there for Helen at the U.K. premiere of her new and FANTASTIC movie Loving Vincent at the 61st BFI London Film Festival…

source: Getty Images
source: Getty Images

…where our Gingersnap could not help detect some similarities between Vincent and Damian 😀

And Damian was in the audience supporting poetry and his wife, too, when Helen read poems along with Joanna Lumley, Stephen Mangan, and Simon Russell Beale at Allie Esiri’s A Poem for Every Day of the Year event at the National Theatre.

source: Allie Esiri

The biggest event of the year came in the form of Helen receiving her OBE from the Queen herself, and increasing the number of OBE holders in her household to two, with her proud husband beaming by her side.

source: Daily Mail

And when I watch this little interview with her, I spy with my little eye a certain OBE holder on the far right 😀 And the older gentleman he is talking with is Mr. Ian McCrory, his father-in-law!

I mean, look at him! If this is not a guy who is so in love with and so proud of his wife, and rightly so, who is?

source: Getty Images

Damian and Helen attended Carols by Candelight concert at St. George’s Cathedral in Lambeth in support of Evelina Children’s Hospital, a part of the Guy’s and St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation.

Here is our favorite couple with Katie Braybrook who gave an inspiring speech at the concert.

source: @ktbraybrook twitter

Now that Billions Season 3 shoot is having a holiday break, Damian is enjoying the holidays with his family! He saw A Christmas Carol at The Old Vic before Christmas and was spotted shopping at Waitrose on Christmas Eve!

We wish Lewis-McCrory family and all our readers a WONDERFUL New Year. See you in 2018!

source: Daily Mail

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