Bobby Axelrod’s Hairstyles – Season 2

Welcome to part 2 of the Axelrod do’s!

Again, let me reiterate by saying I am not a hair stylist. I have no professional training whatsoever. I only know a few hair cut styles to speak of so my analysis is not accurate by any means. This post is meant to be sheer slapstick.

I wrote about Damian’s ginger locks and the evolution of his hair morphing into the Bobby Axelrod character in Billions, Season 1 here. As many fans have pointed out, Bobby’s fashion as well as his hairstyles from season one seem to fit different moments and moods. Yet season two was a little more difficult to differentiate. In fact, Bobby’s hair in season two seemed more streamlined and consistent. And as Holliedazzle pointed out, less hair product in season two makes for a more vibrant red.

So what does Bobby’s hair say about him, his life or his current situation and mood? Or does it? Let’s breakdown Bobby Axelrod’s hair evolution, season two.


Episode 1 – Risk Management
Hairstyle: “One Sided”
Sporting a side part, Axe can only see one side, his. He’s out for revenge and has just lofted an assault of 127 lawsuits against his arch nemesis Chuck Rhoades. This particular parting is not separated with great definition, just like the blurred line between his business and personal life.


Episode 2 – Dead Cat Bounce
Hairstyle: “Meow”
This Alpha cat is presenting a sexy comb back that would make you purr. Similar to a mini pompadour, Axe’s hair is combed back with no defining part, probably with a dollop of wax or pomade and a blast from his hairdryer to create volume.


Episode 3 – Optimal Play
Hairstyle: “Rich Ginge”
I love when a Billions scene is shot with more natural light, showing the rich, ginger shade of Bobby’s hair. That’s right, we’ve switched from Axe to Bobby. For me, there is Bobby the family man and Axe the Titan, each with their own hairstyle. And however minuscule difference between the two, I notice it. It’s a good thing he’s “…a rich fucking man” to afford the salon fees.


Episode 4 – The Oath
Hairstyle: “Pledge”
To clean up his reputation, Axe seemingly pledges a sizable charitable donation to Sanford Bensinger and then sprays 17 coats of waxy Pledge on the highest Pompadour I’ve ever seen him wear to date.  Axe should invest in Johnson Wax.


Episode 5 – Currency
Hairstyle: “Pompous Kevlar”
This ‘do’ isn’t just window dressing! Axe’s pompadour is bullet proof and the pomade he used can withstand high impact, jolting body movements and furious speeches. Must be the remnants of Pledge from episode 4. Only attitude to match this pompadour is a pompous, arrogant egotistic who is all about self-preservation…and I love every bit of it.


Episode 6 – Indian Four
Hairstyle: “Edgy”
In episode 6, Axe’s motorcycle is hugging the curves of the streets just like the wavy ripples of his hair. Each rippled section is divided into perfect lines of alternating shallow edges.


Episode 7 – Victory Lap
Hairstyle: “Hot Mess”
From the busted Sandicot deal to showing up at Bruno’s house in the middle of the night, Axe’s chaotic behavior is reflected in his chaotic, out of place hair. Speeding away in his car with the top down, blarring AC/DC’s For Those About to Rock (We Salute You) doesn’t help keep the ginger locks in place either. Looks like those Russian hackers aren’t the only agents of chaos.


Episode 8 – The Kingmaker
Hairstyle: “Peacock”
Axe is presenting and peacocking with a perfect, voluminous pompodour and a hard line part. I can hear his balls clanking around. He’s on a collision course headed straight to the Yale Club to accuse Junior of not having his own balls to speak of and drags Senior’s balls into the conversation, too.


Episode 9 – Sic Transit Imperium
Hairstyle: “Birthday Hair”
Stylin’ and Profilin.’ Enough said. Someone grab a measuring tape. Tall hair to celebrate a tall order. So elaborately coiffed! Just like in episode 4. Makes you wonder if the scenes were shot on the same day.


Episode 10 – With or Without You
Hairstyle: “Bedhead”
The birthday celebrations are over and Bobby is having a ‘morning after’ walk of shame, but not for philandering; for lying. He is awaken, startled and disheveled, only to find an empty home.


Episode 11 – Golden Frog Time
Hairstyle: “Toxic Tonic”
The Panamanian golden frog has a variety of toxins and it looks like Bobby is using some as a tonic for his hair. Sporting a sleeked comb-back so he can see clearly when aiming that poisonous dart. No one is safe, not even the wifey.


Episode 12 – Ball in Hand
Hairstyle: “Short Stint”
While Axe has a short stint in jail, his hair is ready for what may come. Many prisons have ‘male prisoner hair regulations’ and most men cut their hair short. No exception here. In the season 2 finale, his hair is as short as the pilot episode.

Stay tuned for Bobby Axelrod’s Hairstyles, Season 3 sometime in 2018!

Author: Gingersnap

Management Analyst, part-time Adjunct Professor and Computer Software Consultant by day and Damian Lewis aficionado by night.

11 thoughts on “Bobby Axelrod’s Hairstyles – Season 2”

  1. To be just an afficionado about hair, you know quite a lot. I wouldnt have thought there were so many different styles, with subtle details, of course I notice there’s a difference in hair but now I know why. Made my day with the Johnson wax! Hahaha maybe he’s already investing…it’s Bobby he has to try his products as he does with Yum Time.
    Looking forward to season 3 🙂

  2. Gingersnap, are you sure you have not never had any education about hairstyles? This is wonderful! Again the hair changes with the mood and you give us the nuances brilliantly. My favorite: Peacock — maybe because I loved Bobby in that episode especially when he crashed the party at Yale Club and did that talks about the dads and balls! 😀

  3. I don’t want to shock anyone but Brody’s was my favorite Damian hairstyle. It softens his angular features. Having followed your posts, Ginger, I wonder if perhaps his hairline has receded too far to even do that now?

          1. By the way, I am 100% with you Notlinda. Brody’s haircut is my favorite, too. That said, put the receding hairline aside for a second, Brody’s haircut would probably be too military – discipline, hierarchy, authority – for rebel Bobby to take. Bringing hairline back to conversation, I usually look at a man’s dad’s hair situation to predict his future, and I would say Damian is doing pretty well so far! :)))) Merry Xmas!

  4. Absolutely Bobby’s haircut is the right one for him. I noticed in Gingersnaps detailed analysis a bit of hairline creep and just wondered.

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