Damian Lewis in Life Enters Their Lives: Margit and Monique’s Stories

Hi everyone! Damianista welcomes you to a NEW Fan Story Tuesday!

Today we bring you two stories in which two wonderful fans inevitably fall in love with the wonderfully charming and quirky Charlie Crews in Life!

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The first story comes from Margit in Estonia who describes herself as a member of many fandoms where as the second story comes from Monique in France who describes herself as the biggest Damian Lewis fan. And we believe her! Monique is an amazing lady, a wonderful fan, and we cannot thank her enough for the constant support she has given to Fan Fun from its early days with her spirited, kind and encouraging remarks.

Huge thanks go to both Margit and Monique for sharing their lovely fan stories with us. Here is to many more years of sharing Damian Lewis love together. Cheers!


My story. I categorize myself as kind of an expert when it comes to TV shows. I have seen so many of them — some of them start to pop out as magnificent examples of great cinematography, acting, writing or combination of all those things. For example BBC Sherlock, Hannibal, Hercule Poirot, Da Vinci’s Demons. Of course there are more but those have popped out.

My first contact with Damian is connected with one of the extra good shows called “Life.” It has only two seasons because NBC was blind and cancelled it.

source: nbc

For those who have not seen it Damian’s character was way more complicated in there than it was in Homeland. Incredible experience. There I noticed he has talent to play the hardest characters anyone can think of with such elegance like it isn’t hard work. Being British of course adds to it.

Oh, to be a pear!

Damian Lewis is one actor I can say has great talent and it is very good he has been noticed. That show Life will always bug me but I guess all good things must end at one point, some just way too soon.

Margit (Fan, karateka and a member of many fandoms from Estonia)


source: Monique

I could see on my TV journal, a new series Life, with some photos of a cute guy: a ginger!

I decided to watch this series so on a Monday night in 2009, I sat on my couch, and after the information, the series begins!

And then my heart stopped!

Who is this magnificent actor with red hair and blue eyes piercing you? Extreme charisma and an incomparable talent!

It was impossible to fall asleep that night with the image of this actor, in my head, in my heart and the week was very long until the following Monday!

The next day, I searched the internet for information about this amazing actor and very handsome man. I ordered all the DVDs of his films and my admiration and love for him grew with each one. My admiration and love for Damian Lewis still continues to grow today.

When I see another actor, sometimes a very famous one, I think “it’s not comparable to my actor, no other actor is worth him.”

I loved other actors, but never I like him!

It’s my pretty little story, and I know my love will last forever!

Damian’s biggest  fan

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9 thoughts on “Damian Lewis in Life Enters Their Lives: Margit and Monique’s Stories”

  1. I’m baffled that I could have missed Life entirely when it premiered as I read TWO stories of how it turned you two into Damiaphiles. Of course I’ve caught up since then! Lovely to hear your tales of enchantment. Monique and I have had several little exchanges, always a pleasure. Magrit, I won’t argue about Brody since I respect your views AND I looked up karateka. Don’t mess with Magrit, Thank you, ladies

  2. Life is streaming on Netflix in America. I’m going to watch based on these recommendations. 🙂

    1. Oh you should! It is, of course, VERY different from the show with your name sake but it is such a good show, too good for a network that could only live for two seasons. It was an NBC show. Charlie is a truly complex character. Enjoy <3

  3. depuis hier soir j’a ressorti le dvd de LIFE,et c’est encore un énorme plaisir Damian est prodigieux dans ce role!J’adore son regard,ses yeux,bleu,perçants,son allure,sa démarche virile!je l’adore!monique

    Since last night I took out the DVD of LIFE, and it’s still a huge pleasure Damian is prodigious in this role! I love his eyes, his eyes, blue, piercing, his look, his manly step! love it! monique

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