Damian Lewis Had to “Work Hard” to Make Her Fall For Him: Lucia’s Story

Hello everyone! Damianista welcomes you to a NEW Fan Story Tuesday.

Today’s story comes from Lucia, a wonderful fan from Italy, my favorite destination in the world. You will love her story especially because Damian had to “work hard” to make her fall for him! And big thanks go to Lucia not only for sharing her wonderful fan story with us but also for her very kind words about the work we put into the blog. I admit it is a wonderful feeling to know Damian appreciates the work we do, but we know very well that this blog could not exist without the love and support we have constantly been getting from Damian Lewis fans from all over the world. So, thank you all for being with us! 

copyright: Lucia

Hello, I’m Lucia and I am from Italy. I recently discovered this site. I spent lots of hours to read your posts and I decided to write to thank you; it is really well done and it clearly shows there is a lot of work behind it. And you also write very well. Compliments! It was also useful to find much new material on Damian Lewis.

Lots of years ago, in 2003, I had seen Band of Brothers and I had appreciated it but it was when I started to follow Homeland that I realized the cleverness of Damian Lewis. But it wasn’t love yet. I was curious about this formidable actor and I searched for his filmography; I read what he has done before.

And I decided to see Keane first. And it was then that I definitely fell in love. As I watched Keane, I could not believe in what I saw. Damian’s performance is formidable, excellent, perfect and I said to myself: “Wow. This actor is amazing.” I later found out that, thanks to Keane, Damian got the role of Brody.

Then I chose to see Brides: I wanted to see the first film that he has a lead role in, but above all, something that was far from the big American productions such as Homeland.

Then came all the rest and in little time I saw almost all of his works but unfortunately not any of his plays. The last things I saw are Billions, Wolf Hall, Our Kind of Traitor, and the Silent Storm. I look forward to the next season of Billions.

Every time I look at his new work, I cannot believe the ability of this artist, I cannot find any fault in his performances. I want to thank Damianista and everyone working on the site; it is nice to know there are other people who share my appreciation for Damian Lewis. I admire your work and and I follow you. Thank you with all of my heart.

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8 thoughts on “Damian Lewis Had to “Work Hard” to Make Her Fall For Him: Lucia’s Story”

  1. votre report est formidable,et vous dites ce que nous pensons,toutes,au sujet de Damian,et au sujet de ce merveilleux blog!Continuons a etre solidaires,nous adorons toutes notre grand Damian!

    1. I cannot agree with you more, Monique. Lucia’s story is wonderful and so to the point about why we all LOVE this incredible actor! And we cannot be more grateful about the kinds words she has about the work we do. We thank every one for their love and support – especially YOU. We love you! Sending love to France <3

  2. My dear Damianista,est ce que Damian tourne a NY en ce moment?
    Je voudrais tant savoir ce qu’il fait en ce moment!Merci de me répondre.Monique

    1. Hi Monique! We will share a detailed post about what Damian has been up to this summer on Monday. But, yes, he will be coming to New York, I believe, in a few weeks. He is lined up for a charity football match (for Grenfell Tower families) on Saturday and then is lined up for a charity cricket match on September 12. I don’t know the exact date but they will start shooting Billions Season 3 in September. So Damian will be coming to New York soon for that and will stay for about 5-6 months.

      1. Hi Monique, I just saw a new tweet by Billions executive producer that they are ready for the first table read of the new season. Maybe Damian is here in New York now and/or will do the table read over Skype or something (I don’t even know if they do that :))) But yeah even if he is not in New York, he will be in New York shortly. Big hugs!

  3. Ooo I’ll be in NYC shortly. Maybe I’ll get lucky!
    Yes, Lucia, isn’t this blog true to it’s name……..fanfun! Your story shows real fan dedication! Welcome sister!

  4. Lucia, Concur. I cannot believe the artistic abilities of Damian either! Never a fault in his performances, never. So nice to read your fan story. I loved visiting your country. For a month we traveled/visited Capri, Pompeii, Naples, Rome, Florence, Pisa, Milan, Verona and Venice. My favorite was Verona. If I ever get back, I really want to see the Amalfi coast and Tuscany region. Ciao Bella! 🙂

    1. I LOVE ITALY!!!!! For me, and I think on five different trips, Rome, Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, and many other little towns in Tuscany, Montefalco, Perugia, Assisi and Orvieto in Umbria, Venice, Padua, Verona, Mantua, Bologna, Parma, and Ravenna. I would LOVE to see Amalfi Coast, too! And Cinca Terre! I think though our next destination will be Sicily. Italy is my favorite destination in the world! Cheers <3

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