A Greek Gal Finds Damian Lewis in a Greek Movie: Olga’s Story

Hello all! Damianista welcomes you to a NEW Fan Story Tuesday!

Today’s story comes from Olga, a wonderful old-timer in Damian Lewis fandom! Her first “meeting” goes way back to Brides, a lovely movie Damian made back in 2004, a movie that I also deeply love, and the rest is history 😀

Without further ado, here is Olga’s love letter to Damian from Greece. Thanks, Olga, for pouring your heart out in your story. S’agapo, my friend <3

copyright: Olga

Dear love of mine…

We first met on a ship full of  brides. There I fell in love with your eyes, your greek “S’agapo”… your deep kiss…

Then you became a part of my  “Life”… I was your apple of your farm…

I started searching your career… Digging I found out that you were once a telemarketer selling car alarms, a job you detested. You appeared in Robinson Crusoe (1997) as Patrick Conner. Jonathan Kent‘s production of Hamlet, playing Laertes.

This production was seen by Steven Spielberg, who later cast you as Richard Winters in Band of Brothers, the first role of several that required you to have a credible American accent! And I am melting… Subsequently, you portrayed Soames Forsyte in the ITV series The Forsyte Saga which earned you rave reviews… You returned to the US to star in Dreamcatcher, a Stephen King film about a man who becomes possessed by an evil alien. The character is American but when possessed he takes on a British accent 🙂 On the heels of this role, you starred in Keane as a New Yorker with a fragile mental state who is searching for his missing daughter. Despite the film’s poor box-office performance, the role won you rave reviews,too.

I ordered everything you were in and have them on a hard disk…

Nicholas Brody became my  love… I hated that you were “killed” that soon by the script writers… I cried like a little kid, I hated them for sure… Now I watch your baby girl who is growing and looks like you… LOL!

source: tv.com

And I’m proud of you getting better and better as a great actor that you are.. Wolf Hall, Billions and lots of wins and nominations to come…

Besides, you deserve the Oscar, too… no doubt  at all! Wish from the bottom of my heart that you get it!

Digging a little bit more for your early life, I’ve read about your family, your father and your mother’s loss… and your siblings, your brothers and your sister.

And bad news… you are  married with  2 kids… 🙂 Even you were single there wasn’t a chance to be with me…but darling everybody has the right to  dream… Wish  you, nothing but the best and only the best! To all four of you!

Much love,

A fan of yours

Author: Damianista

Academic, Traveler, Blogger, Runner, Theatre Lover, Wine Snob, Part-time New Yorker, and Walking Damian Lewis Encyclopedia :D Procrastinated about a fan's diary on Damian Lewis for a while and the rest is history!

7 thoughts on “A Greek Gal Finds Damian Lewis in a Greek Movie: Olga’s Story”

  1. This is fantastic LOL I think I’ve seen you on Twitter, Olga. And yes, darling, everybody has the right to dream!!! Thank you for sharing your fan story for us other fans to read.

  2. My Dear Olga! I LOVE YOUR STORY. Thank you for pouring your heart out in this lovely love letter to Damian! You’re sincere. You’re open. And, yes, no one can take either your dreams away or the first two seasons of Homeland! Brody will be with us forever! LOL!

    You and I have a special bond having grown up on the two sides of the Aegean sea and I love it that Damian gives us both gifts in Brides by speaking both in Greek and Turkish. How beautiful that a Greek girl “finds” Damian Lewis in a Greek movie. And one of my favorite Damian films, too — I feel a personal connection to it: geography, language, culture. And, of course, you do, too! It is a true pleasure to know you and cheers to sharing Damian love in the years to come. S’agapo! <3

  3. https://mikreskuries.blogspot.gr/2017/08/dear-love-of-mine.html
    I’m so glad to see it,my personal thoughts posted,not by me ,but an excellent writer and of course a damianista!
    I can’t tell you,how i feel,how much i thank you and i’m proud that i met brilliand friends all over the world,sharing our love for Damian Lewis!
    Two words i have to say: thank you=efharisto and i love you=sas agapo!
    P.S we love DAMIAN LEWIS!
    I reposted via your link in my blog too…

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