Who is this Guy that Looks like Steve
McQueen? Rachel’s Story

Hello, everyone! Damianista welcomes you to a NEW Fan Story Tuesday!

Today’s story comes from Rachel! I met Rachel on Twitter months ago and I have known she was a brilliant fan from London but I have recently found out that she is a TRUE friend, too. Well, look at this picture!

copyright: Rachel

Rachel gave Damian the paper he holds at The Goat stage door saying HELLO to lovely Krista, a brilliant fan and one of our biggest supporters, who has not been able to see The Goat. This is one of the most beautiful gestures I have ever seen in my life. Hats off to you, Rachel, and thanks so much for taking the time to share your wonderful fan story with us! And, hey, I love your tshirt! 

Well…..there are actors, and there are actors…! I seem to be drawn to those who quite simply, are soooo talented, that they appear to excel not only on the small screen, but the big screen, too, and, no less, and even harder perhaps…..treading the floorboards of stage!

One such actor to catch my eye was Damian Lewis!! I must be honest and say, I first took a great deal of interest in him when I mistook him on a magazine cover, for being my idol,….the legend that is, the late Steve McQueen! From that moment I had to know, who is THIS guy??…….

Damianista’s note: Well, sorry for jumping in, but we cannot agree with Rachel more. We have been rooting for Damian to play Steve McQueen in an upcoming biopic for a few years now and JaniaJania presents concrete proof here for WHY we believe Damian has to do it!

Back to Rachel’s story…

I read the magazine article and was energized to see his work, so the following day I took myself off to HMV Oxford street, and grabbed, new release at the time, season 1 of “Life”!

source: NBC

I could not get over how alike both he and McQueen are!! Light voice, the bright eyes, the mannerisms even….! Suffice to say I binged on that box set and waited patiently to get the next season. Then the writers strike hit Hollywood… Hard!…..and many great serials died, including Life! It was a sad day! Then the next bit of excitement was hearing he would be starring in Homeland! Wow, couldn’t wait for its arrival and of course wasn’t disappointed. Naturally his role was a finite one, so expected him (Brody) to die off along the he way…

So, next I was utterly smitten with his latest role……Bobby Axelrod!!! My first thought was: Wow! This guy just gets better & better!! And this I told him last weekend after meeting him at the end of his current running play; The Goat, or Who is Sylvia.

Now I have watched other works of Damian’s in between but these three are the ones I loved most! Now I believe Damian has had mixed feelings of his Brody character and I can see that! Not easy playing a convert terrorist but yet his portrayal is so fine and raw! Charlie Crews made me laugh so much and that must have been fun for him to make! I still re-watch both seasons.

Finally, Axelrod and Billions! Wow…..I am Deffo #teamaxe !!! Flawless performances by everyone involved and I desperately hope this one goes on to to 5,6,7…..8 seasons even…..

Meeting Damian!,What a truly kind, generous and considerate gentleman he is! He comes out back after the show, not keeping us all waiting too long at all. About 15 minutes in fact. He proceeds to chat with us individually for a good 4 or 5 mins which is actually quite a decent conversation to have, and he is taking everything in!!

I shall always be a life long fan of Damian Lewis! A great sport & a fine fine man!!

copyright: Rachel


Author: Damianista

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7 thoughts on “Who is this Guy that Looks like Steve
McQueen? Rachel’s Story”

  1. Quel homme!Trés grand acteur,beau,et une modestie,une gentillesse incroyable,qu’on voit trés peu chez une star comme lui!
    Bravo Damian et de ma petite ville de France,je vous envoie tout mon amour!

    Google Translate:
    What a great actor, beautiful, and a modesty, an incredible kindness, that we see very little in a star like him!
    Bravo Damian and my little town of France, I send you all my love!

    1. So true, Monique. Damian is one of the rare stars with no star attitude. We certainly LOVE the right guy <3

  2. Rachel, thank you for your story! Your trip is unique, mine is much more quotidian – Brody to Damian. Lovely shout out to your friend.
    I’m pleasantly amazed how many young women are drawn to Steve McQueen! He’s been gone so long, you were probably not even born. Yet his appeal lingers. It makes me smile. Beautiful talented man. Yes, similarities with Damian are obvious. Thanks again!

  3. Rachel, thanks so much for taking the time to share your story with us! Love it that you find Damian in a magazine article that brings Life into your life, and well, the rest is history, isn’t it? 😀 We have been rooting for Damian to play Steve McQueen in an upcoming biopic for some time now and the physical similarity between the two men is incredibly striking. I genuinely think that role (SMQ was such a complicated character — the two men can probably not be farther away from each other psychologically) could bring Damian an Academy Award.

    I vividly remember the Sunday afternoon I first “met” Steve McQueen in The Great Escape. I was 10 years old or so. What a movie! THAT motorcycle scene is everything!!! and I have been a fan since… and I understand I am very consistent in my screen crushes, the same kind of looks appeal to me 😀 😀 😀

  4. Hello friend You and I are forever linked. Let me just share your constant generosity to the others reading this.

    Rachel not only got Damian to hold up my name in the photo, but she went back on a different day and had him personalize an autographed photo for me, as well as have him sign The Goat Play playbill. She told Damian “This is for Krista back in the states” and mailed it to me in Oklahoma. I kept the mailed envelope with The Queen’s stamp as a keepsake in my hope chest and the framed photo of Damian is on a shelf in my library room.

    All of this, as a surprise to me.

    Rachel has the biggest heart ever and I thank Damian Lewis for bringing us together.

    1. Rachel has the BIGGEST heart. PERIOD. I thank Damian Lewis for bringing all of us together. He rocks. His fandom rocks, too!

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