A Ginger Obsession Called Damian Lewis: Sonia’s Story

Hello everyone! Damianista welcomes you to a NEW Fan Story Tuesday!

This week’s story comes from Sonia, a lovely fan from the UK who is as much a “dark horse” as me. Now, in case you don’t know what this means… Here is Damian providing an explanation at Times Talks London back in 2014 😀

Well, my dear Sonia, Damian may not go out with us after all but even THAT cannot stop us from loving the unlovable Soames Forsyte! So, without further ado, here is Sonia telling her fan story with a great sense of humor! Big thanks go to her for sharing her story with us. ENJOY!

I think going back to a young age I had ultimately found boys with red hair particularly attractive. My first ever boyfriend you guessed it had a mop of bright red hair.

Then in 2002 a certain actor turned my world upside down, I was engrossed with a drama called The Forsyte Saga starring the one and only Damian Lewis as Soames Forsyte.

source: ITV studios

I was hooked, I didn’t care that he portrayed a not particularly warm, engaging character. He just had me mesmerised from the beginning, his smile albeit not seen very often in this show, just warmed me.

source: anywayidontcare.blogspot.com

I began to bore my family with my little obsession and I think I drove my husband mad until he said enough!!! “I can’t listen to this anymore can you love me like you love Damian”. I decided I needed to save my marriage Ha! Ha! So I put all thoughts of Damian to the back of my mind as divorce was not a good option. He never left my thoughts entirely but knew I had to shut up about him. However whenever I saw a glimpse of him in varying shows I would smile and end up daydreaming of a life with Damian.

Well unfortunately for my husband, Damian once again became a feature in our lives thanks to the brilliant casting in Homeland. OMG every Sunday night I was in heaven and my husband granted enjoyed the show so it was a win-win in our household.

source: tv.com

The Killing of Brody put an end to my Sunday nights and I felt I was betraying Damian by watching the show after this and to be honest it never held the same appeal for me. Homeland without Damian is like fish without chips, or champagne without caviar.

So along comes Billions and well what can I say it’s restored my Damian craving completely. He just has such a presence and for me every scene with him in is perfect.

This reignited the Damian fire within me and it was then thanks to twitter I knew he was coming to London and starring in The Goat/Who Is Sylvia. I knew without a doubt I would be attending this play and not even my poor suffering husband was going to stop me. I begged and pleaded and I now was the proud owner of train tickets and theatre tickets to see Damian in the flesh.

On 20 May 2017, I hot trotted it to London. I was lucky enough to have a ticket to see my obsession at the theatre. My husband had chosen not to attend, I don’t know why?????  Well it may have had something to do with me ogling the wonderful Damian and he did not want to be witness to this.

So I persuaded my friend to come with me. We arrived in London several hours before the performance but I still insisted on going straight to the theatre, as I wanted to get my bearings and ultimately establish exactly where the stage door was, as I had pinned my hopes on actually meeting him face to face.

When it was time for the performance, I could not contain my excitement, all I could think of was that I was actually in the same building as Damian, I was so close to him.

Once Damian came on to the stage, I was mesmerised throughout, but given the content of the play, all the actors were amazing.  The story being played out was quite risqué, but the humour made it not so dark and disturbing.

I must also add that Damian with an American accent is even more desirable.

Once the play had finished I basically ran out the theatre leaving my friend running after me. My aim was to get to the stage door as quickly as possible, in the hope that I would meet Damian face to face.

It was to be a bucket list moment but alas it was not to be, and I had to just walk away with a heavy heart full of sadness. I left London determined to get my selfie and autograph of this ginger delight one of these days.  To be continued…

Author: Damianista

Academic, Traveler, Blogger, Runner, Theatre Lover, Wine Snob, Part-time New Yorker, and Walking Damian Lewis Encyclopedia :D Procrastinated about a fan's diary on Damian Lewis for a while and the rest is history!

14 thoughts on “A Ginger Obsession Called Damian Lewis: Sonia’s Story”

  1. I completely understand Sonia – my trip to see The Goat was similar; mesmerized by his presence but the dream meeting was not to be… maybe one day…

    As for Soames, I am overjoyed to find someone else who loved him in that show!!! I loved Soames & disliked Irene, which often makes me outvoted & unpopular haha. The Ginger Prince can never be wrong…

    1. I found out about Damian resting between performances after you saw The Goat in April. If only I had known earlier… and of course I had no idea Sonia was seeing a day performance. I know several people including you, Sonia, Alison who is another lovely fan that came from Ireland and a few others that missed him at stage door and I really REALLY hope you all meet Damian and have happy selfies next time and I really hope that next time will be sooner than later.

      So people love Irene? How bizarre!!! 😀 Cheers to dark horses, I know we are a big club! 🙂

    2. I loved that your husband asked you to love him like you loved Damian! Your stage door experience was so similar to my character Ruby’s in Meeting Damian Lewis which I wrote as a homage! Why didn’t you see him? Brilliant account.
      Ps I loved him as Soames as well!

  2. Don’t lose your hope Sonia – I have seen him in flesh with Damianista and I couldn’t even say hi to him. I became totally frozen like a sculpture… You will meet him one day for hundred percent sure. By the way- I loved his character as Soames Forsyte too; I have even felt sorry for him and was very much in dislike of his wife; I was talking to myself and saying: “Can’t you even try loving him a little bit- IDIOT” hahaha:-)) Loving the villain of the story – how dangerous is that? And loved your description of Homeland without Damian: Fish without chips or Champagne without caviar! No one could have explained it better:-) Keep dreaming fellow Dark Horse – may the Damian Love be with you forever:-)

    1. Well, when I go back to that afternoon in my mind, I still cannot believe you were frozen like a sculpture. You really were! But I think Damian waved at you and you waved at him back. Next time he is on stage, and I hope there is a next time sooner than later, I have to make sure to introduce you two and remind him of that afternoon! I know what he will say to you: “Bless you.” <3

  3. Soames is one of my top Damian performances! No I don’t love “the man” but the performance – enthralling. Those around him seemed a bit insipid. Thanks for your story Sonia; well told.

    1. I completely agree about Damian’s performance as Soames. He was only 30 years old back then. Incredible.

  4. Thank you, Sonia, for your wonderful story and your sense of humor!

    Well, I giggle every time I hear someone saying she loves Damian Lewis as Soames Forsyte because I immediately remember Damian saying “you’re a dark horse, I wouldn’t go out with you.” Sorry, Damian, even THAT cannot stop me from loving Soames! He REALLY loved Irene (even though I would never be able to overcome his despicable behavior with her!)

    I completely understand you about the bucket list. I know I would have been very disappointed should Damian have not shown up at stage door. The thing is, until I saw the play late April, I did not know he was taking naps between day and evening performances. And having seen him after a day performance, I saw first hand how tired he was. It was a very physical performance. He showed up at stage door and made his fans happy after all evening performances. But I KNOW your story will continue and have a happy ending with a selfie with two big smiles! Thanks so much again for sharing your story with us. Cheers!

  5. Thank you everybody for your response to my story it’s wonderful to connect with you guys. I am privileged to have seen him on stage and next time it’s a stay over in London for me as I intend to get my photo opportunity and hopefully get his arm round me which would be heavenly and of course the selfie it has to be done. Love to you all and Damian if your reading my fan story I hope you enjoyed. Much love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. Hey, Sonia, I LOVE your story! It’s so frank, with a wonderful sense of humor! I missed my stop while I was reading it. I pictured it in my head as a short animated movie. It would be a very funny one 😀

    “This reignited the Damian fire within me” – <3 Love this <3

    BTW Did you husband asked you about your theatre experience, or he was like "Get away from me! You smell like theatre!" or something? I'm asking you not because of my bad manners, but because my sister's husband once said exactly the same in such a situation and it was so ridiculous and funny that it became an anecdote. 😀

    Fingers crossed for his arm round you 🙂 will wait for the selfie!
    Many thanks for sharing!!! <3

    1. Thank you for your lovely comments sorry I made you miss your bus. I must admit I became like a spoilt petulant child at the stage door I had spent weeks imagining him up
      Close to me and getting my much longed for selfie. And in fairness I must say my husband didn’t say much to me but my daughter was gutted for me as she knew my love for him and even at 17 she can see what a hottie he is. She even watched Have I got News for you!!! I’m wish I could say I’m enveloped my sadness now but the Dominican Republic has turned my sadness into happiness 2 weeks hols. Ha ha!!!! But I need to see him flat cap and all. Sightings since my journey to London have been him shopping in Aldi wish he shopped in our store. I met a couple here who’s babysitter was his PA On Billions. Damian is known eveywhere. Sending love xx

      1. Love it you’re having FUN in Dominican Republic, making new friends and hey moreover talking to them about Damian :)))) What does hubby say? 😀

        I so agree with Tsvetanka about your sense of fun and humor, Sonia! Your story is so honest and open and fun — it is as about you as about Damian! LOVE IT! And I completely understand you about stage door. It happened to me, too, at American Buffalo, and I was not angry but I was obviously sad… Yes, the selfie should happen and with flat cap and all! Sending much love and thanks so much again for your lovely contribution! And, hey, your 17 year old has good taste! Sending much love, HAVE FUN!!!

  7. I saw the Forsyte Saga long after BOB and Homeland, so to me Soames was the victim and Irene was the villain in this story. I cried almost as much for Soames as I did for Brody. Almost but not quite.

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