Damian Lewis’ New Scarf is the New Roaming Gnome :)

There are two facts that I absolutely LOVE about Damian Lewis.

Fact I: He is gracious with his fans. He always makes time for a little chat or a sweet selfie!


Fact II: Damian LOVES wearing scarves. And he wears them well.


And these two facts come together to make the SWEETEST story ever!

We met Carol, a great Damian Lewis fan, on social media earlier but JaniaJania, Lewisto and I had the pleasure to meet her and her husband Brad in person as we waited in line together for Damian Lewis in Conversation with Lauren Collins at the New Yorker Festival.

source: Carol, L-R: Damianista, JaniaJania, and Carol

Carol gave Damian a beautiful hand-knitted scarf at the end of the event which made JaniaJania question herself about why she had not thought about knitting something for him and made me question my life choices deeply — well, my poor mom made every effort to teach me knitting (and also cooking) and I was determined not to take any of it 😀

source: Carol
source: Carol

So… It should feel great to give such a beautiful gift to your favorite actor but most of the time you just don’t know what he will do with it…  Carol though certainly knows what Damian has done with the scarf!

For one, he started wearing it right there that evening!

imageedit_17_4956019699Credits for the evidence go to Kristy, another great fan, that we had the pleasure of meeting at the New Yorker Festival! Thank you, Kristy!

And the rest is history…

The scarf has started its travels in NYC.

Here is another pic from Kristy taken the next day after Damian read Richard Burton as Mark Antony in the first public reading of Lawrence Wright’s new play Cleo at the New Yorker Festival. Here is the scarf with Damian as he is signing autographs for the fans!


Here it is with Damian in photos with fans!



Here it is with Damian as he chills at a NYC coffee shop.

imageedit_57_8433974217Here it is with Damian, Paul Giamatti and Andrew Ross Sorkin attached to a Sorkin tweet:

imageedit_53_8594727028Well, Mr Sorkin, we prefer to call him “the guy with the scarf!” 😀 Having said that I believe Damian’s love for hats deserves its own post, too!

And, here it is with Damian as he is on his way to promote Billions on CBS This Morning and ABC Live with Kelly and Michael!


The Scarf is the new Roaming Gnome! Better yet, it’s not a prank, it’s REAL! It goes everywhere Damian goes and makes us proud and makes Carol probably a little bit prouder!


One of the biggest pleasures of blogging is meeting like-minded, fun people through our shared love for Damian Lewis. Carol, it’s such a pleasure to know you! Much love to you and Brad! And a HUGE thank you for my lovely fingerless gloves, too — incredibly convenient for North Carolina winters! May I say Damian and I have knitwear from the same fashion house? 🙂

source: Damianista
source: Damianista

Author: Damianista

Academic, Traveler, Blogger, Runner, Theatre Lover, Wine Snob, Part-time New Yorker, and Walking Damian Lewis Encyclopedia :D Procrastinated about a fan's diary on Damian Lewis for a while and the rest is history!

27 thoughts on “Damian Lewis’ New Scarf is the New Roaming Gnome :)”

  1. Oo, love it. You and Damian share knitwear from the same house! 😀
    What a sweet gift for Carol to give him and what a sweetheart he is for giving it so much love. <3
    Now if only I could figure out how to make a newsboy cap or him….. 😀

  2. I think many of us who do knit and LOVE Damian Lewis, have wondered why we didn’t think of knitting him a scarf for the cold New York winters as well.
    My son has taken up a liking for the same type of cap and for Christmas I found them online from Ireland and he loves it (hint, hint)


  3. What a truly sweet man. I noticed the scarf yesterday, as I’ve been researching and gathering photos of him for my body language article. I was thinking “oh, he likes that scarf the most!” How sweet to know it was from one of the tribe 🙂

    1. So funny that you noticed the scarf yesterday, Holly – serendpity, huh? Yes, he LOVES it and makes us smile BIG! I love our tribe, and we are so looking forward to your posts. I will email you about March plans shortly! Much love <3

  4. I love scarves. I can tell by looking how soft and comfortable it is. My neck gets cold easily here in NYC so I always wear one. And his is a good length to wrap and a color a man would wear and that goes with anything. A great gift. So sweet he is wearing it so much. Actors have to protect their voices and avoid colds. I really want to learn how to knit. Well done, Carol.

    1. Also, as someone who lost her mother to illness – just before my 26th birthday – many years ago – any kind, motherly gesture from someone means a lot to me. I’ve missed having my mother all these years. Damian also lost his mother in his late twenties. I can’t speak for Damian but I would feel so touched and comforted if someone gave me a handmade warm scarf in winter. You never get over the loss of your mother. Mama would have shared my enjoyment of Damian. I’m originally from Tennessee. She could be silly and would have kidded with him if she met him.

      1. I also thought his love for scarves may have something to do with protecting his voice. He always wears them. And this one has become THE ONE. So sweet of Carol to make it for him and so sweet of him to give it so much love.

        Thank you for sharing such a personal loss here with us. I can understand how you relate to a handmade warm scarf. I lost my dad when I was eight, I know it’s so hard to lose a parent at a young age. I cannot even imagine the pain of losing a mom. My mom does not find Damian good looking. She loves Homeland and says the show is great because you want to watch it even though there is no one to look at 🙂 But she at least said “since you like this actor so much, let me at least learn his name properly.” Biggest motherly gesture I could get from her.

  5. I just realized I was standing right there by the photographer who took the pic of Damian signing autographs after the reading of Cleo. I took some and posted them on Flickr. He was saying No Posing for photos as he signed.
    I got him to sign my program. Then he took off up the street with a group.
    I stuck around talking and after awhile here comes Damian back down the street so he was kind enough to take quick photos with me and another fan. He was still filming then so he was very busy. But always polite to everyone.

    1. Lovely story! This means you have a pic with the scarf, too, Ann! We had a chance to chat with Damian the previous evening backstage so we left immediately after the reading. He told us Saturday night that he had to go to Long Island for the shoot after the play read on Sunday. I guess they worked even on Sundays! Very busy indeed.

      1. Couple anecdotes: after Damian’s Cleo reading at the Directors Guild Theatre I headed east on 57th.
        Cleo is about the making of the film Cleopatra with Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. So I had Cleopatra on the brain.
        I reach a store and a man was trying to give me a sample in front of it. It was a skin product store, probably expensive.
        There was a sign in the window about a product line with a big headshot of Elizabeth Taylor in her full Cleopatra getup! Tied to some product with gold in it. What a coincidence to see her right after the play!
        Another time I thought I might get a red tabby and I was going to call him Damian. I had cats & knew I couldn’t get another but I looked at Petco’s cats for adoption in the store at Union Square. I’m not joking, there was a large red tabby male cat and when I looked at his name card it said “Damian”.
        Pretty spooky. Or someone had same idea as me.
        I wish I could have adopted him.

        1. Symptoms sound right – you are a big fan 😀 I am not saying welcome on board since you were there way before we arrived 🙂 Love the stories! A friend’s daughter has a red fish called Damian — she’s a teenager and loves Forsyte Saga.

    2. This also means we could in fact have met that day with you. Bummer. Hope there is another event in the near future and we meet.

  6. Okay, this is bothering me. Where is Damian in the picture at the cafe with orange chairs? It looks like Europe to me. Could it be the Wall Street area?
    (Also, my sister lives in Charlotte, NC. I thought one of you mentioned North Carolina.)

    1. I live partly in NC and partly in NY. I understand about European street view, it’s just a decoration on the wall. The photo was taken by a fan in a NYC coffee shop, if I remember correctly, in Chelsea. Love the neighborhood, but don’t know much about its coffee shops 🙂

  7. Silly me. I thought that was real. Now that I look at it I may have been in that chain but can’t remember the name. So many coffee places in NYC.

    1. Could it be Le Pain Quotidien? I just know he had an interview there with Cigar Aficianado in Chelsea. It was in the article.

      1. Maybe. I would have to check. But it had a long white communal table like the picture. And little tables around the walls.

        1. I seem to recall we had this discussion when the pic first surfaced of where it might be. I thought it was London too!

          When we finally determined it was NY and Chelsea, didn’t I pull up a shop with orange chairs in my forensic investigation? Not recalling exactly.:)

          1. I recall you tried to locate the coffee shop online but could not in the end. NYC has zillions of coffee shops, but I know we can find it if we really want to — I just know what we are capable of, partner! 😀

  8. Loved this story! Roaming Gnome reminds me a little bit of Flat Stanley and his roaming adventures LOL Did you ever do a hat post?

    1. Isn’t it lovely? He wore it everywhere that fall. And sadly, no, no hat post yet but we certainly should do it! The white hat vs the navy hat: Damian’s favorites! 😀

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