From Bastogne to London to Normandy: Linda’s Story

Hello all! Damianista here. Welcome to our Fan Story Tuesday!

Today’s fan story is coming from a very special lady. Linda has been running The Friends of Major Dick Winters Facebook Page for years and she is incredibly devoted to real-life WWII heroes. Damian knows her and appreciates her hard work honoring Major Dick Winters and all WWII veterans. At this very moment, Linda is attending the 73rd anniversary of D-Day in Normandy with Band of Brothers actors and WWII veterans. We cannot think of a better day than D-Day to publish her fan story!

Linda, we cannot thank you enough for your support and friendship, and your very special contribution to our fan stories series. Currahee!

Linda visiting Major Dick Winters statue, Sainte-Marie du Mont, Normandy, copyright:Linda

How I became a fan of Damian Lewis….

Early 2002 my husband had heard there was a good new series about WWII playing on TV… and so we came to watch Band of Brothers. The “Bastogne” episode was the first I saw.

Not only was I impressed by the story of Easy Company, but my eye also caught the handsome lead player, a totally unknown actor for me.

The series finished and I sort of forgot about it… after all I was a working wife and mother of three with lots of occupations keeping me busy.

Now some time later, another channel broadcasted the series too… again I watched it (from the very beginning this time)  and also recorded it.

Though soon after it finished I bought the DVD box, so I could watch it over and over. I was completely hooked by then and was completely in love with the “redheaded eskimo”.

Then one night I was zapping channels and suddenly I recognized a familiar face…it was Damian in The Forsyte Saga! I became curious to find out more of his work. Who really was this actor who swept me off my feet each time I saw him on TV? I wanted to see everything of him!

source: ITV studios

And so I put my first careful steps on the internet, which was still more or less an unknown territory for me, keep in mind it was still  just 2003.

In no time I got the hang of it…. googled like a crazy fangirl and read all there was to find on Damian, but also on Easy Company and the real Dick Winters.

I found Damian’s Yahoo Group and joined up. I also discovered a website that supported a campaign to honor Major Dick Winters with a Medal of Honor and joined those ranks, too. From then on I’ve had an amazing time, I made lots of new friends around the world, I went to see Damian when he was on stage in London…

Linda catching up with Damian after his performance in The Pillars of the Community at The National Theatre, 2005

…I also met him in Normandy where he attended a Band of Brothers reunion with other actors and WWII veterans.

Linda catching up with Damian at Band of Brothers Reunion on the 70nd Anniversary of D-Day, 2014
70th Anniversary  of D-Day, Sainte-Marie du Mont, Normandy, 2014 copyright: Linda

And until today it doesn’t stop, I remain a loyal fan and hope to meet him again in the future!

Damianista’s note: Well, Linda kept her word and met Damian again! Please enjoy the lovely pictures she kindly shared with us from The Goat, or Who is Sylvia? stage door early April!

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15 thoughts on “From Bastogne to London to Normandy: Linda’s Story”

  1. Very beautiful photos, visiting the beaches of normandy, I could admire the beautiful statue of Winters, and of course I thought of “BOB” and Damian in this series

  2. Thank you, Linda. A completely different kind of story but lovely, lovely. Thank you also for your efforts to honor our American heroes who give so much

  3. Linda, you already know how highly I think of you and how much I love your fan story.

    I cannot tell you the admiration I have for your dedication to WWII heroes and I am proud to call you a “friend.”

    I just hope we share the admiration for Damian Lewis for many many many years together. How cool it is that you have chased the “redheaded eskimo” from Bastogne (TV) to London to Normandy? I remember the pic you are holding an umbrella over him, too — like a guardian angel! <3

    Thanks so much for your very special and heartfelt contribution. Currahee!

    1. The feeling is mutual Damianista! You know I admire the way you run this website too, always classy, always respectful…not to mention the times YOU have met Damian and could talk to him and interview him… WOW!!! Actually this Damian fellow is one lucky guy not?? 😉

      It was a pleasure to share my story!

      1. THANK YOU! I know! I feel it in your constant support and friendship. Ha! YES! He’s one lucky fellow 😀

  4. Thanks for sharing your story Linda, although it is not new to me of course, as you and I have been in contact since the early days of the Yahoo group. I still play that clip you made of him greeting his fans, probably the earliest he did of that type. You know, the one where you stick your head in from the side at the last second! No matter what his work, in any genre, Band of Brothers stands in its own category and Damian truly did a magnificent job representing Major Winters.

    1. I cannot agree with you more, Connie, about Band of Brothers. It is almost a documentary brought to life by great actors. One of the best, if not the best, WWII series ever made. And I believe it is Spielberg’s best work along with Schindler’s List.

      Oh my, where is that clip Laura made? On YouTube somewhere? Why don’t we add it to the fan story? It would be fantastic!

      1. Try if this works;
        Actually the video is property of Maria, a Dutch fan of Damian, it’s her voice you hear at the start. We went together to London in December 2005 to see “Pillars Of The Community”. We went 2 nights and each time waited for him at the stagedoor…with success! Second night we asked him for a short message to his “bunnies” (the fans in the Yahoo Group) and he kindly agreed…the result was this video. Enjoy!

        1. Oh thank you! I will try it! May I add it to the post if it works? I have no idea if Maria would be okay with us sharing her video.

          1. For some reason I cannot see the video. I will try. You don’t have it on YouTube, do you? Thanks!

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