Damian Lewis Arrives with Her First “Binge”: Joyce’s Story

Hello all! Damianista welcomes you to a NEW Fan Story Tuesday!

We have made lovely friendships over the almost two and a half years we have been live. We “meet” some friends online only while we have the pleasure of meeting some others in person.

June 23, 2016. I arrived promptly at 5pm at Directors Guild Theatre to make sure I have a good seat for Damian Lewis at Times Talks scheduled at 7pm. A woman, who seemed pretty organized with a pillow for herself to sit on, arrived a few minutes later. And Paige, whom I had met earlier on Facebook, arrived a few minutes after her. And it took only a few extra minutes for us to click and then we talked non-stop until the event and, by the way, got the best seats in the house, too! Joyce, the lovely woman with the pillow, is here today to share her fan story with us. Joyce, you do not know how happy I am to have known you and HUGE thanks for your lovely contribution to our Fan Stories Series. Cheers!

copyright: Joyce

Greetings all,

My taste in the arts is dark, disturbing or a psychological thriller. I also don’t shy away from action and violence. I want to completely get out of my head and into a challenge. When I heard Spielberg was making a war epic, I was there. I wasn’t able to catch the first airing of Band of Brothers. A couple of months later, it became my first binge. Shortly into the first episode I found I couldn’t take my eyes off of Damian. “Who is this guy?” Not an easy task especially in scenes opposite Neal McDonough and Ron Livingston.

The production was such an enormous undertaking with high quality at every level; script, direction, cinematography, editing and of course the actors. Damian had the delightful burden of carrying the series on his shoulders and he did so beautifully.

In an interview, Spielberg was asked how he consistently finds great actors. He replied that it’s not so much finding actors, it’s finding the right actor for the right role. He certainly proved that in BOB.

A prevailing theme in Damian’s work is that he comes across so natural and comfortable in his own skin which, in turn, comes through in each of his characters. It doesn’t hurt that he’s gorgeous, intelligent and glides through roles like silk. He’s the type of actor who raises the bar. Stakes are higher when he’s in the room. You can expect quality, like a Sorkin script, a Sting concert, or a Bobby Cannavale play. As a viewer you can sit back and enjoy.

As impressive as his acting ability is his choice of projects. Nice body of work Damian. So excited for the next season of Billions.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the lovely company of Damianista and Paige as we waited in line for Damian’s Times Talks. Best two hour wait line anyone could wish for. Having fun before having fun.

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After the talk, Damianista went up to the stage to ask Damian for a quick video for her blog. He graciously obliged as I’m sure all of Fan Fun’s readers have seen. I was standing next to Damianista while they were talking. Damian looked over at me and said “hi” I said “hi”- that was all I could manage to get out. He takes my breath away.

source: Times Talks

Author: Damianista

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5 thoughts on “Damian Lewis Arrives with Her First “Binge”: Joyce’s Story”

  1. Hallo Joyce, hallo Zusammen,
    wenn ich das so lese, bekomme ich gleich Gänsehaut. In nur wenigen Worten hast Du liebe Joyce ausgedrückt, was Damian Lewis alles auf der Leinwand zustande bringt. Ich kann mir richtig bildlich vorstellen, wie Dir der Atem stehen geblieben ist, als Ihr ihm gegenüberstandet. Ich finde es toll, wie Damianista und JaniaJania so locker mit der Tatsache umgehen, dass sie ihm immer wieder live gegenübertreten können und dann auch noch sinnvolle Fragen stellen können. Meine Verehrung und mein Dank !!
    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland !!

    Google Translate:

    “Hello Joyce, Hello all,
    If I read it so, I get goose bumps. In just a few words, you expressed Joyce’s love for Damian Lewis on the screen. I can imagine the way your breath stopped when you stood up to him. I think it’s great how Damianista and JaniaJania are so easy to deal with the fact that they can live with him again and again and then also ask meaningful questions. My worship and my thanks !!
    Warm greetings from Germany !!”

  2. I just want to tell you how horrified I am of the attack in London, Manchester!
    Again of the dead, for nothing, because of the cruelty of some fools!
    Condolences to England Damian must be hurt!

  3. I enjoyed reading your fan story Joyce! I didn’t discover Damian until 2016 Billions, but I did go back and watch all of his work, including Band of Brothers. You sure hit the head on the nail regarding his performances…”glides through roles like silk.” Ahhhh 🙂

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