Billions on Showtime, Season 2 Episode 11: Golden Frog Time

Advance Warning: I have been on a less than 72-hour  trip to London to see Damian on stage. Having come back only last night, I am probably doing a crazy thing right now pulling an all nighter to write my recap for this crazy good episode! I apologize in advance for anything that does not make sense 😀

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Wags confirms with The Patriot Bank that they are taking out the Ice Juice IPO. Chuck Senior has already had an Uncle Miltie-sized position in the company and there is no avenue of short. Axe’s take on the situation is “Sonny on the causeway.” We all know what happened to Sonny, don’t we?

Taylor’s research shows Chuck Senior has his cash tied to real estate: a city co-op, a Hamptons house, a hobby farm in Mount Cisco, and a beach front property in Palm Beach. Oh, and, by the way, he also bought half of Kingsford (casino is coming!). It seems he used a personal loan from someone to invest in Ice Juice. It may be someone very close to him.

Ever heard of the golden frog? They are poisonous species that store their poison in skin glands and use it as a self-defense mechanism. The average frog contains about one milligram of poison enough to kill about 10,000 mice which would roughly correspond to 10 to 20 humans. Axe suggests some tribes use this poison for arrows that go through one man and then kill another. His Ice Juice play will be like THAT.

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Ira cannot sit still in Chuck Senior’s apartment. The IPO will come out at $18 a share in the morning and, he expects, with a conservative estimate, to be a $125 million man by EOB tomorrow. Chuck does not like the fact Ira is about to sell his shares to his law firm partners but he himself seems to be very steeped in this investment.

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Chuck shares with Wendy on their “husband-wife booty call” his dad and Ira do not know but he is in Ice Juice as well. Because it is one of the three instances in his life that he knew would be a winner — along with his first argument in court (his calling) and his first meeting with Wendy (his destiny). Yet, having some Stumptown in the kitchen (the favorite coffee in Billions Writers’ room as far as I know) is not in Chuck’s destiny today since kids may see him and have a false hope that their parents are together.

We first met Spyros in Billions Pilot when he brought a possible insider trading case on Axe Capital: Pepsum Pharmaceuticals, anyone? And, now, he is back with another case: Axe Capital has done a huge short on Klaxon, while the whole market was long, just before the company did have a recall. Timing is VERY suspect. We all know that is WHY Axe had Taylor come up with a short recommendation. Taylor’s signature is the insurance Axe Capital sort of has should the SEC go after them. Spyros should have young kids or he is in good touch with his inner child: His references are Winnie the Pooh (“Super Sleuths”) and Scooby Doo (“Fire up the Mystery Machine!”)

The surprising fact is Chuck does not seem to be interested in Klaxon. He is more interested in the opening bell of the market: Ice Juice is going public in minutes and Chuck is waiting for it as I am waiting for Billions every Sunday: Look how he is checking the clock!

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Axe starts the day hearing Taylor, the new Head of Research, regarding their analysis of all analysts at Axe Capital. Taylor has everything figured out on paper and may need to axe some heads during the process. As much as Axe knows they need to “shank” someone to establish their authority, he recommends Taylor to talk to everyone first. They can run their department in the way they see fit but they have to, in the end, look into the analysts’ eyes as life drains out of them. And, besides, even if Axe knows Taylor is comfortable in numbers, he also knows “there is a small group who can do the math. There is even a smaller group who can explain it. But those few who can do both… they become billionaires.”

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While Wags says loudly enough so everyone hears that his first “shank” was as sweet as Mata Hari‘s armpits, the experience does not seem to be as enjoyable for Taylor.  Wendy understands Taylor has a personal reason for struggling with this: it turns out their mathematician father was fired from his aerospace company when they were in seventh grade and that affected family life. But the company thrived. Taylor ends up firing Pununzio, the only analyst that begs them not to fire him, and gets a bag full of 250K from Dollar Bill who says he now understands, thanks to Klaxon, what Axe sees in them. Given Bill is the cheapest guy in America, even his birthday gift for Axe was a business deal that he did not spend a dime for it, this is a BIG deal.

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Kate finds out it was Taylor who prepared Axe Capital’s Klaxon short report and Taylor finds Bryan in front of their “swanky” building. It seems Bryan is taking Taylor’s donations to Urban Justice Center and participation in Occupy Wall Street a bit too seriously and believes he could turn them. By the way, Bryan is not alone and I have never lived in a NYC apartment where heat pipes did not bang, either! 😀 Taylor does not need Bryan to give their soul back. They do not believe in soul. They believe in actions and purpose. It may seem Taylor has been lured into the world of rich and famous a bit too early than expected. I think it is because because Axe Capital has provided them with more than the means to afford a private jet ride and a 26K/month apartment. I imagine Taylor has had a constant problem “fitting in” in their life. And now Axe has made them a centerpiece in the company: Golden Child. Head of Research. Axe’s Protégé. Taylor may be feeling for the first time that they belong.

Axe tells Boyd, who calls about Ice Juice, that he is about to press the button. Chuck Senior and Ira high-five as Ice Juice cracks $30 a share. While Ira grabs an Ice Juice from the fridge, Chuck Senior calls his prime to double his share on Ice Juice because it is like Bill Rodgers in Boston Marathon, fast and long. As a runner, I appreciate the reference!

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It’s Golden Frog Time!

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We always get to watch the trailer as well as the short clips Billions releases a week before the new episode airs, and, as soon as I saw the stretcher in a FDNY truck, I knew! What is the best way to make a stock like Ice Juice go down at light speed? Have a few people get ill because he had Ice Juice and cover at zero! So I seriously have bragging rights! I CALLED this on Twitter last week as I was interacting with Krista!

And as much as what Axe does is appalling beyond words, it is extremely funny and, yeah, I cannot stop giggling. Honestly, I did not know my brain had this much capacity to figure out dirty play.

Oh Billions, what have you done to me?

Axe gets a little help from friends to make his play possible. Hall collects the “pretty fast and nasty” bacteria from a lab. Dr. Gilbert confirms there will be no permanent damage and accepts a $500K donation for his foundation from Axe. Hall arranges the guy who would leave traces of the bacteria in Ice Juice warehouse. And a guy that owes to Burke brothers, Victor’s undocumented cleaning lady whom his wife caught stealing jewelry, and Danny Margolis “volunteer” to drink it. Mike Dimonda breaks the news at the Journal and the stock falls to $3.89 in no time that they halt the trade on it.

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As soon as Wendy finds out Axe is shorting Ice Juice she goes to Chuck to tell him he needs to get out of Ice Juice immediately because Axe will crush him. Chuck is disappointed Wendy has no faith in him and that she is looking at him like she would at a pathetic dog at a shelter. Given Chuck is acting like an idiot, Wendy goes ahead and shorts Ice Juice. Hmmm… so has Wendy just done some insider trading? Axe grills Mafee for doing it for Wendy without telling him first, but he finds Wendy’s bet as a bold one taken against THE family.

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The Armageddon hits Ice Juice investors and there is no Ark for them to retreat to while Axe is considering to buy Chuck Senior’s Mar-a-Lago property on clearance sale! While Ira is apologetic to both Senior and Junior, Senior reveals the fact that he invested Chuck’s entire blind trust on Ice Juice and IT IS GONE. As Ira feels sick, Chuck Senior delivers my favorite line of the episode:

“Well, you did have that Ice Juice today.”


Churchill First Editions.

The Entire Blind Trust.

Chuck seems to have lost it all. I admit he has my sympathy at the moment.

While Axe is kicking ass with Ice Juice, his marriage still has dark clouds over it. He wakes up to another morning without Lara in bed and gets paranoid about having been left. Even though he finds kids having breakfast and Lara working out with her exercise coach, he knows things are still not right between them. But it is amazing that the man who comes up with a genius idea for Ice Juice can only come up with buying red roses worth 2K to make things right with his wife. Axe really needs to hear brother-in-law Matt and Bruno. There is stuff money can buy and cannot.

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Lara is right Axe looks like Bobby “fucking” Axelrod for the first time in a long time since this is the first day in a long time that he kicked ass, and kicked some serious Rhoades ass. She has already sent most of the roses to a hospital and says she “formally” accepts his apology.

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They pretend they are having a first date and Axe tries to dazzle Lara with caviar like he did on their real first date. They share a pizza Chef Ryan made because they are not getting deliveries from Bruno anymore. And you can guess what I have said to Lara loudly when she says “Fuck Bruno.” Axelrods really deserve each other but when a kiss turns into love making, Lara is not there with him.

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The family crisis is far from over. I wonder if Lara heard Wendy about “forgive” and came back home, or now that she knows money cannot solve a problem like Wendy, she will use her own special ways to solve it. Or is it just that she still cannot bring herself to process the fact that Bobby has lied to her?

Back at Yale Club, Chuck sits on his bed. And as I am thinking he is just too desperate to keep it together, it turns out he is CRY LAUGHING. My jaw drops! He saw Axe coming!

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And look, yet another example of how this show has turned us into dirty minds! This is from my recap for Episode 10 With or Without You:

“Despite his very bad day, Roberto still makes time for Boyd who brings a brief ray of sunshine to his day and earns the Michter’s he gets. Chuck Senior has taken a sizable stake at Ice Juice. The company is going public and Axe has an opportunity to be the “turd in the punchbowl.” As they shake hands, I am concerned if this is Boyd’s plan to take revenge or if this is somehow Chuck’s plan to get Axe. We know he is not in Ice Juice to help Ira or dad but he is in it to get to Axe.”

It turns out Boyd did not hear about Ice Juice from Spartan-Ives boys but from Chuckie boy who gives him terms of release in writing should he cooperate with him to get Axe.

This is an episode we all need to watch from the beginning to see what Chuck does and why he does it. Why doesn’t he like Ira selling his shares to his partners in the law firm? Why is he checking the clock for market opening during the meeting with Spyros? Why does he tell Wendy he is in Ice Juice, too, because it is a winner? Why does he tell her later she is underestimating him? And why does he say “if this is what it gets…” when he authorizes his dad to use his blind trust to invest in Ice Juice?

Chuck has played the long game and given an opportunity to Axe to use it against him — exactly like he does in Jiu-Jitsu. It may seem he has thrown Ira under the bus but Ice Juice will probably bounce back once it is public that Axe is behind the scandal. The AG, who should be happy her friend Boyd is getting released, names Oliver Dake as the interim US attorney for the Eastern District upon Chuck’s recommendation. And #OperationDake, as Krista calls it, is ON recording everything Axe does to make his Ice Juice play work. Yikes!

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Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers close the episode with Even The Losers:

Baby even the losers
Get lucky sometimes
Even the losers
Keep a little bit of pride
They get lucky sometimes

Will Ice Juice make Axe “Sonny on the causeway”? Well, he wanted to put a meaning back to the word “outlaw” and there is no one else but himself responsible for what may be coming. Will Axe be able to dig himself out of this big pile of shit? Does he still have the chance to bring back $5 million “bribe” back to the table? Or does Wendy’s short make her an accomplice in the Ice Juice case that could become a savior for Axe? I know that the season finale will be EPIC.

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57 thoughts on “Billions on Showtime, Season 2 Episode 11: Golden Frog Time”

  1. Why do you think Chuck played it so straight with Wendy? In tenderness and in conflict he decided not to let her in. What has become of Chuck? How screwed are his loved ones?
    I’m buying Lara’s heartbreak 100%. Being immune to the deceit, being the only one is her raison d’etre. Her poor face – so sad. No irony intended.
    You did a good jod, D’sta, now get some sleep ( – :

    1. Chuck has not let anybody in this time – both personally (Wendy and Chuck Sr) and professionally (Kate, Bryan, Lonnie). I think he wanted this to be the first thing he deals on his own. We know that he leaned on his father for many of his accomplishments and he wanted this to be his own. I think Chuck Senior and Ira are screwed only for a short time. When it is made public under Operation Dake that Axe is the one responsible behind the Ice Juice scandal, Ice Juice will probably bounce back and they will make the money they would make.

      As much as I buy Lara’s heartbreak, I don’t understand how she expects the man she is married to, who constantly lies to other people, would be honest to her. It seems Axe’s lying is a problem for Lara only when lies to her. And the way she said “Fuck Bruno…” I returned the same compliment to her on screen!

      Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I think I did okay. And I am back after 6 hours of sleep 🙂 Cheers!

  2. I meant sarcasm not irony. And ,hey, what is the purpose of all these random references? Billions Trivial Pursuit? An insider feeling? It’s kind of fun but kind of gratuitous. Just wondering.

    1. Show creators love cultural references — music, sports, film, history… They said in a recent Facebook Live Q&A they receive a lot of messages/tweets from fans who enjoy those references and it makes them very very happy. Here is the Facebook Live Q&A if you want to take a look — happy to say they gave a shoutout to our blog, too 🙂

      It is just the way the show is set up. I think it is a lot of fun when an episode is not very much loaded with references.

  3. I will have more to say but I really liked this dynamic episode with the flashbacks and driving music. The previous two/9& 10 were dull for me. This one#11 ranked up there with episodes 7& 8. Excellooont screen captures as always!

    1. Thank you!

      Hall is an amazing character. Terry Kinney is a brilliant actor. This episode is probably my favorite of the season with Episode 10 which I liked very much because of the deep exploration of Axe’s flawed psyche, his paranoia about being left and Damian seamlessly spanned a wide range of emotions.

  4. Oh mylanta, where to begin. I’ve been dreading ramping up to the season ending because I speculated back in December that my boy Axe was going to lose it all, everything, because Damian said during the PaleyLive panel interview to Brian Koppelman, “You really did the thing you said you were going to do.” The comment was said in context of how the storylines have flipped this season and I put two and two together last year. I warned Lady Trader on Twitter and she threatened Brian K. LOL It was comical, you had to be there. I think Lady Trader said if what I foretold came true, she’d give me a prize or something. Anyway, I digress.

    I feel ill. Verklempt. Gut sick. I am so attached to the #BobbyAxelrod character. Those reading my comment and may not know my backstory, I didn’t “discover” #DamianLewis until #Billions. I didn’t know who the hell Brody (Homeland) was. I do now, of course. After last nights episode aired, I immediately felt the Bobby character in danger of a storyline by the time Season 3 wraps next year. And then I had Brody stomach pains all over again. I can’t take losing Damian on screen again after only 3 seasons so the #BillionsWriters have a lot of creative hurdles to keep Bobby out of jail, still trading, still in the picture after the Windbreakers mount a case against him for the #IceJuice shenanigans. I believe in the writers. I’m breathing. Barely.

    Which got me thinking…not only is there the $5 million bonus paid Wendy, as Damianista pointed out, but Chuck Sr.’s involvement in Sandicott that circles back to Chuck Jr., which is a big bowl of gross on its own. Plus, how did Chuck Jr. explain to #OperationDake that he knew Bobby would do what he did on IceJuice without making himself an accessory as well? The papertrail alone will lead back to Chuck’s trust. Yes, Senior signed for the money, but Dake will see that for what it is. I mean, isn’t that entrapment? Changes to Boyd’s release will also be a red flag in terms of ethics. And then Wendy shorting IceJuice will make it look like she knew something ahead of time, too!

    I knew Boyd was playing Bobby because he drank the “antiseptic” regardless of a pee-pee test. He had nothing to fear. And also because Bobby looked back at Boyd for one last look, to assess him, before walking out the door from their visit. The writers don’t give us scenes like that without an underlying meaning. Nothing is wasted in the BillionsWriters’ Room.

    So you can see I’m desperately talking out loud at the possible ways Bobby can survive. I have hope…I think.

    Until then, I’m sure I’ll shed a tear into my #ElitVodka for Bobby during the season finale next week as we plan to have a final toast to the best show on the television, bar none.

    Verklempt in Oklahoma

    1. Yes, Krista you are right. If they take Bobby down, I’m going to do to Brian K what Micheal did to Fredo (I know it was you Fredo. You broke my heart).

      And yes. my prize to you was lunch/dinner the next time you are in NYC. I’ll have more to say about this episode From the Trader’s Desk, but I 100% agree with your feeling ill. Mostly because Bobby might truly be fucked this time, and also I just can’t stand Chuck coming out on the winning side of ANYTHING! That being said, I’ll short any name (I’m the idiot who once shorted Apple), but one name I’d never short is Bobby Fucking Axelrod!

      1. Yes, Bobby being truly screwed this time around really means Season 3 will be spent him getting out of the mess, (or charged). Then what for season 4? Therein lies my fret.

      2. Ha! I can’t stop giggling – Lady Trader is pulling some Godfather to BK! 😀

        May I join the lunch, too? That would be EPIC.

    2. My dear Verklempt in Oklahoma!

      This is a great piece on how Bobby Axelrod can dig himself out of this big pile of shit. And he really has some cards to play and maybe more that we cannot see at the moment. But one thing is Bobby Axelrod is not going anywhere. And you can always tweet to BK to be assured Damian is here to stay. This is a very smart bunch and I am sure they have a story arc for multiple seasons even though they have not planned them all out. I don’t think we have anything to worry except for the fact that Chuck has screwed Axe big time and I salute him for it. He has played the long game and done it on his own.

      I wrote in the recap Wendy’s short on Ice Juice looks like insider trading. And if it is so, would Chuck allow his wife to be thrown under the bus? I don’t think Boyd’s release would be a major problem thanks to his close connection to the AG but the press may well talk about it at length. Axe does know about Chuck Senior and Sandicot but also about Chuck Senior and Kingsford – the man bought half of the town! What Chuck Senior did there is very similar to insider trading, isn’t it? And it would all damage Chuck’s potential gubernatorial campaign. At this point, I am curious what is more important for Chuck: Governor’s mansion or screwing Bobby Axelrod. And, of course, there is always the $5 million “bribe” that Axe could bring back to the table just to bring Chuck down with him. I do not know if he would do that since it will also bring down Wendy. And given he has said no to Dake earlier, I am not sure if he has immunity anymore and so he could be the one that bribed a public servant should he bring it back to table. But there should always be room for negotiation.

      I cannot wait for Sunday – season finale will be CRAZY for sure! And one question: do you think there is anyone else in this country thinking about this show as hard as we do except for show creators and writers 😀

        1. Another answer: Yes. In another country. Btw the only thing second to Billions on Sunday night is reading Damianista’s recap on Monday. What will we do without you, Krista and everyone else at fanfunwithdamianlewis. Top job from Ghana

          1. Oh my god, you are so kind, thank you! This may be the most beautiful thing I have heard the whole week – thanks so much! It is all our pleasure to do the work. Anything for Damian. And, anything for all of you guys! I cannot be prouder that we have such a diverse and international community here. Thank you so much for your kind message! Much love to Ghana <3

  5. Krista, being the lawery one (as Jania Jania christened me) means I can’t help but want Bobby locked up. I seriously dislike the character, as much as I applaud Damian’s wonderful portrayal of him.

    Having lived through Homeland with Brody, I do know exactly what you mean. The good news is that Bobby is so far removed from Brody, that even at his apparent worst, Bobby Axelrod ‘losing it all’ does not have to be the end of the character. Brody really was ‘cannon fodder’ (as much as it pains me to say it). I have been boring Damianista and Jania Jania with my hopes of a trial next season. I can just imagine Axe irritating me with his smugness…strangely I do like Orrin.

    Damianista, you are awesome. Hope the jet lag has abated and you are doing ok. Get some sleep!

    Meanwhile, I while wait impatiently for tomorrow night to see the episode…is it Tuesday yet?

    1. Thank you – you are awesome, too!

      I am completely with you that Brody was a “cannon fodder” while Bobby is not. He is not going anywhere. Yes, you always asked for a trial in Season 3 and you may well get it. And I hope Bryan will be part of those proceedings. It would be FUN.

  6. Damianista, maybe you should always have jet lag for all your posts! (JK).

    Today is one of the few times I can read your recap after watching the show (I’m home sick with a bad cold). I know I have told you too many times to count how much I love your insights (because they are the polar opposite of what I look at), but you nail it every single time! And congrats on calling the Boyd play!

    I can’t help but see so many parallels between Axe and Chuck in S1 & S2. Last season, Chuck steals notes from Wendy’s laptop, and deletes the email, this season Axe steals Lara’s phone and deletes his voice mails. Last season Axe kept the whole “I’m getting out of the business” play to cover the telecom short close to the vest, this season Chuck does it with Ice Juice. These men are the opposite sides of the same coin.

    There was a lot going on this week regarding IPO’s and lock up periods (I’ll add that to the glossary now), so I’ll a From the Trader’s Desk and sort it all out!

    On a side note, Damianista knows I’ve been going through some “stuff” lately, and has given me nothing but love and support, even from across the Pond (I didn’t even realize that until later). This woman is amazing, period full stop. Thank you!

    1. It is YOU that is amazing, my friend <3 I hope the bad cold leaves you in no time! And I can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.

      This show absolutely loves symmetries and I am completely with you Axe and Chuck feel like "the opposite sides of the same coin." Maybe that is because Wendy is attracted to both in different ways.

      Thanks so much for adding new vocabulary to the Glossary! So looking forward to Trader's Desk.

  7. Well, I guess I am in the minority again, since epi 11 is far from one of my favorites; too much business not enough on the home front. Yes, I know this is “Billions” and not a show called “Bobby and Lara”, but I can’t help liking/disliking what I do.
    Axe’s dirty tricks didn’t surprise me. Remember I have been schooled not only with Brody but with Soames, and Nick McGrade ( I may have forgotten the correct spelling there.) All three of those characters were not above murder, a low to which Axe has not yet sunk. In one interview or another Damian made mention of good people doing bad things and bad people doing good things, or words to that effect. He has also commented often that he loves playing villains. Also not surprising that Larry double crossed Axe. Not only would he have done anything to get out of his sentence, remember, Axe didn’t give warning right before he was arrested and he could have. I sure hope the writers don’t do to Axe what was done to Brody. Can’t imagine how he could be written out, but then I thought that about Homeland, since there were several story lines that could have been used to keep Brody alive. Think of how many times Axe has already gotten by without being arrested. Surely the writers will be able to keep him well in the picture. I watch it for Damian or I don’t watch it at all.

    1. Damianista reminded me that BK said it wouldn’t be easy to rid Bobby in season 3 like Homeland. But I’m also thinking about after season 3 and how the storyline could change…could change the physical “on screen” time of the character, especially if he does jail time or goes to trial. (TBkWrm’s wish) 🙂 Could change the whole dynamic of the cat and mouse back and forth, which is so enticing to watch.

      1. Bobby Axelrod is not going anywhere. Even though I was thinking of Brody as “the show” in Homeland, I was wrong. He never was the show. Tbkwrm is right that Brody was “cannon fodder.” Homeland is Carrie’s show. But Billions cannot be Billions without both Axe and Chuck in it. I think each will keep their “on screen” time no matter what. We have a really smart room of writers here who, I am sure, have a story arc that could go on for many seasons. And since hedge-funders in real life can keep it together after a trial or even a jail sentence, I am sure Axe can. Say he has a home office. Do you think he will stop there? And, hey, he still has a few cards to play. Wendy seems to have done insider trading as she shorts Ice Juice. This could be a savior for Axe at near future.

        I really loved Episode 11. The explosive twists and turns as well as the “bang, bang, bang” pace have fascinated me. Karyn Kusama, who is an amazing director, has done a brilliant job. I think we may get to see more from the home front in the season finale. Can’t wait!

  8. Yes Carrie is the star of Homeland – always was always will be. Brody was the tragic hero with the tragic flaw. He was destined by the story to die. A major character not fodder.
    Bobby will not end well however many more seasons the show runs. It doesn’t play, like Fonzie jumping the shark or turning Carrie into a social worker 🙂 That being said I’m sure that (whatever it turns out to be) will be the end of the show. I’m not sure the same can be said of Chuck hmmmmm
    Accepting that there is no purpose for the cultural nudging baffles me even more!

      1. Really? That’s interesting. I’d have never thought that. Or perhaps you mean he is your favorite character? Mandy Patinkin is a great actor.

  9. Hiya Bahar quick one. Glad your whirlwind trip to London went so well and you met Damian again! Your photo is fantastic. Shame we still didn’t get to meet especially as I was in London last night! Hellie xx

    1. Thank you, Hellie! The trip could not have gone any better – Damian could not have been kinder and nicer. It was a lightning trip. I arrived Wednesday afternoon and left Saturday morning. I still have to give exams and grade them. I love the photo, too 😀 More stories coming soon on the blog! And I REALLY hope to meet sometime soon!

  10. Where’s the above mentioned photo? But back to Billions. My bet for the final scene of the finale episode is the Windbreakers coming in to Axe Cap with a warrant for our favorite Ginger!

          1. Thank you Lina, it’s very kind of you! It’s all voluntary. Anything for Damian. But it’s so lovely he appreciates what we do. And I am so glad you have returned to Billions. Can’t wait for the season finale!

      1. Got it! Great photo, thanks for the link. So glad you got to see him again. You are certainly lucky to have met him so often, but I also think he is extremely fortunate to have you and your partners running this blog and providing all of us fans with so much enjoyment.

        1. Thank you! Anything for Damian. It’s all voluntary. But Damian being very kind, acknowledging the work we do and complimenting it make it even more enjoyable! Thank you so much, Connie, for your constant support. You ROCK! And if he ever comes to Broadway, and I hope he will, we will see him on stage together! <3

  11. Damianista your insights and thoughts being jetlagged knocked me out of the park, and I was fully awake. I watched the episode on Monday on the edge of my seat and freaked out on the last few scenes. I was nursing a migraine on Tuesday – probably from the stress of Billions. It does look like Season 2 will be Chuck’s which is fair since Season 1 was Axe’s. I don’t get the feeling Season 3 will be a courtroom season. If it is, I have no doubt the writers will make it exciting.

    Loved Axe’s crazy voicemails from each of his personalities. Until I read the blog I assumed Lara didn’t listen to them. Interesting either way.

    Going back further, I thought Wags’ crash would have been a longer storyline. It just took 6 hours with Wendy. I need a Wendy.

    Can’t believe there is only one episode left. I’m enjoying the anticipation.

    And I’m inviting myself to join all of you when Damian hits Broadway.

    1. Thank you, Joyce! I’m so glad I made sense with my jet lag and all. I think I was so pumped up after seeing the episode that I just ran with it! Yeah it seems Season 2 will be Chuck’s but who knows Axe still has a card or two to play. Season finale will be a roller coaster!

      We all need a Wendy in our lives. Someone that knows us inside and out better than ourselves.

      OMG! When Damian hits Broadway, we will have a ball! I’m just concerned I may go bankrupt!!!

  12. Going to London must have just been glorious. Looking forward to reading and seeing pictures. If you’ve got the energy, enjoy this time, forget about the money. Or tuck it away somewhere and Wendy will justify it.

    1. Thank you, Joyce, it was glorious! Let’s say, after one week, I am still over the moon and do not intend to come to planet earth for a couple more days! JaniaJania wrote an excellent review of the play today that put us right in the theatre and more stories coming next week!

      Damian once said in an interview that he is a “junkie for the excitement of life.” I feel exactly the same! So, yes, as long as I’ve got the energy, I will keep pursuing my dreams. I am so glad to see I can do a less than 72 hour trip to London and then pull an all-nighter when I am back… and I still feel good 😀

  13. I don’t have anything original to add to the above entry and comments. Except to predict- ep#12 will be fast paced like ep#11 and will have lots of plot twists same as #11 because they (shows creators) have to top themselves. Because Billions is that kind of show. When #12 finale is over we will go, huh? Did I get all that? And will have to re-watch and rely on the recaps here to get it all straight.

    We will be left hanging on Chuck prosecuting Bobby and will just have to wait for next season to see what happens. Perhaps Black Jack Foley will intervene and nix prosecution. Meaning that ep#12 will not end with Bobby headed to trial or to prison. Ep#12 will end with lots of momentum so The Billions creators should try to get Season Three written, produced and broadcast asap or risk losing audiences and ratings.

    1. I am so with you that Season Finale will be EPIC. You are right Episode 11 was crazy good and now they have to top themselves and I don’t know how they can do it, but I know they will do it! 😀 We are so lucky to be living in the golden age of TV and we have such a smart bunch in Billions Writers Room that I know they will give us as good and crazy Season 3 as well. I guess we just will do our share and will wait patiently and continue the conversation here. Once we are done with the season, we will do a Best of Billions S2 post as well as a Locations guide, a Dining guide, a Music Guide and more on Billions. Hope you stay with us! Thanks so much for reading and for your feedback!

      1. “Once we are done with the season, we will do a Best of Billions S2 post as well as a Locations guide, a Dining guide, a Music Guide and more on Billions.” _____ I like it! You are making it too easy for us! I have looked up locations such as The Roast Duck Chinese restaurant at 28 Mott where the Judge (Rob Morrow) says to Chuck to never ask me to place a law student with me again.

        Semi -off topic
        I live far from NYC but have heard about Keene’s in NYC and their mutton chop. Mutton used to be popular but is too gamey for today’s tastes. I think I ate as close to mutton (and Keene’s) as I will get the other day because the lamb shoulder chop on my plate was huge, the largest I ever ate. Meaning the lamb was allowed to grow too large and headed towards sheep territory. Mutton chops being from sheep or almost sheep size.

        The rap on Keene’s mutton chop is that is not even mutton these days but lamb due to alleged gaminess of real mutton. So I read a few years ago 🙂
        Lots of Keene’s mutton chop info here >>

        If I make it to New York I will buttonhole him, eat one with Bryan who is one of may favorite supporting players. Aw…You know I like ’em all. Even the guy who played Danny did superior job…..did you see the size of his castle/Tudor design I think/ that Bobby paid off the mortgage on?……lulz…..and Danny is working on a catering set-up crew after his fall from grace?

        1. I have said it before but Billions is my dream show. It has my favorite actor, Damian Lewis, in it but it is also filmed in the only place that I feel I sort of belong to: New York. I could easily say if I had not done a blog for Damian Lewis, I would have blogged about New York. So it is my sheer pleasure to research all locations (most of which I have been to) and restaurants (several of of which I have already visited earlier). I have the full list of locations and restaurants that I researched and put into recaps during the season but they certainly need their stand-alone posts since New York is also a cast member in Billions!

          Funny though I have never been Keens Steakhouse! But our friends have just surprised us with a reservation and I will be eating there in a few weeks. What do you think? Should I follow Chuck’s footsteps and have the mutton chops? 😀 I would prefer lamb to mutton any given day due to the reason you are citing in your comment.

          Well, Margolis had his own satellite hedge fund before falling from grace so it makes sense that he has a castle of his own. I am not sure if he got himself into trouble, now trying to gain Axe’s trust, in Ice Juice? He was in jail before so this may not add to his resume, I guess 😀

          1. Hey Damianista ___ Acknowledging I read your entire post. But Keene’s mutton does not seem up your alley. Take a bite or two from someone else’s. With all the tricks of persuasion you have picked up from Billions, surely you can get your husband or dining companions to order one. Here is a Keens’s yelp review that suits you (perhaps). So Keene’s surf n turf or prime rib, must be bone in.

            2/17/2015 — five stars
            Best steakhouse in NY if not the world! Recommend the surf and turf (filet and lobster) filet is perfect portion and always done to perfection. Lobster is out of shell and served with drawn butter.
            Prime rib kings cut is just that, fit for a king) only complaint is with the wine list. I great steakhouse like this deserves better.

          2. Prime rib it is! Yeah I will pull my Axe/Chuck tricks to have the mutton chops ordered for the table! My husband eats everything so he’ll be fine! 😀 I’ll report back. I can do a little review in dining guide, too, since it will be published after my visit to Keens!

  14. I agree with walkingman, I don’t think prosecution is in the near future. Mainly because Axe shouldn’t be awarded bail, too much of a flight risk. And I don’t think anyone wants to watch him in prison. (Though he probably would find a way to get caviar.)
    A location and dining guide is a great idea. I’m frequently in NYC and looking to do something before or after a planned event.

    1. @Joyce — Many Breaking Bad locations in Albuquerque became a bit touristy as the seasons rolled on. Like that divey hot dog place with flashing neon sign, where if you need a gun you can buy one. I never heard of caviar on pizza before Billions, but I will pay for the pizza if others at the table pay for the caviar.

      Yeah, Bobby in prison is a show killer, so more Chuck-Bobby jousting in the future with the “screwing” factor getting more imaginative-clever all the time. Axe’s tanking of the ice juice IPO was quite creative.

      1. I have visited a number of Breaking Bad (it’s one of my all-time favorites with Mad Man and The Wire) locations in Albuquerque: Walter’s house, Pollos Hermanos as well as Saul’s law office and the gas station!

        As much as what Axe did in Ice Juice was appalling, it was HILARIOUS!

        1. “As much as what Axe did in Ice Juice was appalling, it was HILARIOUS!”

          Black humor at it’s best. This is what gets my laughs, not today’s comedians. And Billions has lots of Black humor, the obvious and the subtle. Sometimes subtle visuals and no talking.

          1. We wrote about why we love Billions’ sense of humor a lot last summer. We can do a similar post for Season 2 as well this summer.

            The Ice Juice play was very creative like the fake fight scene in Season 1. Hilarious. Genius.
            Billions also derives a lot of humor from real life. I find some “Seinfeld-esque” humor in the show, and for me, nothing can beat it!

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