Countdown to season two of Billions

It doesn’t seem that long ago since Axe and Chuck tore their respective houses down in their own way, but it is and the countdown to Billions season two is on! They start without Wendy, and it serves them both right!

Season two starts on Sunday, February 19 on Showtime. A warning for spoilers for season one for anyone who has yet to see it all. There are still 13 days until season two hits TV screens so here are a selection of our posts on season one:

We give our own best of Billions season one and would like to hear what yours are. Donnie was one of the highlights for me and I am sad that he is no more, but still think that the Donnie situation may come back to haunt Axe in season two.


The relationship between Bobby and Wendy was an important part of season one and even though Bobby managed (in the end) to be disloyal, I think their relationship will be every bit as important (if different) in season two. Damianista tackles their season one relationship in part one  and part two.

I thought quite early on that Bobby reminded me of another fictional character who liked to play by his own rules…just like Peter, Bobby does not cry…except when he does… shhh!

Team Axelrod is full of interesting characters, but Team Rhoades is not without. Yes, I am yet again on about Bryan Connerty and I take a look at the decisions he faces. From the promos for season two, he seems very much still on team Rhoades, but we’ll see! The season one promos were notorious for not being what they appeared.

Billions did not shy away from making 9/11 part of the background to Axe Capital and specifically, Axe. For varying reasons, people might have wished that they did not touch upon it, but they did. Lady Trader, who was in Lower Manhattan on 9/11 gives her view of this important part of Bobby’s character. 


Holliedazzle brings us the importance of physicality in acting and how Damian utilises this in portraying Bobby Axelrod, as well as how the heart matters.

I (and the team) love the music on Billions. Jania Jania very helpfully produced this blog covering the music of season one.  There is a certain song (Tubthumping) from episode 10 which Damianista had never heard before and you either love it or hate it…

I am very hopeful that the soundtrack for season two will be every bit as good.

Damianista had a lot of fun putting together a season one ‘Dining Guide’  Take the trip round NY with her and if you do decide to head out for a bite to eat, please do not copy Chuck Jnr’s table manners.

Lady Trader gives us a view of season one from her desk and you can look forward to more from her desk in season two.

Signing off our look back at season one is Damianista’s look back at ‘that scene’  from Quality of life. Quality of Life was a sad episode overall as we said goodbye to Donnie, but the writers masterfully squeezed in the funniest scene of the season.

Damianista very kindly bought us all Axe Capital mugs. So, feet up and assorted beverages ready to go for each episode.

It is a mugs’ game!

Kicking off a look forward to season two is Jania Jania as she discusses Billions at TCA17 where season two is the focus.

Damianista delves into the need of Messrs Axelrod and Rhoades to take each other out of the game.

Jania Jania dives right into the promotion of season two.

Not long to go now and I cannot wait! Meantime, I suggest a visit to the Billions Youtube channel to get in the mood. My personal favourite of the promos is the “Overheard at Axe Capital” one. I am guessing that come the end of season two, there will indeed be ‘burnt toast’.

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  1. This is a great lead up to Season 2! I can’t wait. And I LOVE our selfies with our Axe Capital mugs! Thank you again Damianista!!

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