Billions on Sky Atlantic, Episode 2: Naming Rights

Great fun hearing the excitement from across the pond as folks have started watching Billions! I was happily following along on Twitter to the live tweets for The Pilot. Much easier to simply read and not think of cleverness to write at the same time.:) How lucky you are to be able to get the Sky Atlantic box set now and binge the entire series in one go. We Yanks had to wait for our weekly fix!


As promised here are some links to our posts on each episode. While Damianista and Bookworm wrote scene by scene recaps, I tried to provide the big picture re the story, where it’d been, where it was going. Enjoy reading and do let us know what you think about the series so far!

Damianista: Billions on Showtime, Episode 2: Naming Rights

Billions on Showtime, Episode 2: Naming Rights

JaniaJania: Billions, ep 2: Naming Rights

Billions, episode 2: Naming Rights

If you want to get into Billions jargon of longing and shorting, Bookworm put together a great post on the subject.

Billions: the Long and the Short of it


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