Dress like Damian Lewis!

Now, we all know Damian Lewis has impeccable taste in clothing, and he is one of the best dressed men ever. EVER.

source: instyle.co.uk
source: instyle.co.uk

Well, firstly, the man carries a suit amazingly well. Take the tailored Burberry suit, my all-time favorite, that he wore at the 2013 Golden Globes. According to Cheap-neckties.com: “Slim-fitting and perfectly tailored, Lewis’ outfit was one of the smartest looks at the awards. With sleek black shoes, a stark white dress shirt, matching pocket square and a fashionably large butterfly bow tie, Lewis simply couldn’t have looked better or more tailored in his picture perfect Burberry ensemble.” I cannot agree more. Picture perfect. Period.

source: Daily Mail
source: Daily Mail

Secondly, Damian’s “street look” is always impressive. He could be in his sophisticated Aquascutum blazer coat or in his more casual olive cord jacket and jeans… and looks DAPPER either way.

source: contactmusic
source: contactmusic

Damian says “”Well, sometimes I just like to look like a guy. And my guy look is kind of an American one. It’s a pair of nice, comfortable jeans – probably Lucky Brand – a T-shirt by Rag & Bone and desert boots,” he said. “I quite like caps, too. If I were going for a more urban vibe, I’d wear darker, tighter jeans and some boots with a few buckles and things on them – maybe something by All Saints.”

source: GQ.co.uk

Come on, the guy even looks GREAT in triple denim — and GQ Magazine does not only agree with us, but also chooses him as one of the most stylish man of the week.

Don’t you want to know where Damian draws his fashion inspirations from?

Well, I do!

The men’s style journal Mr Porter reports that Damian says he goes for the “Mad Men cut in trousers. Rag & Bone and Burberry accessories do good cuts.”

Damian tells Mr Porter: “I like that 1960s Mad Men thing that’s going on. Equally I can get a bit Burt Reynolds if I wear the right shirt – a few too many buttons undone. It’s not a good look but I just can’t avoid it happening!”

Like this, maybe?

source: Daily Mail
source: Daily Mail

Ha, ha, now this trivia is just for you, Damian. Did you know that you do not just share “a few too many buttons undone” with Burt Reynolds, but you also share a birthday with him? 🙂

Burt Reynolds

When I told my husband about this little trivia, he recited a line from Wolf Hall where Stephen Gardiner is saying to Thomas Cromwell: “You see, I know things about your life that you don’t know yourself.” 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Dress like Damian Lewis!”

    1. Very well said, Monique – he has a natural elegance to him, I don’t know if he was born with it, or his upbringing gave it to him, but you are so spot on – he is naturally elegant!

      1. . I think his origins, his education, has contributed at his elegance, which is also completely natural!
        Photo where we seen him with his beloved mom, shows that his mother also seems very elegant!

        1. Exactly! Our family and education shape us immensely and that has most probably contributed to Damian’s being natural with elegance. Lucky us! He always talks about his mom with so much love, and his thanking her in his Golden Globe speech was so moving. I completely understand him as someone that lost her dad at a young age. I am sure she was an elegant lady. And Damian is “Like Mom Like Son” <3

  1. I understand so much, damian, when he speaks of his mother, because my mother died when I was 8, I do not remember much of her, but I like to watch her photos!
    Damian seems to have an extraordinary mother, who always encouraged him in his love of theater!fortunately, because without her understanding we have, maybe never had the pleasure of knowing the great Damian!!

    1. You and I are in the same boat, I also lost my dad when I was eight, I remember a lot about him because he got to spend so much time with me — I don’t really remember mom from that time, I just remember dad! It’s very lucky to have parents that support you all the way! <3 So true, if there had been no encouragement maybe he would have been, say, some solicitor in London 😀

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