27148 – Attempt 67

Disclaimer – Life and Charlie Crews do not belong to me. Unfortunately. They belong to NBC. No copyright infringement or money making scheme intended. This is purely for reading enjoyment.

A/N just an idea for pre-season 1 that demanded to be written. Not necessarily consistent with Canon.

6 months, 24 weeks or 67 attempts or however you chose to look at it, he is finally sitting in front of her. If anyone else had stubbornly refused to see her or ignored her the way Charlie Crews has she’d have given up a long time ago.

She’d heard the guard calling Crews by his inmate number and pulled him up for it. The guard had scoffed at her and told her to mind her own business initially, but when she wasn’t for letting it go he told her it is the only thing Crews would answer to. She had felt the frown cross her face. It implied he’d all but given up on his identity and that she did not like.

They had been sitting in this room together for over an hour and he still has not said anything to her. She’d introduced herself and explained why she is there out of courtesy because even if he hadn’t read the correspondence she had sent him, she’s sure he knows her name and why she is there by now, but still he remains silent. Continue reading “27148 – Attempt 67”