An Exclusive Fan Fun Interview with Howard Davies (aka “Damian Lewis in Dream Horse”)

Damian Lewis brought to life a number of real-life characters on big as well as small screen. And I admit it has been my dream to interview a real-life character Damian played but it was obviously impossible to talk to Steve McQueen or Henry VIII about the impression Damian made on them as an actor and as a person. Yet, my dreams have recently come true and I am thrilled to have Howard Davies who Damian plays in Dream Horse today on Fan Fun.

While we find out about his enthusiasm in horse racing in the movie, Howard is a man of many talents. And he was so kind to answer my questions about the film, the special premiere for the syndicate, the memoir he recently published about Dream Alliance as well as the inevitable questions about the guy who names this blog. ENJOY!

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Dream Horse Review: Courage,
Community, and Second Chances

“It’s a heart-warming movie. Bringing people together. Bringing community together.” – Damian Lewis

Well, my Covid-19 quarantine seems to have been book ended by two Damian Lewis movies. Run This Town was the last movie I saw at a movie theatre as Covid-19 arrived in the US last year. And, now, Dream Horse has become the first movie I saw at a movie theatre as we finally see the light at the end of the long Covid-19 tunnel.

Angelika Film Center, the movie theater I saw Dream Horse at sent an email earlier last week to let the viewers know that “the feel-good movie of the year” was opening on Friday. I sympathize with the statement that Dream Horse is a “feel good movie.” As we struggle to re-adjust to “normal” life these days, we need hope, strength, and inspiration; and Dream Horse definitely offers us all three and more. Yes, we are off to the races but the story is not about winning or losing. It is about a bunch of villagers solving a collective action problem when all the cards are stacked against them. Dream Horse is about courage, community and second chances. Continue reading “Dream Horse Review: Courage, Community, and Second Chances”