Behind the Scenes with Damian Lewis: The Making of Keane

Lodge Kerrigan’s beautiful film ‘Keane‘ with Damian Lewis has had a 4K restoration  and will be re-opening at the Lincoln Center Film Society on August 19. There will be a Q&A with the director and the actor after the 6:30pm screening on August 20. So… why don’t we get in the mood for Keane by going behind the scenes and take a look at the making of the film?

Alex Gansa knew he had the actor to play Nicholas Brody in Homeland once he saw Damian Lewis’ performance in Keane.

“Every ounce of me wanted to go home and pour a gin-and-tonic, but I thought, let me see if it’s streaming on Netflix. I looked on my computer and put on my headphones and opened my laptop and there was this little movie. The first forty-five minutes of the film are essentially Damian on camera. I hit pause and picked up the phone and called the studio head and said, ‘This is just an incredible performance—a damaged person on camera holding the frame. ”

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