Bobby Axelrod: A Man of Two Worlds in Billions, Part II

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Last week we left our discussion of Bobby Axelrod curious about the distance he would go to protect what he has… which brings me to his better half Lara and Team Axelrod! In an earlier post about Team Axelrod, one question I had was whether Lara was involved in the business, and, in fact, how much she knew about what’s going on. So, If we drop a few familiar names for convenience, the question is whether Lara is some kind of a Carmela Soprano (knows and looks the other way), Skyler White (she doesn’t want to know first but then is buried up to her neck) or Claire Underwood (an equal partner from day one).

I am happy to report that, in a nice YouTube interview, Malin Akerman gives a few hints about Lara that, in fact, answer my question: “Great character… Strong female character… just what I was attracted to… You know, it’s, instead of standing behind your man, standing beside your man in this show…” So, yes, even though we don’t know the extent to which she is involved we know that Lara is INVOLVED in business. You can see Malin Akerman’s interview about Billions in its entirety here. Continue reading “Bobby Axelrod: A Man of Two Worlds in Billions, Part II”

Bobby Axelrod: A Man of Two Worlds in Billions, Part I

“What’s going to be interesting about this story is specifically this story… So who will Bobby Axelrod turn out to be? And what is he prepared to do to retain power?”

– Damian Lewis, TCA 2015 Panel on Billions

source: Getty Images
source: Getty Images

In case you missed it, I did a first sketch of Bobby Axelrod a few weeks ago here using the little information we had in hand at the time from interviews with Damian Lewis accompanied with a few hints from the first 60-second long teaser. Now we had the Billions panel with the show creators and the cast at TCA 2015 in which Damian Lewis gave more than a few hints about Bobby Axelrod, the first full-length series trailer is out and we have a premier date, too! Billions is coming to Showtime on January 17, 2016 — just a few days before my birthday! Well, I happily accept the best gift ever from my favorite actor and expect it to be repeated for a number of years. Thank you, Damian 😀

So… With the new information at hand, it’s time, my friends, to form and re-form opinions and do a re-sketch of Bobby Axelrod! And given that how much I could write with the little information I had last time, this one should be a two-part post! Continue reading “Bobby Axelrod: A Man of Two Worlds in Billions, Part I”

Four Corners Make a Quadrangle, Right?

You know, friends, we walk a thin precarious line as fans of a real life man. Of course, there is the contingent of fans who send this real life man all kinds of nice things in the mail (start the vid at about 3:00 to see what I’m talking about). And there is the contingent of fans, particularly on this blog, who can’t stop talking about Damian’s projects, imagining new projects for him, postulating character development, the way he has developed the characters given to him, the way we can develop character in our own writing, not to mention forensically examining the positioning of his feet dependent on the role (but, I know, that last one is just me…)

The thin line comes in when we start to talk about him as a romantic lead. Because, squee, it’s all too much, isn’t it?  Seeing him in certain cable-ready circumstances: a bucolic cabin in the woods, a seedy hotel room, drunken parking lot, codpieces un-retouched by Puritanism, etc. etc.  We have the utmost respect for him as an actor and as a man.  So, when we enter a certain territory, there is an..ahem…danger of going too far, no?  All of this to say: we are all anxiously awaiting Damian’s return to cable.  Billions, a show airing on Showtime? Our imagination is aflutter.  The fantasy lives large, friends, and it burns vivid.

Continue reading “Four Corners Make a Quadrangle, Right?”

Jointly and Severally

Back in April, we posted a short crossover story together which can be found here We are currently working on extending this into something more. This is another layer of the fan fiction world where people ’co-author’ stories. This month’s blog is focusing on this aspect of fan fiction and is a discussion about it.

We wondered how others who co-author might go about it.

Does one person do one chapter and the other does the next?


I’ve read fics in the past that have been co-authored and I feel like they’re written beautifully, and I have been in writing workshops where I’ve written a piece and then handed my work to a partner so they can write the next installment and likely take the story in a new direction. I think if writing a comedic or “fluff” fic, working that way would be particularly fun. But in a more dramatic fic with lots of plot points and twists and such, I think plotting it out ahead of time and knowing exactly what your partner plans to contribute to the story, would work better.


I’ve heard of others doing it this way, but I doubt I could work like this  as I think if you are doing a story together, it has to be mapped out together across all chapters. Continue reading “Jointly and Severally”

Pick Your Billions Team: We Say GO Team Axelrod!

First things first: Many thanks go to Malin Akerman for sharing this FUN pic showing Billions cast having a blast!

source: Malin Akerman Facebook account
source: Malin Akerman Facebook account

Now… What do you see in this pic?

I see Team Axelrod in action!

Bobby Axelrod (Damian Lewis) on the right. The brilliant and ambitious manager of Axe Capital hedge-fund.

Lara Axelrod (Malin Akerman) on the left. Bobby’s wife. The Queen 🙂

Mike Wagner (David Costabile) in the middle. Chief Operating Officer for Axe Capital or the King’s Right-Hand. Continue reading “Pick Your Billions Team: We Say GO Team Axelrod!”