Previously on Billions: Boasts and Rails

Previously on Billions…

We open with the FBI raiding Donnie’s house. Donnie tells his partner to go be with the kids and hides an awful lot of pills just as the FBI come charging through the door. Donnie has a lot of pills and we were discussing the possibility that Donnie is very ill and possibly dying.

Bryan instigated this raid as he isn’t happy and wanted Donnie to know how it would feel when they come to take him to prison because he thinks Donnie is stringing them along. Donnie explains about how he is giving them Axe using the data on Kemlot. Bryan shouts him down and tells him he has a week, by the end of which, either Axe is in Federal custody or Donnie is.

Chuck and Kevin arrive at the Big Apple Circus. Kevin spots his favourite baseball player and wants to go over and get an autograph. Chuck isn’t so keen when he sees Bobby talking to him and tries to steer Kevin away, but Bobby spots them and shouts Kevin over. Chuck is less than impressed but Bobby says “never women and the children”. Bobby can’t resist a dig though after Chuck says that Mark is Kevin’s favourite player “he obviously has his mother’s instinct for people”. Ouch! That is how you punch without getting a misdemeanor!

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Wendy arrives clearly stunned to find her husband and Bobby standing next to one another. There is a quick exchange of words between them before Chuck ushers the family away.

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We Get a Shout Out! From Damian! Lewis? Yes!! Shout Out from Damian Lewis!


Hi Everyone!

First of all, apologies to those of you that have been expecting a new post in our “Life with Charlie Crews” series… We need to skip a week to share some important news with you! Thank you for your understanding!

We are thrilled to report, as of today, our blog has been LIVE for 18 months! And we are psyched to celebrate with a little shout out from a certain Damian Lewis! Yes, you read it right! 😀

So… You know we recently shared our little interview with Damian Lewis on the blog. After the interview, Damian offered to do a little clip to share with us and all fans what he thinks about this blog and the work we do. And we are extremely honored to share his words here with you! Continue reading “We Get a Shout Out! From Damian! Lewis? Yes!! Shout Out from Damian Lewis!”

Happy Anniversary to Damian Lewis & Helen McCrory!

I have been married for quite some time (20 years in two days!) and my husband and I don’t care much about wedding anniversaries… We somehow feel our wedding day is just the day we “legally” became a couple and what we do is take the day we started dating as THE DAY to celebrate 🙂

So… I am clueless about whether Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory are big on celebrating their wedding anniversary but one thing I know is that even if they are not celebrating, an entire nation is celebrating on behalf of them 🙂

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Do It Like Damian Lewis: Stick Out Your Tongue at EB!

source: Sohana Research Fund
source: Sohana Research Fund

You all know by now Damian Lewis is a proud patron of Sohana Research Fund.

Sohana Collins is a young teenager who was born with recessive dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa (RDEB or EB) which means she lacks the protein that holds her skin together. Kids with EB have extremely fragile skin that they are sometimes called “butterfly children.” Lots of activities we take for granted as easy routines in our daily lives are a struggle for them. Can you imagine a day where your dressing up takes up to two hours and eating and drinking cause blisters in your mouth and throat? These kids have to deal with this kind of pain every single day. Continue reading “Do It Like Damian Lewis: Stick Out Your Tongue at EB!”

Our Kind of Traitor: US Release Today July 1

As a thriller set in exotic locales and shot with a quick eye designed to keep you on the edge of your seat, Our Kind of Traitor, does not disappoint. In a packed house at Seattle Film Festival, amidst folks who know movies, I’m happy to report there was no shortage of gasps and leaning in, getting to the edge of the seat, throughout the theater. The film had many strong notes and some not so strong. Here’s my review! Some spoilers, but nothing that’ll kill your wanting to see it for yourself – the film is in general release in the US today, July 1!

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