A Night at the Theater with Damian Lewis: American Buffalo, Act I

“All that I’m saying, don’t confuse business with pleasure.” 
– Walter “Teach” Cole
source: broadwayworld.com
source: broadwayworld.com

Advance Warning: A sign at the entrance of Wyndham’s theatre warns the audience about explicit language in American Buffalo. I would love to imitate that and warn you all, for the sake of giving a detailed review of the play, I choose to use some of that explicit language in my blog post. So, please read at your own risk – thank you!

What would you do if you had a conference in Paris, and your most favorite actor is doing a play in London, and you have never seen him on stage before that you are dying to do so, and of course, London is only a two and a half hour train ride from Paris? Yeah, you would do what I did and book tickets for… American Buffalo!


So… I was extremely lucky to see American Buffalo last week, a pure acting feast provided by the ridiculously talented trio of Damian Lewis, John Goodman and Tom Sturridge.

I know that only a limited number of fans have the opportunity to see the play, so I will try my best here to give you all a detailed account of the play highlighting the fantastic performance of Damian Lewis as Walter “Teach” Cole. Continue reading “A Night at the Theater with Damian Lewis: American Buffalo, Act I”

Damian Lewis Hits the Mark as Teach in American Buffalo


Damian Lewis has made a wonderful comeback to stage in David Mamet’s modern American classic American Buffalo. He is headlining the play as Walter “Teach” Cole and stars along the great John Goodman as Don Dubrow and the young rising star Tom Sturridge as Bobby. Daniel Evans, who Damian trained with at Guildhall School of Music and Drama is directing the play. The previews started on April 16, and the play has just had its Press Night -or Opening Night as we say for Broadway – tonight! The play will have a strictly limited run until June 27. Continue reading “Damian Lewis Hits the Mark as Teach in American Buffalo”

American Buffalo is “Profane Poetry”

 “Loyalty is fine, but this is business.”
-Walter “Teach” Cole, American Buffalo
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I LOVE Theater. There is simply nothing that can beat LIVE stage acting for me… I LOVE sitting as in the front as possible and immerse myself in the play in the most intimate way possible. The energy actors put into acting every single day for weeks — and twice a day on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at least on Broadway — is beyond admirable!

I am sure everyone has her special way of enjoying a play, and mine is knowing as much as possible about the play before I go and see it for the BEST theater experience. I don’t want to concentrate on understanding the play once I take my seat; instead, I want to know “what’s going on” beforehand, and so I can just sit back, relax and SAVOUR the experience. Even for plays that I have read or seen before on stage or in film, I love to refresh my memory about the plot, characters and conversations before I go and take my seat in the theater. Continue reading “American Buffalo is “Profane Poetry””

On the Horizon: American Buffalo

“There is business, and there is friendship…”

-Don Dubrow, American Buffalo 

source: londontheatre1.com
source: londontheatre1.com

Damian Lewis is making a wonderful comeback to stage in the West End revival of David Mamet’s American Buffalo this spring. He is headlining the play as Walter Cole “Teach” along with the great John Goodman as Don Dubrow, and Tom Sturridge as Bobby. Daniel Evans, whom Damian Lewis trained together with at Guildhall School of Music and Drama is directing the play.

Damian tells Guardian about how the stars aligned for American Buffalo: “I’ve tried about three or four times in the last couple of years and things have fallen apart. With theatre, you have to plan almost a year in advance. But we got lucky – a theatre was available.”

Continue reading “On the Horizon: American Buffalo”