Bobby Axelrod in Billions Season 6: Half Time Report

While I am one of the biggest, if not the biggest, fans of Damian Lewis, I am not one of the “No Axelrod, No Billions” viewers. I still watch and enjoy the show – especially detect the differences as well as the similarities between the billionaire who left and the one who took his seat and renamed his company! And, if you are one of the people who stopped watching after Axe left, believe me, Axe may not be present physically in the show now but he is absolutely there in spirit. Axe is a ghost in Season 6.

Since Mike Prince took over Axe Capital, there is an inevitable transition from Axe Capital to Mike Prince Capital. And as Prince warms up to his CEO seat, he constantly reminds other characters in the show – varying  from the State AG Chuck Rhoades to an employee at MPC – that he is different from the previous guy, and moreover, he is a better leader with a superior vision.

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