Previously on Billions: Where the **** is Donnie?

Previously on Billions…

The Axelrods are out for dinner. Baseball is yet again a topic of discussion. Last episode we had Mike Tiexiera guesting and now Bobby wants Dean to justify why he thinks the ’27 Yankees baseball team is the best of all time. Bobby suddenly decides the kids can have ice cream which Lara isn’t so sure about until she realises why Bobby distracted them.

Their car has been graphited with less than flattering words one of which is ‘pigs’. Lara says it is getting worse and Bobby says “it is only just starting.”

Source: Showtime
Source: Showtime

Bobby is playing pool and narrates to Lara what he is doing. There is then a discussion with revelations about Bobby’s state of mind. “It only counts if it goes where I want it to”. Lara is concerned because “you don’t usually think about missing.”

Bobby talks about them protecting the kids. Lara wants to go away for a while, but Bobby is adamant that no one is chasing them from their home or him from his work. Bobby might want to start listening to Lara. When he traded on 9/11 the only person he had to even consider taking the brunt of the consequences was himself. Now, he has a wife and two kids.

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The Question of “Was it Love?”

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Okay cats and kittens, time to start gingerly testing the waters of a topic that’s been back-burnered for months (if not years?). Why back-burned, you ask? Because it’s a topic where I veer wildly away from my blog mates. For me, the sum of Carrie and Brody was greater than the parts. (We wouldn’t care as much if that weren’t the case, would we?) That said, you wouldn’t need to put a gun to my head to get an answer for whom I loved more: I will always say Carrie, then and now.

Horror of horrors I know, admitting such a thing on a fan blog devoted to all things Damian Lewis. Thus, since here I am on this blog, professing my love for all things Damian, it turns out, my allegiances regarding Homeland are a topic I veer wildly away from not just my blog mates but a lot of fans of the show, at least those fans staunchly divided along the written-in-the-sand line between love for Brody/Damian vs love for Carrie/Claire. Let it henceforth be known, in the Homeland universe, in the measure of my affection and allegiance, above them all is Damian Lewis, then Carrie Mathison, then Claire Danes, and lastly Nicholas Brody. Can you tell I’ve given this a lot of thought? More than you can possibly imagine.

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Life with Charlie Crews: Episodes 9 & 10

Episode 9 – Serious Control Issues

Charlie Crews is a nuisance to those who conspired in their various ways directly and indirectly to put him behind bars. He refuses to go away, he refuses to be controlled and he will not stand for others being controlled either.

Ted declares him crazy as Charlie lays out the contents of ‘the conspiracy wall’ on their breakfast table, it having being saved by Ted from a police raid the previous episode. Charlie has come to the conclusion that Rachel was in the house at the time of her parents and brother’s murders, contrary to the Police report. He has some drawings from Rachel’s files after the murder and picks out a drawing that seems to him to be a child’s drawing of the murderer. Regardless of how crazy Ted feels Charlie may be about this, he also trusts him and when Charlie points out that Carl Aimes (lead detective on his case – and now dead) had a link to Jack Reese, swat leader at the Bank of LA robbery where a lot of money went missing, Ted is convinced.

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Charlie knew off the bat that Dani was troubled like him and here he knows that the boy we are introduced to as ‘Nate Hastings’ is too.

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Damian Lewis Talks Billions at Times Talks

I was hoping it was going to be an easier evening than this. I thought I was going to talk about what sort of MAC I was wearing on my skin… Whether I wore waterproof mascara during rainy scenes. — Damian Lewis


This is what Damian says receiving yet another question about the world of finance at Times Talks 😀 The conversation about Billions is quite involved, varying from shorting a company to CEO compensation to performance coaches to Bobby Axelrod’s knitwear, so it deserves its own separate post with links to particular Billions episodes and what is going on in the real world as needed.

Cara Buckley first asks what it was about Billions that made Damian come back to America for another cable show. Continue reading “Damian Lewis Talks Billions at Times Talks”

Billions on Sky Atlantic, Episode 9: Where the **** is Donnie?

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Sky Atlantic viewers: Get your red hot recaps right here!

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