Team Axe Says Hi from Billions Set!

source: Showtime
Bobby “Axe” Axelrod & Mike “Wags” Wagner, Billions Cast Promotion Photos, source: Showtime

We LOVE receiving messages from fans about topics they want us to write about. And we promise we will meet all these requests in a timely manner. And, if you want us to write about a particular Damian Lewis related topic please let us know! I have to admit though the last request we have got is something else… just because it has come from the man about whom we are blogging here! 🙂 If Damian Lewis tells me, “you need to tell the world how you caught us on set” then I need to tell the world how I caught Team Axelrod on Billions set! Continue reading “Team Axe Says Hi from Billions Set!”

Why Damian Lewis Deserves a Golden Globe for his Henry VIII in Wolf Hall

“Henry VIII is a monster, but he’s our monster. No other nation has a king who had six wives and cut the heads off two. We’re perversely proud of Henry.” – Hilary Mantel

source: BBC
source: BBC

Well, I wrote this blog post to celebrate Henry VIII’s birthday in June as a personal tribute to my Henry — Damian Lewis — for storming Wolf Hall but it also works perfectly to celebrate this day! Damian Lewis has just received a Golden Globe nomination for his fantastic portrayal of Henry VIII in Wolf Hall – congratulations!

Wolf Hall has received 3 Golden Globe nominations — Best TV Mini Series or Movie, Best Actor in a Mini Series or TV Movie (Mark Rylance), and Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Mini Series or TV Movie (Damian Lewis)!  Congratulations to everyone involved in the making of one of the best, if not the best, mini-series that ever happened to TV!
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Billions: Guns in a Pool and the False Bravado of a New Yorker

Damian Lewis, Bobby Axelrod
Source: Showtime

A slice of pizza here, a perfectly coiffed pompadour there, and badda bing badda boom Damian Lewis has transformed himself into a born and bred New Yorker. Let’s visit the ways and means by which he’s achieved the transformation, with our two most recently released promos for Billions, shall we?

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Who’s got the POWER in Billions? Bobby? Chuck? Or Wendy?

The recent Billions tease “Nothing Speaks Louder than Power” is really something. I mean, it TEASES!

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

What do you see in this picture? I see two modern day gladiators going at each other big time as millions of viewers are watching them on Showtime and rooting for one or the other 😀 Yes, we are not living in Roman Times, so at least, one does not need to physically die for the other one to survive, but still one’s career probably needs to die for the other one to survive and thrive!

Well, we talked earlier about teams being more or less well-defined on Billions: On one side, we have Team Axelrod led by hedge-fund king Bobby “Axe” Axelrod along with his wife Lara Axelrod and his right-wing man Mike “Wags” Wagner; and on the other side, we have Team Rhoades led by US Attorney Chuck Rhoades along with his assistant attorney Brian Kennerty and assistant District Attorney Kate Sacher. The only character that we have had difficulty putting in either camp is… Wendy Rhoades. Continue reading “Who’s got the POWER in Billions? Bobby? Chuck? Or Wendy?”

Homeland Post Brody

What, it’s been two years already since Nicholas Brody was hung from a crane in Tehran, right? Yet, he has never fully left the world of Homeland; he’s a ghost lingering just behind Carrie’s eyes as she makes the motions to have a normal life with someone new, and he’s ever present in the face and twirly red locks of his child Frannie. The infinitesimal hint Carrie had of happiness with a man she loved so completely has informed her every movement since then. She wants to have it again, to feel it again, and, this time, for someone who is not a terrorist bent on self-destruction. Hey, a girl can dream. And that’s all just Brody appearing in spirit. Even in body, he makes a posthumous appearance as Carrie’s hallucination in Season 4 Redux, a gratuitously excruciating and painful scene to watch. (You think I exaggerate, but, truth be told, like Carrie, I was pretty much a fetal ball crying on the floor too after that scene: “I want to believe…” gah!)

Now in Season 5, Brody makes an appearance yet again as the picture on the wall within Carrie’s eyesight all five years she was stationed in Baghdad. Let’s go back…and then forward…shall we? Forward and onward in this world created by a show that mirrors so much of the real world it’s downright eerie.

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