Happy Birthday, Helen McCrory: TOP Ten Reasons to LOVE her!

My wife is much more sensible and has much better taste than most people. -Damian Lewis



Happy Birthday, Helen McCrory!

A little note: This is a collective effort from the team in throwing a birthday party for Helen McCrory on the blog. Hope you all enjoy it!

It’s quite easy to figure out why Damian Lewis fell in love with his better half: Beauty, talent and brains, a rare combination, seem to have come together and stolen our guy’s heart. The couple has been together for more than a decade, married for 8 years — we, in fact, wished them a Happy Anniversary more than a month ago here and here — and going as strong as ever! Their affection for each other is very obvious, you can see in them that familiar comfort couples have with each other… And, the way Damian looks at Helen is very telling… He is so proud of her that makes him even say “I fully expect to be the butler to her Dame one day” to Kirsty Young on Desert Island Discs 🙂 Continue reading “Happy Birthday, Helen McCrory: TOP Ten Reasons to LOVE her!”

Damian Lewis, An Englishman in New York: 2015 Edition

source: dailymail.co.uk
Damian Lewis in Soho, NYC, January 2015, source: dailymail.co.uk

It’s not a secret I LOVE New York! I moved to the city for my first job in 2001 just a few weeks before September 11, lived that big tragedy, and the strength and the resilience the city showed in the face of the attacks made me LOVE New York first… and the rest is history. My husband and I fell in love with what the city had to offer so much so that when we moved to North Carolina for new jobs after five years, we just didn’t give up on our tiny little apartment and we now spend long weekends and all our breaks in the city, in fact, the only city that I genuinely feel I belong to. Let me put my love for NYC in words this way: If I had not blogged about Damian Lewis, I would have blogged about New York City!

source: Damianista
The Mall, Central Park, New York

So… Imagine my off-the-charts thrill when I first heard Damian Lewis would make Billions in New York! It’s not just that I love New York and I enjoy everything it offers — from its world-class museums to theater to restaurants to Central Park — but I just LOVE it when people visit and enjoy New York. Continue reading “Damian Lewis, An Englishman in New York: 2015 Edition”

“American” Damian Lewis

“This sounds absurdly pretentious, but the American Damian, I’m sort of oddly comfortable with him.” – Damian Lewis

source: LA Times
source: LA Times

Blogging has very interesting dynamics. You cannot imagine the amount of serendipity we have in the team and how many of our post ideas come out of casual chats online… And, this one came to me completely through a brilliant tweet by my partner JaniaJania — who just poured our admiration for Damian’s acting into beautiful words — you rock, girl!


Now that our Englishman is in New York making Billions, it’s proper to talk about “American” Damian 🙂 Continue reading ““American” Damian Lewis”

Happy Anniversary to Damian and Helen! Let there be fireworks forever!

Summer means lots of time for doing things, being with family and friends, getting out and about, and less time for reflection or putting together long thoughtful blog posts. So, feeling at a loss for words, my post this week will be a pretty picture essay featuring our favorite pretties.

At times marriage seems to include as many distinctive ideals as there are people who are married. This week the basic human right of the freedom to marry got a revival and fresh face in America. And this week also marks the 8th wedding anniversary for Damian Lewis and Helen McCrory. Damianista will post her own anniversary tribute on the day: July 4. Indeed, Damian and Helen celebrate their wedding anniversary the same day America celebrates her independence, so let the fireworks commence for both!

Following are some of my favorite shots of these two. They are a remarkably stunning couple. Makes you almost forget the Brangelina’s and the Amal-Clooney’s of the world. Mostly because what Helen and Damian may lack in Hollywood high gloss (and the requisite and sad need for bodyguards everywhere they go), they make up for in rich intelligent resumes showcasing the sheer undeniable talent they both possess.

Continue reading “Happy Anniversary to Damian and Helen! Let there be fireworks forever!”

Happy Father’s Day to Damian Lewis!

source: Showtime
source: Showtime

Well, he may not be the best on-screen father to Dana and Chris, but we know Damian Lewis is a GREAT real-life dad 🙂

How come we know that? No, our favorite guy does not go around saying how great a dad he is… His wife, Helen McCrory though tells Daily Mail:  “I realise how lucky I am, having talked to other mothers, that Damian gets involved in his children’s day-to-day lives. In two months of filming Homeland, he’s flown back home four times in his few days off. Although that’s tough on him, it makes such a difference.” Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day to Damian Lewis!”