Most Romantic Damian Lewis character? I Vote for Norman Harris in Brides

“Niki, my darling, I thought about you all last night. That’s more or less how a love letter begins. Isn’t it, Niki? ” – Norman Harris

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source: Screencap from movie

UPDATE 07/16/2016: I have been living in the US for the last 20 years but I come back to my native Turkey every summer to visit my family. I am currently in Izmir, my hometown, enjoying my family, the food, the sun, and the blue waters of my beloved Aegean sea! And I can’t help think of a Damian Lewis movie that, in fact, starts in my hometown! So, this re-post is just inevitable today…

I am so in the mood for writing about something romantic! So I have been thinking about all Damian Lewis characters to choose one that would fit the bill. And… Voila!  Norman Harris is the winner, for me, as the most romantic character Damian brought to us so far.

Have you seen Brides (Nyfes) yet?

Brides (Nyfes) is a 2004 movie directed by celebrated Greek Director Pantelis Voulgaris and starring Damian Lewis and Victoria Haralabidou in the lead roles. The movie premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2004, and won the Best Film Award at the Greek State Film Awards, a part of the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in 2004. The movie is available for purchase on Amazon.

Brides is a subtle, sad and beautiful story of impossible love between Norman Harris, an American photographer, and Niki Douka, a Greek seamstress. It is also a moving tale of women that need to put tradition, duty and sacrifice before love. The central love story as well as the subplots resonate strongly with me; however, I choose to focus on Norman and Niki’s love story in this post.  Continue reading “Most Romantic Damian Lewis character? I Vote for Norman Harris in Brides”

Thanks Given

We have a slightly different blog for you this #FictionFriday as we are given thanks to Damian Lewis for the characters he brings to life and the resulting potential in the world of #Fanfiction.

Mark Rose (Hearts and Bones)

Mark is a husband, father and school teacher. He is happily married…but his wife isn’t. Season one focuses on their relationship with their group of friends and each other. Increasingly Mark’s wife becomes interested in his brother who is far more exciting to her than Mark is now. There is a false dawn of Mark and his wife renewing nuptials before it falls apart completely and Mark leaves at the end of season one. Broken hearted Mark does not return for season two because Damian got the part of one Major Dick Winters. Continue reading “Thanks Given”

Throwback Thursday: Happy 10th Birthday to Brides!


I am in my Homeland!

No… I am not in Carrie & Brody world 🙂 I am just back in Turkey, the country that I was born and grew up in, for a few weeks to visit with family. To be precise, I am in Izmir, my hometown, a beautiful city on Turkey’s West Coast that has a rich Greek heritage that reflects itself in all ways of life, which I LOVE. And, believe it or not, my hometown rings a bell about Damian Lewis that I want to talk about today! Damian has a movie in which we first meet him in Izmir (Smyrna in Greek).

Brides (Nyfes), anyone? Continue reading “Throwback Thursday: Happy 10th Birthday to Brides!”